Artjournal Page Tutorial for #LoveSummerArt YouTube Event

#lovesummerart LoveSummerArt Artjournal Page Tutorial by Andrea Gomoll

Hello Friends-how is everybody doing?!? A couple of Days ago I got an invite to join a fun YouTube Art Event and even though my plate is full (I mean FULL *lol*) already I loved this idea so much that I couldn’t pass . . . you might have heard about it already (or you might have stumbled across the #LoveSummerArt Hashtag on YouTube or in Social Media, wondering what it is all about) . . . so-in a nutshell-many many creative YouTubers came together & collaborated to bring you a fun YouTube Art Event, which takes place July 17th- July 20th (yeah-that’s starting today-so you better make some time to hop on over to YouTube, search for the Hashtag #LoveSummerArt in the Search Box at the top of the Page, grab a Cup of Coffee and enjoy allll the fun, inspiring art videos)!

I created two Tutorials for this Event-this is the first one (the second one will go live on Saturday the 18th)-a fun Artjournal Page with lots of yummy Texture & sparkling colors . . .


here is the Video Tutorial just for you . . .



Cinnamon Cooney (TheArtSherpa)-who is the Initiator of this Event (kudos to you my dear- what an awesome idea!)-made a Playlist of some of the Event Videos-you might want to check this out here-or you could follow our collaborative Pinterest Board for maaaaany (MANY MANY) inspiring Art Videos . . .


And last but not least some more Eyecandy . . .


#lovesummerart LoveSummerArt Artjournal Page Tutorial by Andrea Gomoll

#lovesummerart LoveSummerArt Artjournal Page Tutorial by Andrea Gomoll

#lovesummerart LoveSummerArt Artjournal Page Tutorial by Andrea Gomoll

#lovesummerart LoveSummerArt Artjournal Page Tutorial by Andrea Gomoll



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  • Theresa Petermann17. July 2015 - 11:32

    Glad I found you though #lovesummerart. Your journal page is fun. Added your video to my playlist. Also started following you through netvibes. thanks so much for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Brenda Carter17. July 2015 - 21:22

    Andrea, you are such an inspiration! I have learned so much from you that I wanted to say THANKS!ReplyCancel

  • […] we go with my second Project for the #LoveSummerArt Event on YouTube (you can read more about it here in my last Blogpost) … I decided for a Seashell / Treasures of the Sea Still-Life for this […]ReplyCancel

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