So much Truth in those few Lines . . . definitely Words to live by. Welcome to my creative Home on the Web. Here on my Website, on my Blog and in my Online Courses I share my Passion for Mixed Media Art, Artjournaling, Watercolor, Sketching, Drawing, whimsical Illustrations and creative Planning with you.

I want to inspire you to create from your Heart, to follow that Spark within you, no matter your Level of Experience . . . we all learn and grow as long as we live. Have fun, create, enjoy the Journey and embrace Imperfection!

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June 2021

Exciting News! Kaleidoscope is back for another Round in 2021 – and I’m one of the Teachers again – YAY!
It’s a Mixed Media Art Course with a Focus on diving deep into the Subjects of Colour / Colour Theory, the Beauty of our World and the Human Spirit. It will run over a Period of 4 months with 16 inspiring Art Teachers and it will guide you on a creative Journey through the World of Colour while learning about inspiring People and amazing Worldly Wonders.

It’s now available for pre-order with 20% off – use COLOR2021 to join Kaleidoscope for an Early Bird Price now!

Check out all the Details and join Kaleidoscope 2021 now!

And – there‘s more: there’ll be an all free Taster Week again where each of the 16 amazing Teachers shares a Free Lesson with you + additional Gifts + you get a chance to win your Spot for Kaleidoscope with each Teacher … whohoooo … are you in??? Don‘t miss it – join the Taster Week for free now!

March 2021

Learn to (re)connect to the ancient Wisdom and Power
of the Seasons and the Wheel of the Year through Creativity and making Art

Do you want to create a deeper Connection between your Art and your Spirituality?
Are you longing for a (re)connection to Nature, to ancient Wisdom and to our natural Cicle throughout the Year?
Come on an year long artsy Journey with me as the Wheel is turning and the Seasons are changing.
Learn to trust your Intuition and your Inner Voice about perfect Timing and to listen to your Body & Soul again – all in a playful, artistic Way …

Then my Friend – my brandnew Online Class “The Wheel of the Year” will be a perfect Match for you!

In this Year long Art Class, I will guide you in a creative and playful Way through the Wheel of the Year. We will focus on the individual Festivals over the Course of the Year: Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon and Samhain and we will create Art, Paintings, Artjournal Pages etc. inspired by the Energies of those Keydates as the Seasons change and the Wheel turns.

This Online Course will run for a whole Yearwith new Lessons going up every 6 Weeks for each Festival of the Wheel of the Year. You can jump in at any Time, start with the current Festival / Holiday / Season since it’s all based on a repeating Cicle / a spiraling Path …

Find out all the Details and register here!

Pull Pen Paint 2021

The Team of Teachers for Pull Pen Paint 2021 has been announced, and YES, YES, YES, I am one of them. Pull Pen Paint 2021 is a 10-month journey of self-discovery using signs, symbols, & systems in your spiritual & creative practice. This year is the 5th year of the program and includes four 2-Day virtual retreats with the option of a 3rd day pre-retreat experience. The class includes access to a foundational library, recorded lessons throughout the year, live virtual sessions, a nurturing and welcoming community, a private discussion group and a great deal of support and guidance to help you along the way. We start on the EQUINOX – March 20th, but it’s worth signing up now so you get started on the Foundational Library lessons.

Check out Pull Pen Paint now

Dezember 2020

This Years #artsyadventcalendar2020 is starting tomorrow … so excited for it – like each Year 🤩 I thought I‘d share some Info with you in advance … but as every Year – this is supposed to be a fun, no-pressure & no-stress Event purely to share Inspiration and some Holiday Cheer (and boy can‘t we all use lots of it this Year?!?) … allow some ‚Me-Time‘ each Day to get creative – make this a Priority because you deserve it … make this your little Gift to yourself each Day of the 24 Days leading up to Christmas 🎄 Can’t wait to get started tomorrow … are you ready?!? Join me on Instagram (and also watch out for some Videos on YouTube)

For those of you who would like to play along – or simply would love to have some whimsical Holiday Art Fun – I have bundled all 26 Artsy Advent Illustration into one huge Set that you can grab in my Etsy Shop … In this HUGE Artsy Advent 2020 Bundle you get 26 handdrawn Illustrations (Linework only) – one for each Day of the “Artsy Advent Calendar” – so you can take a little “Me Time” each Day and work with your daily Calendar Illustration – color it, craft with it, use it in your Journals, Planners, for Cards, Gift Tags etc. … the Sky is the Limit! Get it here …

April 2020

After working on this Card Deck for the last 3 Months, I am super excited to finally be able to open the Presale for the Cre8tive Cre8tions Oracle Card Deck

The Cre8tive Cre8tions Oracle Deck will help you to connect to your inner Wisdom and Intuition in a playful yet meaningful Way!
Let the whimsical, colorful watercolor-illustrated Cards share their Messages with you and allow them to take you on a Journey …

You can place your Preorder for the Card Deck HERE!

Cre8tive Cre8tions Oracle Card Deck by Andrea Gomoll
48 beautifully handillustrated Cards – the Cre8tive Cre8tions Oracle Card Deck by Andrea Gomoll
April 2020
Coloring Pages by Andrea Gomoll
Also – if you are a Person who loves Coloring Pages and to work with digital Stamps – I have the Linework of all 48 Cards available for coloring & to incorporate them into your own Craft Projects HERE in my Etsy Shop for instant Download!
February 2020
I am super excited to present my brandnew Online Class Series: Queen of the Scene
Click here to go to the Class Page and to find out all the Details and to sign up!
Free Download of my Swatch Sheets (unbranded Version) to swatch your favourite Watercolors
Around the World Art Online Class by Andrea Gomoll

FACEcinating Girls Around the World

I am incredibly excited to finally launch my brandnew Online Class in which I will teach you how to create beautiful whimsical Portraits with different Ethnicities . . . you will learn how to add more Variety to your Girls by making perfect Use of different Cultural Backgrounds with Diversity in Skincolor, Hairstyle, Face Shapes etc. . . . hop on over to the Class Page to find out all the Details about this new Class and to sign up . . .

I am super excited to present my brandnew Online Class:
Color Magic! Use the Energy of Colors and the Power of the 7 Chakras to create magical Art

Did you ever wanted to make more conscious Choices when working with Colors? Wondered how to bring the perfect Emotions across with your Creations by making the right Color Choices? Wand to learn how to work with Colors more efficiently and intuitively? Want to create Art with a deeper Meaning, bringing Emotions across just by working with the right Colors and Contrasts? Then this Class is for you!

Ever wondered what the 7 Chakras are all about? Interested in learning new Things to grow on a Mind, Body and Spirit Level? Want to learn how working with your Chakras can enhance your Wellbeing? All of this by creating fun, colorful Artwork based on the Colors, Symbols and Energies of the 7 Chakras? Then this Class is for you!

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