Helping our FURRY FRIENDS in need: Donation & Thank You for your Support!

Spende Tierheim Falkensee Andrea Gomoll

Just wanted to share a big, heartfelt Thank You! Yesterday I was able to hand over a 500 Euro Donation to our local Animal Shelter here in Falkensee-and I was able to do this because of YOUR Support. If you remember-a small Amount of each Pre-Signup for my Furry Friends Online Class was dedicated to go to help animals in need and today we were able to hand this Donation over-500 Euro in total-which I think is pretty darn amazing!


Spende Tierheim Falkensee Andrea Gomoll


Spende Tierheim Falkensee Andrea Gomoll

Everybody was really happy about it and I am 10000% sure it went to the right place and it will be a good help for some Furry Friends while they wait for somebody to adopt them and to give them a new Forever-Home!

Thank you so much to each & every one of you who used the Pre-Sale to sign up for the Furry Friends Online Class . . . thanks for supporting me & my Art and this way helping me support a good cause at the same time. This only was possible because of YOU and I am so so grateful for that! Doing something like that-to be really honest-never would have been possible back in the Days when I was still working 9 to 5 in my “normal Day Job”-every single Day I am so grateful for the fact that I am allowed and supported to do what I do today-to live my dream and to be a (non-starving) artist . . . it is a dream come true-I work hard for that dream every Day-yet it gives back so much . . . believe in your dreams everybody and if you have a dream in your heart-pursue it-take the leap . . . it might mean taking a risk-small or big-but it is worth it-and you will never know if you never try! (excuse me . . . maybe it is the christmas time that’s making me all sentimental yet so grateful at the same time . . .)

Now do me a favour-will you? Go and hug your Cats, Dogs, Bunnies . . . whatever pet(s) you have in your Family! (well-if you have a giant python you might want to refrain from hugging & snuggling with it  – but that’s the only excuse I will let count! *wink*)

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  • jean sandford29. November 2015 - 11:44

    way to go Andria,so glad we could help contribute to such a good cause iv just given my beautifull one eyed Beagle a hug,he is not quite so impressed,he has more inportant things like sleep to catch up on,oh well : )
    Jean from EnglandReplyCancel

  • Ruth Guthrie29. November 2015 - 17:16

    That’s so wonderful. What a great cause!ReplyCancel

  • Manon Guns-Bartelet29. November 2015 - 18:42

    Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Joanna Stepanka30. November 2015 - 10:14

    This is so great! Thank you so much for sharing this Andrea, it really warms my heart and makes me smile! (y)ReplyCancel

  • Anke Mutig30. November 2015 - 23:49

    Really great! They need any help they can get I think. I hope that this Christmas people act more responsible and avoid buying pets as a Christmas gift for s.o. It’s so sad what happens with a lot of them after the holidays. I’m still working from 9 to 5…something went wrong but hope dies lastReplyCancel

  • http://www./28. February 2017 - 21:01

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