Cre8tive Cre8tions Oracle Deck by Andrea Gomoll

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I'm so glad you've found your Way here and so excited to presend you the Cre8tive Cre8tions Oracle Deck.
The Cre8tive Cre8tions Oracle Deck will help you to connect to your inner Wisdom and Intuition in a playful yet meaningful Way!
Let the whimsical, colorful watercolor-illustrated Cards share their Messages with you and allow them to take you on a Journey ...

Oracle Deck by Andrea Gomoll
Andrea Gomoll Oracle Deck
Andrea Gomoll Oracle Deck

About the Cre8tive Cre8tions Oracle Deck

I've had this Dream for over two Years now - to create a whole Card Deck with my Illustrations ... but you know - sometimes you're carrying an Idea, a little Spark, a tiny Seed with you and you know some Day it will grow - some Day it will flourish and sprout and turn into something beautiful - but you're waiting for "the perfect time" ... and since a Card Deck like this isn't done in 48 Hours I was a little scared to commit to that task to be honest ... but when 2020 came around, I felt the Time is finally right ... I wanted to bring this Project to Life in 2020 ... and once I started dreaming up, heartstorming and illustrating the first Cards I was hooked - I was on fire - I enjoyed this creative Process so much and for almost 2 Months I put all my love, heart, soul and energy into these Cards. I am so excited, grateful and a little bit proud as well to finally be able to say: Here it is ... my first 48 Cards Oracle Deck ... YAY! What a journey it was - but so fulfilling - and it feels incredible to finally hold these "Babies" in my Hands. The Dream that I dreamed for quite a while now finally manifested in the Form of 48 beautiful little Cards that will hopefully bring lots of inspiration, comfort, support, joy and insight to you ...!

Andrea Gomoll Art Card Deck

48 colorful, smooth, matte finish 3.5" x 5.7" Oracle Cards - each graced by a Watercolor Illustration of a whimsical Woman, just waiting to share her Messages with you

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Cards come in a beautiful, sturdy 2-part-box with a digital Guidebook and digital Flashcards

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comeS in a beautiful, handembellished canvas-Bag

Take a look at some of the Cards included in the Cre8tive Cre8tions Oracle Deck

If you're not familiar with using Oracle Decks ...

If you've never used an Oracle Deck before - let me tell you - Oracle Cards can be so much fun and you can use them in so many different Ways (besides what most people think: "fortunetelling") ... there's nothing 'woowoo' about them (well - it depends - maybe a little *wink*) ... I simply see them as a wonderful Tool to spark my Creativity and my Imagination, to feed my Intuition ... they can give you that little Impulse that you might need - they can help you think outside the Box, they can open up new Perspectives, new Ways of looking a a certain Topic / Problem / Situation ... they can inspire a creative Practice (like Morning Pages, Gratitude Journal, Mindfulness Practice, Meditation etc.), they can be a wonderful Conversation- or Journaling-Starter ... or they can just plain and simple be a wonderful Way to collect beautiful small Pieces of Art / Artprints of your favourite Artists (I can't tell you how many Decks I purchased in first place because I fell in love with the Artwork ... it's like a little Museum in a Box) ... if you never used Oracle Cards before - give them a go and see for yourself how addicting they can be ... short and sweet - here's my Top 5 of Oracle Card Usage:

1) to inspire my creative Process / my Artwork
2) to inspire creative Journaling / Artjournaling / creative Writing
3) to feel into the Energy of the Day / Week / Month / a Situation
4) to help with making Decisions based on my Intuition
5) using them to decorate my Space & seasonal Altars

UPDATE: All Preordered Decks to Germany / Europe / Asia and Canada shipped as today (June 16th) - still waiting for shipping to Australia and the USA to open up again!

ATTENTION if you're in the USA, Australia or other Countries outside Europe
Due to the current Situation with the worldwide Pandemic unfortunately I am not able to ship immediately to some Countries outside of Europe right now (USA & Australia) since there is no Option available from german Shipping Providers to ship the Decksto those Destinations at the Moment. I hope this will change again very soon - I have an Eye on the Regulations on a daily Base and I will inform you / open international Orders up again as soon as possible. Please understand ...

If you placed your Order already look for an eMail with further Info on the current Situation and your Options (if you haven't received it please check your Spam-/"Others" Folder)
IF you are located outside Europe and want to place your Order nevertheless you still can, but please note that I can't ship to US & Australia immediately ... please know that I do my best to get the Deck into your Hands as quickly as possible, but at the Moment everything involving international Shipping outside Europe will be delayed until further Notice.
If you are interested in the Deck but feel uncomfortable placing an Order right now, you can add your Name to the Waitinglist - I will let you know then as soon as shipping is back to normal and you can place your order then.

Oracle Deck – 39 Euro (approx. 42 USD)

1 Deck, 48 Cards in beautiful sturdy Box, digital Guidebook & digital Flashcards
comes in a beautiful handembellished Cotton Bag

- plus Shipping & Handling (please pick your Option per Location below) -


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OPTION 1 (please only pick this if you are located in Germany!!!)

1 Oracle Deck including Shipping & Handling shipped within Germany

44 Euro



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OPTION 2 (please pick this if you are located outside Germany)

1 Oracle Deck including Shipping & Handling shipped to Countries outside Germany

59 Euro (approx. 62 USD)

The Deck will be ready to ship within 48 Hours if not noted otherwise in the Status Update above (this varies & changes currently due to Shipping Restrictions because of COVID19) It will automatically ship to the Address you provide via Paypal (at checkout). International Orders will ship via insured Priority Airmail - please allow between 1 and 2 weeks for delivery from Germany to the place in the World where you are located. (normally - due to COVID19 the Shipping Times may be longer as usual) If you have any Questions regarding your Order, feel free to contact me at any Time at or via the Contact Form at the top of the Page with your full Name and I am happy to help.


Canceling / Refunds / TOU / FAQ

All orders are final unless the ordered Item will be returned within 2 Weeks after you received your Order.
Before returning Items make sure to contact me via eMail.
Return Postage is due to be paid by the Buyer and will not be covered by me.
Refunds will be given once the Item arrives here in intact condition.


Coloring Pages by Andrea Gomoll

Printables / Coloring Pages

Since I myself enjoy the creative Process so much and a creative Practice is an important Part of my Days, I thought it would be great to give you another creative Option along with the Deck ...

You can purchase the Lineart of your favourite Deck-Illustrations to print them and use as Coloring Pages for some creative Mindfulness Practice or even turn them into your own Version of the Oracle Cards - use your favourite Coloring-Medium to add your favourite Colors, add your own Words and Meaning to them ... just think of the creative Possibilities ... the Sky is the Limit


If you're interested in the Printable Coloring Pages - you can purchase those as an instant Download over here in my Etsy Shop ...



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