Pull Pen Paint: A Journey of Self-Discovery using Signs, Symbols, and Systems in your Spiritual & Creative Practice … join us now!

I am excited to share that I’ll be teaching in an upcoming online course. It’s called Pull • Pen • Paint: A Journey of Self-Discovery Using Signs, Symbols, and Systems in Your Spiritual & Creative Practice and it starts on March 19th. And the best part is that this is year four of the course so there’s already a foundational library with lessons to start right away. Registration is open and Kiala, the curator of this class has tutorials for making a handmade journal for the class if you want to start getting creative as soon as you join.

Learn more about Pull Pen Paint 2020 here!

Pull Pen Paint is about learning to trust your intuition more fully, more deeply, and more intentionally. We pull cards (Tarot and Oracle), interpret them intuitively, journal using our intuitive insights, and even take it a step further and use the cards to spark our creative practices. We spend time looking at all the parts of ourselves through ancient systems like astrology, numerology, chakras, and symbol study. We make art, write poetry, discuss ritual and ceremony, connect with the moon, spend time with our muse and fellowship with other souls on similar journeys.

Kiala has brought together more than 30 teachers from all walks of life to share their love of journaling, tarot, intuition, spiritual empowerment, and diving deep to uncover the answers that live inside of us. It’s going to be an amazing journey back to yourself.

And, to top it off, several of the lessons are taught live in a virtual space that you can attend online and be in conversation with the teachers and other students in real time. I sure hope to see you there and in the private Facebook group.

CLICK HERE to learn more, see the list of teachers, and join us.

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