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First of all-since this is my first Blogpost of the new Year 2015-I am wishing you all a happy & healthy New Year 2015-may it hold many positive & fantastic things in store for each and everyone of you!

So-new Year-new Goals-new Habits-new Challenges . . . right? This year there are NO new years resolutions-just a couple of “Goals” I would love to work towards (and maybe reach?)-just some Challenges I would like to take and some Changes I would like to make . . .! One little Change I would like to make artwise is: doing more personal Artjournaling again . . . while creating not thinking about Teaching or Classes etc.-just some PLAYTIME in my Artjournal, trying new things-developing new Styles-having fun . . . 🙂 (and do not get me wrong on this-I just LOVE to teach and to come up with Class Ideas etc.-but I think personal playtime & arttime is just as important and I would love to allow myself to create more “for fun” in 2015!

So I started this cute little A5 sized Artjournal (just folded & sewed together some A4 sized Sheets of Watercolor Paper) and I would love to create some Pages in it inspired by the Documented Life Project’s Challenges or other Challenges that inspire me. I have decorated the Cover already and love how it turned out . . .

So yesterday I already started to fill the first Double-Spread with a Mixed Media Page inspired by
a) Challenge No. 1 of the Documented Life Project
b) my One Little Word 2015

After everything that happened over the last couple of days of the Year 2014 I really thought about changing my Word 2015-but then in the end I found that it is still a perfect fit-maybe even more now . . . so as I mentioned in my last Newsletter Video-my OLW 2015 is going to be EMBRACE . . . Embrace Life with all its little flaws, with all its ups & downs . . . Embrace the imperfect-embrace everything that’s coming my way and trying to love it and to make the best out of everything that’ll come my way . . . so yeah . . . EMBRACE it is gonna be . . . my word to live by & to inspire me throughout the year 2015.

This Artjournal Page contains my OLW 2015 plus my Goals for the Year and I really had fun creating this Spread . . . hope you will enjoy watching the Video of the Page come together . . .



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And some Detail Shots of the Artjournal Page . . .


Artjournal Documented Life Project Tutorial

Artjournal Documented Life Project Tutorial

Artjournal Documented Life Project Tutorial

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Artjournal Documented Life Project Tutorial

mixed_media_andrea_gomoll (2 von 11)

Artjournal Documented Life Project Tutorial



So . . . do you have a WORD 2015? What is it and why did you picked it? 


Wishing you a wonderful Sunday . . .



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  • LbCrafter4. January 2015 - 11:18

    Really beautiful! Love your work! TFSReplyCancel

  • Cristỉña Gàbriella4. January 2015 - 12:48

    Mine is………………………….COURAGE! 🙂 Let’s have a wonderful 2015, dear Andrea!ReplyCancel

  • jade Scarlett4. January 2015 - 15:07

    This is an awesome page Andrea, thank you so much for sharing the process. Makes me want to join the Documented Life and go make my own page ☺ReplyCancel

  • Johanne Lacombe4. January 2015 - 15:11

    Vey beautiful page. I love it. Great tutorial..ReplyCancel

  • April Lopez4. January 2015 - 15:18

    my word is JOY. My dad passed away in October from cancer. I was his caregiver for 4 years. The last 2 weeks of his life the cancer was affecting his brain. It was hard. It was sad. I’m ready for happiness and I’m focusing on joy this year.ReplyCancel

  • Suzy Cayenne5. January 2015 - 02:33

    lovely page, Andrea! so much energy. I think you are very good at embracing life…ReplyCancel

  • Nadine Todd Hovde5. January 2015 - 03:33

    Nice to see some one else’s take on the DLP Challange. My word of this year is Happiness! I need to take more time for me and do what makes me happy.ReplyCancel

  • Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone5. January 2015 - 04:06

    I loved watching how you put this page together…it is so lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Felicity wilson5. January 2015 - 12:43

    Thank you Andrea for sharing your heart on the art journal page ! I love the process so much. I haven’t chosen a word yet, but am thinking on it so I can do an art journal page too! Take care ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Bernie Williams7. January 2015 - 23:25

    My word is… Really simple, but I need to do more this year-of everything :). Nice page Andrea!ReplyCancel

  • […] night it was time for some artsy fun in my Studio again … like last week – just a little date with myself – playing with paints & co. and havin’ some […]ReplyCancel

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