Artsy Advent Calendar 2017


December is fast approaching . . . time for me to prepare my December Daily Artjournal 2017,my #ArtsyAdventCalendar . . . I enjoyed this Project so much last Year (check out last Years Posts HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and last Years YouTube Playlist HERE)-doing it as well as checking out the Hashtag and seeing the Projects everybody shared on a daily Base-so of course there will be an Artsy Advent Calendar 2017 again this Year-YAY! I hope you will join me again?!?

I just filmed a Video preparing my Booklet for this Year’s Artsy Advent Calendar (yes-going for a Journal this Year) . . . feel free to use it as Inspiration for your own ArtsyAdventCalendar Journal or of course you could go for something completely different from a Journal (like working on one large Sheet like we did last Year) . . .

Only 7 Days until we will get started filling our Artsy Advent Calendar, yay . . . who is excited for the Season and for December?!? I sure am . . .


I will share weekly Updates again here on my Blog-however-if you want to see my Pages on a daily Base you might want to subscribe to my YouTube Channel (it is best to subscribe + click on that little Bell-Symbol on the top right to receive a Notification once a new Video is uploaded) or follow me on Instagram where I will share my daily Pages . . .

Please use the Hashtag #ArtsyAdventCalendar if you join us and when you share your Projects on Facebook or Instagram so that I and everybody else can check it out . . . it was an amazing Community last Year around this Hashtag and I hope we can even top it this year . . . can not wait for December 1st-yay! Will you join me?!? Let me know in the Comments below . . .

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