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Sketch your Life – Online Class




Sketch your Life – a brandnew Onlineclass by Andrea Gomoll


All the fun Details …

• 5 Weeks (4 Main Parts + little Bonus Section) of Sketchbook- & Watercolor-Fun galore

• an Online-Class filled to the brim with Tutorials & Infos on:
– keeping a visual Journal / Sketchbook of your Everyday Life
– sketchbooking on the go / in field sketching
– Basic & Advances Techniques for Sketching, bringing your sketches to Life with Watercolor, adding whimsical touches to your Sketches
– lots of Info on my favourite Sketching Supplies (Pens, Pencils, Paper, Sketchbooks, Watercolors)
– we will create detailed sketches and quick “on the go” sketches – step-by-step from start to finish
– we will create a Mini Watercolor Sketchbook/Artjournal together and fill all the Pages with colourful Sketches
– I will create MY Sketch of YOUR favourite photographs and share the process with you

• more than 27 Video Lessons with Step-by-Step Instructions
• over 25 h of detailed Video-Footage (1:1 – no “fast forward” Videos)
• PDF Files with Supplies, Color-Swatches and helpful Tipps & Closeups coming with each Lesson
• all Class Content will be available 24/7 via a private Online Classroom
• all Class Content is downloadable, so you can save it to your Harddrive and keep it forever if you like
• a private Facebook Group to join, have fun, share your work with me & others, ask for help and to engage with others


What we’ll Sketch in Class:
• Nature (Trees, Scrubs, Flowers, Ocean, Scenes etc.)
• Animals (Birds, Forest Animals etc.)
• Everyday Things & Scenes (Food, Drinks, Artsupplies etc.)
• Leaves, Mushrooms, Pumpkins & other Autumn related Things
• and much more

ATTN: This Class is NOT about drawing / sketching Faces – if you’re looking for that, you might consider my FACEcinating Girls Classes.


Class-Language will be english!



Class SignUp Fee is 60,- Euro (approx. 64,- US$)






Supplies needed:
I reduced the supplies you really NEED for the Class to a minimum so you don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on special supplies before you can get started … here’s what you’ll definitely need for the Class & to get started:
• Pencil (HB), Pencil Sharpener & Erazor
• black finetip waterproof pen (Edding fine tip or Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen “F” or similar)
• Masking Fluid
• Watercolors (just 10-12 basic colors we work with – you will receive a detailed list upon signup)
• watercolor Paper and/or a Watercolor Sketchbook (for examples “Travel Book” by Arches or Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook)
• round tip Aqua Brush(es) (for example by Pentel) and a Fan Brush
those are the Basics we will user & need in Class – a detailed List with Suggestions will be send to you upon signup so you can prepare yourself already 🙂












I’m so looking forward to start this Online Class and to go on this “Journey” with you … hope to “see” you in Class!!!



Class SignUp Fee is 60,- Euro (approx. 64,- US$)





Canceling / Refunds / TOU / FAQ

Please know that orders are final. Due to the nature of an online course there is no option for refund.

With signing up you agree not to share any of the Media provided in the Class with third parties / family / friends / neighbours / dogs or cats 😉

Please be advised that the main content of the online-class consists of Videos, so you should only sign up if you’re able to watch Videos
(you should have no problems to watch the Video here on this site) and your bandwidth allows Video-Streaming.

All things  provided in the Workshop (Videos, PDF files) will be delivered digitally through the Online-Classroom.
Videos as well as PDF-Files will be downloadable. No physical products will be shipped.

The Classrrom can be accessed and the Videos can be viewed on PC/MAC and on mobile devices (tested on iPhone, iPad, Kindl Fire and Android Phone).

To access the Classroom you have to register with my Blog/Site and create an account.
Once you’ve created the account you can access your private Classrooms anytime.

I will do my best to help if technical difficulties appear on your end, but I can not be held responsible for any problems accessing the class
if the problem isn’t on my / the server side (no refund).

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via eMail or leave a comment  and I’ll be happy to answer them!




  • Gloria Westerman - I would love to join your class…but with Christmas coming up can’t afford it right now…hopefully you’ll have something coming up in January…thank you for doing this…I;m sure I would learn alot from you…16. October 2014 – 04:53ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Gloria – no problem at all – this will be an ongoing class and you can join anytime 🙂16. October 2014 – 04:57ReplyCancel

  • Lee - Hi there! I have only recently stumbled across your amazing sketches on Instagram, they are truly beautiful! I would really love to do this course but I am not a confident illustrator, I can do it, but need lots of help. How much time is spent on the sketching/drawing portion of the artwork? Is this course suitable for someone with minimal skill level? I would really love to be a part of this but want to make sure I could complete it 🙂
    I look forward to your reply.
    Lee16. October 2014 – 09:50ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - Hi Lee,

    the Class is suitable for beginners as well. All the Projects we do in the Class are explained from start to finish – especially in the “Sketch along with me” Part of the Class I go detailed into “seeing” and finding shapes & forms in your reference images and then building your sketch upon this … so yes – I think even if you’re a total beginner this course would be great. Of course in the end it takes practice practice practice to get better – but I give you the basic tools & techniques and this PLUS you passion & will to play & practice … perfect match 😉16. October 2014 – 19:19ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Wood - I just signed up and I can’t wait to start!!!17. October 2014 – 23:36ReplyCancel

