Color Magic Online Class by Andrea Gomoll

I am super excited to present my brandnew Online Class:
Color Magic! Use the Energy of Colors and the Power of the 7 Chakras to create magical Art

Ever wanted to make more conscious Choices when working with Colors? Wondered how to bring the perfect Emotions across with your Creations by making the right Color Choices? Wand to learn how to work with Colors more efficiently and intuitively? Want to create Art with a deeper Meaning, bringing Emotions across just by working with the right Colors and Contrasts? Then this Class is for you . . .

Ever wondered what the 7 Chakras are all about? Interested in learning new Things to grow on a Mind, Body and Spirit Level? Want to learn how working with your Chakras can enhance your Wellbeing? All of this by creating fun, colorful Artwork based on the Colors, Symbols and Energies of the 7 Chakras? Then this Class is for you . . .

Color Magic Online Class by Andrea Gomoll

In this Class we will focus on creating fun Watercolor- and Mixed Media Projects using the positive Energy of Colors and the Power of the 7 Chakras. You will learn fun, new Mixed Media- and Watercolor Techniques, we will incorporate the positive Energy of Crystals into our Artwork, of Colors and Contrasts . . . I want to invite you to come with me on a colorful Journey.

Registration is open now!

You can join any Time and access the Class 24/7 to study at your own Pace.

What you will learn:

  • how to intuitively pick and use different Colors and Contrasts according to their Energy and based on Emotions to add even more Meaning and Power to your Artwork & Craft Projects in the Future
  • learn about the 7 Chakras, about the positive Energy of each Chakra and how working with your Chakras (in your Art) can enhance your Wellbeing
  • I will share my favourite Watercolor- and Mixed Media Techniques for Backgrounds, whimsical Drawings & Illustrations, for creating fun Accents for your Projects and for combining different Medias with eachother to create stunning, unique Artwork
  • at the end of the Class you will have created a huge Variety of different finished Projects like a Mini Artjournal, a Card Deck, Canvases / Wall Art, Home Deco etc.
Color Magic Online Class by Andrea Gomoll

What you get:

  • private Online Classroom with Lifetime Access*
  • 7 different Watercolor-, Mixed Media- & Artjournal-Lessons playing with and learning about the Energy of Colors and the 7 Chakras
  • each Lesson with full Video Instructions guiding you from Start to Finish
  • 15+ Hours of Video Content in Full HD (downloadable so you can keep them forever and watch offline)
  • 30+ Pages strong PDF File to go with the Class with additional Information, fun Printables to use in your Artwork, Fill Out Pages to learn about the Energy of Colors and the Chakras
  • Private Facebook Group to share your Work, ask Questions and engage with others
  • access the Lessons 24/7 from the Convenience of your own Home (yes you are welcome to attend in your PJs *wink*)

Lesson 1: Chakra Color Exploration Journal
Lesson 2: Colorful Rainbow Girl Mixed Media Page
Lesson 3: Chakra Affirmation Cards / Deck
Lesson 4: Faux Mixed Media Dreamcatchers
Lesson 5: Steampunk Chakra Girl Canvas
Lesson 6: Colorful Circles Mixed Media Canvas
Lesson 7: Setting the Mood & creating Emotions with Colors & Contrasts

Color Magic Online Class by Andrea Gomoll

Class Fee is 70,- EURO (approx. 82 USD)

Right after you have purchased your Spot you will receive an automated eMail with Information on how to access the Classroom. If you have not received this eMail after 60 minutes and you have checked your Spam Folder and it is not there, please contact me at andrea (a)

Please make sure to read the Canceling / TOU / Refund Policy at the end of the Page!

  • Pencil / Eraser
  • Brushes of your Choice / Aqua Brushes
  • heavyweight Watercolor Paper
  • Ecoline Watercolors (or any other type of Liquid Watercolors)
  • Watercolors in Pan of your Choice (like Daniel Smith, Prima Watercolor Confections etc.)
  • black waterproof Pen
  • white Paintmarker (like Molotow One4All Paintmarker or Sharpie Paintmarker)
  • some colorful Wool (for the Dreamcatcher Lesson)
  • Stencils of your Choice
  • Texture Paste (white or colored Versions of your Choice)
  • Gel Medium or any other type of Collage Glue of your Choice
  • a Variety of Stamps of your Choice
  • black waterproof Inkpad (like StazOn)
  • Watercolor Paper to Print on (+ access to a Laserprinter) optional
  • various Embellishments of your Choice (like small Stones, Metal Embellishments / Charms etc.)

This Supplylist is just a rough Hint of what we will be working with . . . I am a firm believer of shop your own Stash and use what you have . . . many Supplies can be easily substituted with other similar Supplies, so I would strongly suggest to wait and first take a look at the Lessons, then see which Supplies you want to use and which ones you maybe really need to purchase . . . if you have a basic Stash of Watercolor- & Mixed Media Supplies (see above) you should be covered and good to go with this Class.

Color Magic Online Class by Andrea Gomoll
Color Magic Online Class by Andrea Gomoll
Color Magic Online Class by Andrea Gomoll

Is this a Class about Religion (because you work with Chakras)?

No, not at all. This Class is not based on any Religion, even though the System of the Chakras is mostly anchored in eastern Believe Systems, this Class is no based upon any Religion, neither is it focused on a Religion or working with / promoting any Religion. You can follow any Religion or none at all, it absolutely does not matter here. There are Yoga- and Reiki Classes out there and in those Classes you see Christians doing Yoga and people of all Religions practicing Mindfulness, working with positive Energy of Crystals etc. . . . so I just wanted to point this out beforehand that even though we will be working with the 7 Chakras in this Class, it is not at all about Religion. If you do not like to work with the 7 Chakras that is fine too, you can simply work with the positive Energy of Colors in the Class Projects which is scientifically proved. The Choice is yours.

Got Questions? Feel free to drop me a Line or leave a Comment below and I am happy to answer them . . .

Canceling / Refunds / TOU / FAQ

Please know that all orders are final. Due to the nature of an online course there is no option for refund.

With signing up you agree not to share any of the Media provided in the Class with third parties / family / friends.

Please be advised that the main content of the online-class consists of Videos, so you should only sign up if you are able to watch Videos via Vimeo and your bandwidth allows Video-Streaming.

No physical items will be shipped with thes Class. All things provided in the Workshop (Videos, PDF files) will be delivered digitally through the Online-Classroom. Videos as well as PDF-Files will be downloadable.

You will have Lifetime Access to the Classroom, which means that you will be granted Access for as long as I run my Cre8tive Cre8tions Business and offer my Online Courses.



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