Learn to (re)connect to the ancient Wisdom and Power
of the Seasons and the Wheel of the Year through making Art

Do you want to create a deeper Connection between your Art and your Spirituality?

Are you longing for a (re)connection to Nature, to ancient Wisdom and to our natural Cicle throughout the Year?

Come on an year long artsy Journey with me as the Wheel is turning and the Seasons are changing.

Learn to trust your Intuition and your Inner Voice about perfect Timing and to listen to your Body & Soul again – all in a playful, artistic Way …

An Art-Wellbeing-Symbiosis in perfect Balance!


Ostara Painting
Wheel of the Year Journal

The ancient rhythms of the earth have insinuated themselves into the rhythms of the human heart. The earth is not outside us; it is within: the clay from where the tree of the body grows.

- John O'Donohue


In this Year long Art Class, I will guide you in a creative and playful Way through the Wheel of the Year. We will focus on the individual Festivals over the Course of the Year: Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon and Samhain and we will create Art, Paintings, Artjournal Pages etc. inspired by the Energies of those Keydates as the Seasons change and the Wheel turns.


While discovering and learning about Roots of the Wheel of the Year and the Meanings of these Festivals, we will create beautiful Art inspired by the Changing of the Seasons, by Nature and the Movement of the Celestial Bodies through a whole year long Cicle. Besides dozens of Pieces of stunning Artwork there’s so much more you’ll get out of this Class. It will bring you closer to Nature and the seasonal Changes, (re)connect you with ancient inner Wisdom and your Intuition and help you to navigate the Ebbs and Flows of Life - to accept the Laws and Energies of the ever changing Seasons of the Year and of Life.


What you will learn in the Class . . .

• We will take a virtual Art-Journey through the Seasons / the Wheel of the Year where you will not only learn a lot about the Energies of the different Seasons, how to use the Cicles to support your own Wellbeing and step into your full Energy – of course I will also share my favourite Art-, Painting & Mixed Media Techniques with you as we proceed through the Year

• We will create a total of 8+ different seasonal Portraits / Goddess Portraits together

• For each of the 8 Wheel of the Year Festivals we will create a creative Study Page in our Wheel of the Year Study Journal, fill 2-3 Artjournal Pages in our Wheel of the Year Artjournal + do some Soul Work with Journaling / Journaling Prompts

• New Lessons matching the Wheel oft he Year / Season will go up every 6 Weeks for a whole Year, starting March 20th

• A supportive Group of likeminded People from all over the world for creative Exchange and Interaction

• My full Support to your related Questions throughout the Year


• Get back in Touch with ancient Wisdom and the Energy of the different Seasons.

• Learn new, fun Art Techniques and Skills while having fun working on Watercolor Portraits and Artjournal Pages all Year long – matching the Seasons as the Wheel is turning …

• Let Nature inspire you and be your Guide and Teacher – in Life and in Art.

• You will learn all the Tools to live in Tune with the Wheel oft he Year, in Tune with Nature and the Rhythms of Life, in Tune with your own natural Rhythm - which can truly support your Health and your Wellbeing and completely shift your Energy Level.

• Learn to listen to and understand your physical and menthal Needs for Breaks, Downtime and Action – and find a good Balance of it all


Respond to the call of your gift and the courage to follow its path.


-John O'Donohue

Class Facts & Details

• Video Teaching about the Wheel of the Year and the 8 Festivals of the Wheel of the Year ... learn about the Roots, ancient Lore and Traditions and how to adapt all of this to your own Life in todays modern World


• Detailed Instruction Videos on how to create a Fabric Travelers Notebook Style „Sacred Wheel oft he Year Journal“ + 3 inside Booklets to use for this Course


• 8+ detailed seasonal Portrait Painting Video Lessons (2-3 h each)


• 8+ Wheel of the Year / seasonal Study & Art Lessons


• 16+ detailed seasonal Mixed Media & Artjournal Video Lessons


• Supportive and printable Text and Images (PDF) to help you with your creative Journey through the Year and with your Art


• Guidance and Support from me


• A wonderful Community of likeminded, creative People from all over the World


This Online Course will run for a whole Year, starting March 20th, with new Lessons going up every 6 Weeks for each Festival of the Wheel of the Year. You can jump in at any Time, start with the current Festival / Holiday / Season since it’s all based on a repeating Cicle / a spiraling Path …


Modules in this Class

Making the Journal
General Wheel of the Year Study
Ostara 20.3.

Beltane 1.5.

Litha 21.6.

Lughnasadh 1.8.

Mabon 20.9.

Samhain 31.10.

Yule 21.12.

Imbolc 1.2.