  • Marjanne - Hi Andrea,
    This looks like a great class! What will be the price after November 1st?19. October 2014 – 03:48ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Marjanne After Nov. 1st the price will go up to € 60,- …19. October 2014 – 09:38ReplyCancel

  • Gnoe (@graasland) - Yikes, I signed up! It partly overlaps with another course I’m doing and I “can’t draw” so I’m quite afraid this course is too difficult for me… but you made it sound SO tempting!!! I really couldn’t resist. 😀 #excited31. October 2014 – 18:29ReplyCancel

  • lisa calcut - how long will this class be available i keep signing up for all these wonderful classes they are just so tantalizing but i never seem to have the right supplies and time to get started I’m feeling like an art supply addict who only spends and never does LOL8. November 2014 – 06:50ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Lisa

    Hi dear,

    no worries – the Sketch you Life Online Class will still be available for quite a while … so you can still sign up when you have more time on your hands during the next year 🙂

    Have a lovely Day –
    Andrea9. November 2014 – 11:09ReplyCancel

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  • Winter Whimsy Girl with Watercolors » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] spending weeks and weeks on working on Projects for my Sketch Your Life Online Class, last Night I finally took the time to sit down and to draw something “just for fun” ! […]12. November 2014 – 15:11ReplyCancel

  • French Macarons and a Sketch - Effie Sue Designs - […] been trying to keep warm today sketching.  I’m taking Andrea Gomoll’s class, Sketch Your Life and having so much fun.  I love her whimsical style of painting.  She has tons of videos that you […]16. November 2014 – 01:03ReplyCancel

  • Sketchbook Fun - Effie Sue Designs - […] spent hours this weekend working on the lessons from Sketch Your Life.  Holy cow, I can’t stop painting!!  I was going to work on some more Christmas […]16. November 2014 – 22:35ReplyCancel

  • Jalene Hernandez - I have been waiting for a class like this! Can’t wait for holidays to be over so I can have some time to do this.25. November 2014 – 19:54ReplyCancel

  • Susan strickland - Can’t find the class can you help me26. November 2014 – 19:53ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Susan – just follow the Instructions in the Welcome eMail. I have already approved you for the Classroom and now you can access it – log in first (right sidebar) and then go to “Classrooms” in the top Menu and pick the Classroom … there you can access all the Class Material! If you need further help please drop me a line via eMail and I’m happy to help!26. November 2014 – 22:28ReplyCancel

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  • Silvana Cini - I know the class started in November but can I still sign up for this class now please, would love to learn since I love drawing,
    Thank you22. February 2015 – 21:12ReplyCancel

  • Maureen Hayes - Andrea,

    I saw your interview on Tam’s site and wondering what the special price is for this class? I am wondering if I can afford it right now. Can you let me know? Thanks21. April 2015 – 15:18ReplyCancel

  • Jenson - I did the macaroons! with your guidance i was able to do them. It was so fun. I have some pictures to send you for the class. Where do I send them?8. May 2015 – 23:21ReplyCancel

  • Heidi O'Connor - Hi I was wanting to sign up for your art journalling class as well as your sketch your life class and I was wondering if you have a deal going to do both? x I did your freebie with your artist interview on Lifebook2015 and loved it! x9. July 2015 – 08:34ReplyCancel

  • Angie Partridge - Hi Andrea , I cannot seem to log into class anymore and have time to do it now ;-(4. August 2015 – 20:55ReplyCancel

  • Janet Howerton - Andrea, I thought I already signed up and paid for ‘Sketch Your Life”, but I am having trouble with getting into it on the site. Sorry to bother, but not able to access the actual online class. Though the email says I am signed up. Confused. 🙁11. August 2015 – 21:38ReplyCancel

  • Anna Hörnfeldt - I hope this class are going long time for I would love to take it but I am a year late so I hope more peolpe are active and that the class not takes away. I am from Sweden and my English are so good but I understand everything8. October 2015 – 08:34ReplyCancel

  • Cristỉña Gàbriella - oh, dear! Such an exciting class! I love to watercolor my sketches! I’m taking a break now as my little baby needs me the most these months until he gets bogger! Sending you much love, my dear friend Andrea!5. May 2016 – 15:56ReplyCancel

  • Claire - Looks like fun!2. May 2018 – 07:02ReplyCancel

  • Donna Arkle - Hi Andrea its Donna with the multi coloured hair from the Middlesbrough weekend with Sue. You said to leave a message on here stating that I have been in a live class with you. I look forward to continuing to learn from this online workshop after last weekends amazing start!! hugs xxx28. August 2018 – 22:12ReplyCancel

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