New Washitape Storage Solution

Washitape Collection


It was about time to find a new “Home” for my Washitape Collection . . . till now all my Washitapes where just randomly hoarded in a drawer-not very pretty and even less practical, because I could never find the pattern or color I was looking for . . .! So we thought about different possibilities & solutions-some where pretty, but they where not very practical (do not want to take 25 rolls of Washitape off a stick to reach the one I want to use)-some where-some other where practical but not very pretty . . . so-in the end I used what I already had-this Fruit Bowl, which till now was holding some of my Stamps-we drilled some holes into it and added small wooden sticks-so now I can put all my Washitape in there with all the Designs visible AND can hang some of my favourites or the ones I want to keep in collections to the small Sticks on the Outside of the Bowl . . . really like how it turned out, so I thought I would share it with you . . .


Washitape Collection storage ideas


Washitape Collection storage ideas


Washitape Collection storage ideas

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  • Kerstin Christoph1. April 2014 - 11:00

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