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Do you feel a deep longing for more Creativity in your Life?
You want to learn how to draw, paint & create beautiful Art Projects to express yourself in a loving, meaningful Way?

You're looking for Watercolor, Mixed Media & Artjournal Inspiration and Tutorials?

You love to discover new or want to learn more about tried & true Art Techniques, Supplies and Ways of visual Expression?

You want to learn how to capture your Memories, Feelings and Thoughts in a fun, creative, visual Way?


Then my Friend - you have come to the right Place and I'd be more than excited to take you by the Hand an guide you on your creative Journey ... follow me into the realms of expressing yourself with Paints, Brush, Pens and Co.


"Andrea Gomoll is an Artist from Berlin / Germany, where she lives with her Husband Thomas and 3 crazy Cats. She studied Design in Berlin and started her own Business as an Artist, Art Instructor and Designer in 2009, sharing her Love and Passion for everything Creative with the World ever since."

Andrea Gomoll Artist

I’m a multifaceted Artist, loving whimsical, colorful Illustrations that allow my inner Child to come out to play as well as more realistic Soul Portrait, Everyday Sketches and Paintings.


My Art always reflects my Mood and my Life and since Life is never following a single, straight Road neither does my Art. I think it is important in Art to really listen carefully to what you want to express and create from deep within ... that'S the road you should take as an Artist - even if that means that you are walking different Roads at the same Time ... do what makes YOU happy and what fills your heart with Joy.


Watercolors are my Media of Choice and I love mixing them with other Media to create sometimes cheerful and colorful and sometimes deep and soulfilled Pieces. Being creative is essential for me – it helps through the rough days and makes the good days even better. Art can help you in so many ways - it has a positive impact on your life - and I love to inspire, teach and enable others to play, have fun creating and to discover the artist within, just waiting to be listened to.

I believe in Art there are no rules and you should fully enjoy the process and see where it takes you - let your inner Child come out to play one Day and let your inner Creatix express herself in a nurturing, loving Way on another Day ... just listen to your HeART.


I'm teaching (Online-)Classes on Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Artjournaling & Mixed Media Art and I just love to share my passion for Art with others - with YOU!


Use what Talents you possess.
The Woods would be very silent if no Birds sang there
except those that sang best.
-Henry van Dyke



What I Love:

My Hubby - Family - Friends - Cats - Dogs - Art- Painting - Drawing - Watercolor -Journaling - Planners - Travelers Notebooks - Creating - Colortheory - Coffee - good Books - cheesy Movies - Crime Series - Traveling - learning about different Cultures - encouraging and supporting Others - Spirituality - Crystals & Stones - Tarot & Oracle - Meditation - Music - Podcasts - Ireland - Scotland - learning new Things - Positivity



Andrea Gomoll

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