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So-after all those amazing Memories made over the last 10 Days I just wanted to take a Minute to share about our Trip to the UK and the wonderful Workshop Weekend in Middlesbrough real quick . . . It was the first Time for me teaching in England, so I was quite excited (and a tad bit nervous to say the least)-but no reason to be-it was just amazing-everybody made me / us feel so welcome right from the Minute we arrived and everybody was so sweet and just wonderful and once again I am sitting here with a grateful heart as I write this-I am so grateful to be able to do what I do-grateful that I am able to make a living of what I love and enjoy the most-grateful for all the amazing, wonderful People that cross my Path due to Creativity and Art . . .

So . . . initially we planned to fly to the UK . . . due to some problems with the Flight company and the booked Flight we decided-more or less last Minute-to switch and to take the Car & the Ferry instead (BEST Decision ever so once again it is showing me “Everything in Life happens for a Reason!”-good thing that we have had all this Trouble with the Flight-because I have really no clue how in the World we should have been able to take all the Supplies with us checking stuff into the Plane . . . this Way we could just stuff the Car to the brim with everything I might (or might not) need and it was perfect . . .

The Workshop Location was perfect-located right at the River Tees with a beautiful large Terrace overlooking the River Tees where we and everybody could enjoy the Sunshine (at least on Saturday-Sunday it was pretty chilly-good thing we have been super busy inside making Art *lol*) . . . Tea, Coffee, Snacks and Softdrinks where available all Day for everybody and the Class Room was set up beautifully . . . Sue and Debbie from North East Art Workshops did an outstanding Job with the organization of the Event-they not only put 100% in but Way beyond that (so if you are in the UK and have not done so yet-definitely check out all their wonderful Workshop-Events here!!!) . . . it was so well planned from A to Z-it was pure Joy being there, teaching and making new Art-Friends!

My super-duper-hubby-assistant in Action . . . I have mentioned it a thousand Times and I will gladly mention it again-Thommy-you are the BEST . . . love you to the Moon and back!!! I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you and your endless Support!!!

So . . . I taught two different Classes over the Weekend-both based on two of my Online Classes-the FACEcinating Girls Class, where we learned to draw and paint cute, whimsical Watercolor Girls with a Mixed Media Touch . . . on the second day it was “Sketch your Life” and we digged into keeping Everyday Sketchbooks, Urban- and On-Location-Sketching . . . I shared some of my favourite Techniques and ShortCuts and hopefully was able to inspire everybody to sketch their Life in the Future . . .

So . . . since Pictures are worth a thousand Words . . . some Impressions from the Weekend . . .

Thanks to everybody who came to the Classes-it was wonderful getting to know all of you-you‘re all so sweet and kind and just wonderful-it was a pleasure-so thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming and for making this two wonderful Art-Days. It was so wonderful seeing all your whimsical Girls come to Life on Paper and to see all your beautiful Sketches . . .!

And Sue-thank you so much for inviting me to come and teach for you-I enjoyed it so so much-you do an amazing Job and you put all of your Heart into what you do, which makes your Events extra special . . . keep it up!!!

I sure hope to be back next Year and hope to see many of you again . . . xoxo

And since it was quite a long Travel to get there (6 Hour Car Ride + a 14 hour Trip with the Ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle) we decided we would just add a couple of “Vacation Days” right after the Workshop Weekend . . . we LOVE England & Scotland (if you follow me you know that we have spend quite a few of our previous Vacations there)-so we enjoyed some additional Days touring the North of England and the South of Scotland (did not made it all the Way up to the Highlands this Time since we have only had 2 Days before and 4 Days after the Workshops-so we explored Dumfries & Galloway this Time-definitely worth exploring!) . . . so-let me share some additional Photos from our Trip-in no particular Order-just a random Selection of Favourite Memories from the Rest of the Trip . . . enjoy . . .

Of course we had to do some Geocaching as well . . . 

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  • Hazel Poole4. September 2018 - 17:24

    What wonderful photographs and art work you shared and made. You visited two of my favorite areas in the UK. We spent many wonderful vacations in Dumfries and Galloway where if it rained through the day day it usually gave you a wonderful evening of colours and fresh smells! So glad you had so much fun!ReplyCancel

  • Melody5. September 2018 - 01:39

    Thank you for sharing Andrea! I loved your photos and your art. These are places I would love to see.ReplyCancel

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