My favourite Watercolor Sketchbooks & Watercolor Journals

Favourite Watercolor Sketchbooks and Watercolor Journals

One of the Questions I receive most often is the one about my favourite Watercolor Journals / Watercolor Sketchbooks / which Watercolor Journals I would recomment and I love to use. Over the Years I tested MANY – really MANY – different Watercolor Journals / Books and more often than not I was quite disappointed … BUT testing so many also brought up some FAVOURITES that I truly enjoy to use and LOVE to work in … those are the Companies / Journals I would like to share with you today in the following Video … I hope it helps a little and as always – if you have any Quenstions or if you’d like to share YOUR personal Favourites – please do so in the Comments!

Favourite Watercolor Sketchbooks and Watercolor Journals
My latest Obsession … Watercolor Journals by Khadi Papers …
Favourite Watercolor Sketchbooks and Watercolor Journals

My favourite Watercolor Journals are:

Jane Davenport Artjournal
Arches Travel Journal
Hahnemühlen Watercolor Journal
Kunst & Papier Watercolor Journal
Boesner Watercolor Sketchbook
Khadi Paper Journals
Arteza Watercolor Sketchbook

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