Whole Year – 1 Time Payment

169 Euro (approx. 180 USD)

Payment Plan – 4 monthly Payments of 45 Euro each

If you can’t pay the Class Fee in Full, you have the Option to select the Payment Plan of 45 Euro (approx. 50 USD) each Month for 4 Months
Simply make your purchase using the Button below (you will be automatically forwarded to check out with Paypal)

4 x 45 Euro each Month

Right after you have purchased your Spot in this Class you will receive an automated eMail (send to your Paypal eMail Address) with Information on how to access the Classroom. If you have not received this eMail after 60 minutes and you have checked your Spam Folder and it is not there, please contact me at andrea@gomoll-design.de but make sure to log into your Web-Surface of your eMail Provider first and check the Unknown- / Spam-Folder because sometimes my eMails will end up there (especially if you use Gmail or Yahoo).
Please know that if you sign up using the Payment Plan, your Login Information / Welcome eMail will be send by hand – so it could take up to 12 Hours until you receive this eMail. If you haven’t received it after 12 Hours, please contact me and let me know. Thank you!

Canceling / Refund / TOU

Please know that all orders are final. Due to the nature of an online course there is no option for refund.

If you choose the Payment Plan (4 times 45 Euro) please know that all 4 Payments are mandatory. They will be processed automatically by Paypal on the Day you sign up (1st Payment) and the following 3 Payments each on the 1st of the next Month.

With signing up you agree not to share any of the Media provided in the Class with third parties / family / friends.

Please be advised that the main content of the online-class consists of Videos, so you should only sign up if you are able to watch Videos via Vimeo and your bandwidth allows Video-Streaming.

No physical items will be shipped with thes Class. All things provided in the Workshop (Videos, PDF files) will be delivered digitally through the Online-Classroom. Videos as well as PDF-Files will be downloadable.

You will have Lifetime Access to the Classroom, which means that you will be granted Access for as long as I run my Cre8tive Cre8tions Business and offer my Online Courses.

Questions & Answers

I’m living in Australia (Southern Hemisphere) – can I take the Course as well?

This Course is based on the Dates fort he Northern Hemisphere – so please know that if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere you could still join the Course, however, the Dates for the Seasons / different Festivals of the Wheel of the Year would be opposite for you (so if we in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the Summer Solstice, you in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate the Winter Solstice etc.)



What is the refund Policy?


Due to the Fact that this is an Online Course with downloadable digital Content, please know that all sales are final once the Classroom opens for you. Please consider this when making your purchase.



What Supplies do I need fort he Course?

First and foremost – I am a firm believer in „use what you have and make it work“ – so lots oft he Techniques I share can be done using different / similar types of Media – so I would suggest to first wait fort he Class to start and the Lessons to go up – then see which additional Supplies you eventually might want to purchase and what ysou can use from your own Stash.

A detailed Supply List will be provided in the Classroom. But the most important Supplies you should have on hand to follow the Course are:


For the Journal

- a couple of Pieces of pretty Fabric („Fat Quarters“)

- Ironing Fleece for Reinforcing Fabric

- Fusible Interfacing to iron Fabrics together back to back

- an Iron

- a Sewing Machine (or hand sewing Skills)

- access to an Inkjet Printer

- Iron On Photo Transfer Paper

- Din A3 Watercolor or Mixed Media Paper

- Eyelets

- a Tool to punch Holes

- elastic Band

- Bakers Twine (or any other strong Twine)


For the Lessons:

- Basic Tools like Scissors, Metal Ruler, Compass, Pencils, Eraser, Glue etc.

- Watercolors of your Choice

- Shimmer / Metallic Watercolors of your Choice

- Brushes of your Choice

- heavyweight Watercolor Paper

- Pens, Pencils, Markers of your Choice

- a Mix of Stamps

- some Stamping Ink
- Pastel Chalks / Pan Pastels

- a Mix of Stencils

- Texture Paste



Do I need to follow a certain Time Schedule?

No – as soon as the individual Lessons for each Season go online you can access the Lessons and the Content whenever you like / have the Time. It’s all self paced so you can take your Time – go back an revisit Lessons etc.



Does this Course have a religious Background / religious Content?

People of any Believe System (or no Believe System at all) are very welcome to the Course. I will refer to certain Pantheons, different Belief Systems, Nature Spirituality and a Variety of Ancient Gods and Goddesses etc. in the Course and we talk about the Wheel of the Year, about its pre-christian Origins etc. – however – you can totally make it work for you no matter which Religion you belong to / if you don’t belong to any Religion at all. I figured different Believe Systems all have a similar Approach to the Seasons and the Key-Dates throughout the Year, so simply take what reasonates with you and leave the rest – it will still make sense and you will still be able to work with the Lessons and get a lot out of the Teachings. However: know that I will refer often to Pre-Christian Culture, to Paganism and to different Deities and Pantheons in the Class – so IF that is something that would bother you – please consider if this ist he Class for you.


Got Questions? Feel free to contact me using the Contact Form in the top Menu and I am happy to help.




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