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Free Mini-Class: Halloween Witch & Cat Artjournal Pages



Some of you requested a Witch-Girl in the Past, and finally I found the time to create one … but what’s a Witch without her black cat? So … this 2 Piece Mixed Media Project is what I ended up with …! I had lots of fun playing with Watercolor, Acrylic Paint, Gesso, Gelatos, Colored Pencil etc. and I really love how those 2 pieces turned out … will put them up in our entrance area where we’ve decorated a board with some Pumpkins – will be a lovely addition for the Halloween time …





This is also the first free Mini-Class / Tutorial in my Members Only Area … I’ve just uploaded 2 hours of HD Video for you, showing you my Process Step-by-Step … you can access it here in the Classroom “Free Mixed Media & Artjournal Tutorials” (you have to register first (create a member-account on my Blog) or log in if you’ve registered already – then request membership for that specific classroom (Free Mixed Media & Artjournal Tutorials) – once you’re in you can access the Videos, Supply List etc. – for Details on the registration Process (which only takes 2 Minutes) go here) …


free Mini Online Class - Halloween Artjournal Pages


So … I hope you’ll enjoy this free MiniClass and it inspires you to create your own fun little Halloween-Project … if you do, please share it with me (Link to it in the Comments or share it in my Facebook Group)!


  • carole - I don’t have acces tutorial nô luck, bizz19. October 2014 – 07:36ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Carole – you first have to join the Classroom with the free Tutorials – I can see you’re only a Member of the FACEcinating Girls 2 Classroom … once you’ve joined you can access the content there as well 🙂19. October 2014 – 09:15ReplyCancel

  • Gaglio - I would love to join your Halloween free class and thank you for offering such class.
    Kind regards.19. October 2014 – 12:34ReplyCancel

  • Sanne Dræby Ravn - Ooh This look amazing,i would love to learn how to do it 🙂19. October 2014 – 12:43ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Perez Collazo - Hi Andra I ca’t see your free class :/19. October 2014 – 13:11ReplyCancel

  • Laura Drida - Here’s my witch:

    Your girl and background are so much prettier. Thank you for the tutorial – looking forward to your lessons in Life Book 2015!23. October 2014 – 00:37ReplyCancel

  • Carola Lugtigheid- Lindeman - I made your Halloween Cat today. I have post it in the Lifebook cafe fb groupe:
    Thank you for these great fun tutorials29. October 2014 – 16:32ReplyCancel

  • Carola - I just made your halloween Cat today. I post it in the Lifebook Cafe group:

    Thanks for these great fun totorials29. October 2014 – 17:35ReplyCancel

  • Jane McMahon Lazenby - I was trying to sign up for this Halloween class and thought I was a member and signed in, but now it says access denied. Guess I needed to sign up or register but it won`t let me. Sorry to bother you with this but would love to be able to take this class.31. October 2014 – 03:48ReplyCancel

  • Karin Strandby - Hi Andrea. Can’t se your video. When I clik on “classrooms” I see “groups” and comments. Karin3. November 2014 – 16:38ReplyCancel

  • Michelle C Osborne - Same for me. Access denied3. November 2014 – 17:35ReplyCancel

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