Autumn & Halloween Artist Trading Coins

what are artist trading coins and how to make them

So, you know that I love to dip my Toes into new Things all the Time, and when I stumbled across Artist Trading Coins on Instagram they instantly caught my Attention, because a) I love small Crafty Projects (not always but every now and then to spice it up) and b) you know that I love everything swappable and mailable (Pocketletters? Artist Trading Cards? Flipbooks? Inchies? You name it, I have probably done it . . . ) So I tried my Hands on some cute little Artist Trading Coins and picked a Halloween & Autumn Theme for them. You can watch the Process in the following Video if you like . . .

But first of all some Basic Info if you have (like me) been living under a Rock for the past Months and have never heard of Artist Trading Coins. So . . . what are Artist Trading Coins and how do you make them?!? Basically they’re very similar to Artist Trading Cards, they are tiny Works of handmade Art that you can swap / trade with other Artists and collect . . . they just have a different Shape and Size . . . they are circle shaped (hence Coin) and 2.5 Inch in Diameter . . . and that is actually all you need to know. Other than those Specifications you can go wild and crazy with Paper, Paint, Ink, Stamps, Embellies, Texture . . . the Sky is the Limit. So . . . are you ready?!?

And here is a closer Look at the Results . . . I definitely had lots of fun making them and I am pretty sure that those will be the first ones I made but definitely not the last ones . . .

what are artist trading coins and how to make them
what are artist trading coins
what are artist trading coins and how to make them
Halloween Artist Trading Coins
Halloween Artist Trading Coins

If you like the little Printable Stickers I used on those Coins, you can find those (and many more) in my Etsy Shop . . .

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