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Mixed Media Canvas Bird

Just wanted to share this cute little Canvas with you, which I finished the other night. Already shared it on my Instagram . . . seems like I am always behind with my Blog . . . sharing on Instagram & Facebook is just so simple and convenient-snap with phone-edit-add a caption-post-done . . . for my Blogpost I always have the feeling that I have to come up with something “more”-with a fancy text going along with the Art . . . that’s what makes me always putting it off to later . . . until I almost forget to share it here . . .! I guess I have to get better at that-at coming up with texts-or at least at sharing my stuff here without the pressure of a super-fancy text to go along with it . . . one resolution for the more quiet time that’s coming now that the wedding-season is over . . . yay  🙂


Mixed Media Canvas Bird Mixed Media Canvas Bird Mixed Media Canvas Bird Mixed Media Canvas Bird

And today is November 10th . . . which means . . . Sketch your Life, my brandnew Online Class-starts today . . . yay! So excited-it is always a great moment when you have spend months on working for a project and then finally it is all coming together and you “open the gates” to the Online-Classroom . . . LOVE that!!! Also super happy and excited about the excitement among the students that signed up . . . you can feel the positive energy in out little private Facebook Group and everybody is eager to start . . . LOVE that too  🙂

So . . . you can still sign up and join the Sketch your Life Online Class if you like . . . it is a self paces Online Course, which means you can sign up any time-next week-next month-next year-and you can play & practice & learn anytime at your own pace . . . but it is definitely the most fun now that the Class runs “live”, because everybody is at the same level right now, doing the projects, sharing them, discussing the techniques etc. . . . love those “live” weeks after a new Class went live!!!

So-for more Info & Details on the Sketch your Life Class you can go here and find out more . . .


Sketch your Life Online Class sketchbook

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  • moongirl11. November 2014 - 14:00

    I LOVE this piece! You are so good indeed. I love the detailed images to show the textures you’ve created. I want to reach out and touch! The bird is the cutest with the rosy belly too!ReplyCancel

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