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Whimsical Watercolors – PAWfect Furry Friends Online Class

Pets Watercolor Class Andrea Gomoll


Whimsical Watercolors
PAWfect Furry Friends Online Class

I’m super happy to present my new Online Class: PAWfect Furry Friends. If you know me you know that I just LOVE Animals / Pets – I have 3 Cats myself and I wouldn’t want to live without a furry friend by my side – they just give you so much! And I just love to add cute, little, furry Buddies to my Watercolors & Mixed Media Pieces – because those FACEcinating Girls need a furry Companion by their side – right?!? So I’m sharing my favourite pieces in 6 in-depth HD Video Lessons in this Class – we’ll sketch / draw / paint Cats, Dogs, Owls, a Wolf – and of course some Girls to go along with the furry friends … so there’ll be a lot of variety in those Lessons. Along with sharing my Process & my favourite Techniques with Watercolors I’ll share my favourite Mixed Media Techniques to enhance my Watercolor Work and to give them that special extra with just a few simple steps…! In addition I’ll show you how I work with Brainstorm Sketches to start off my Pieces – they make the process of ideafinding and composing detailed drawings so much easier …


This Class is especially close to my heart, since I want to support our local Animal Shelter with a Part of the Signup Fee. Two of our 3 Cats are rescued cats from that animal shelter and they found a new Home with us. The volunteers there are doing such an amazing job – so let’s help to give many many more cats & dogs the chance for a new, loving home by supporting pet rescue with signing up for this Online Class!
(I will keep you updated on this on my Blog as well as on my Facebook Page)


New Watercolor Online Class



6 individual in-depth step-by-step HD Video Lessons teaching you how to create 6 different Whimsical Watercolor Pieces from start to finish
• Bonus Lessons based on Students Questions (how to sketch your own Pet, additional Info about Watercolor Techniques, Brushes etc.)

• additional Mixed Media Techniques to enhance your Watercolor Pieces in easy, yet effective ways
• each lesson between 1.5 h and 2.5 h in lenght, over 10 hours of downloadable Video content alltogether
• PDF File with each Lesson (Supplies, Color Mixing Guide & Closeups)
• Classroom & Classcontent will be available 24/7 via Desktop / Laptop & mobile Devices
• you will have “Lifelong Access” to the Class Content (which basically means for as long as I will run this site & Cre8tiveCre8tions – but for at least 2 years upon purchase)
• all Class Content (Videos, PDF Files) is downloadable so you can save it to your Computer & keep it forever
• private Facebook Group for the Class to share your Work, engage with other students
• my personal support in the Facebook Group (or via eMail if you wish) if you have Questions about Techniques, Supplies etc.
• Class works on a selfpaces base – you will have immediate access to all 6 Lessons + the Bonus Lessons
• Class Language will be English


Class Fee

Class Fee is 60,- € (approx. 66 US$)

*20% of the Class Pre-Sale SignUp Fee will be donated to our local animal shelter to help them rescue Cats & Dogs and to help them find a new home for them!




Don’t we all love little Teasers?!? Just some Sneak Peeks for you of 3 out of the 6 Lessons included in this Class …


Andrea Gomoll Onlineclass

Andrea Gomoll Onlineclass

Andrea Gomoll Onlineclass


Andrea Gomoll Onlineclass


Andrea Gomoll Onlineclass


Stay tuned for more Sneak Peeks on my Instagram / on my Facebook Page



Sign up now

Class Fee is 60,- € (approx. 66 US$)


*20 % of the Pre-Sale Class Fee will be donated to our local Animal Shelter
(I will keep you up to date about this happening here as well as on my Facebook Page if you’d like to follow that process)


Right after you’ve purchased your Spot you will receive an automated eMail with Information on how to register an Account on my Blog to access the Classroom.
To make sure my eMail doesn’t end up in your Spam-Folder please add my eMail-Address (andrea (a) to your Addressbook.
If you haven’t received this eMail after 60 minutes and you’ve checked your Spam Folder and it’s not there, please contact me at andrea (a)



Canceling / Refunds / TOU / FAQ

Please know that orders are final. Due to the nature of an online course there is no option for refund.

With signing up you agree not to share any of the Media provided in the Class with third parties / family / friends / dogs or cats  😉

Please be advised that the main content of the online-class consists of Videos, so you should only sign up if you’re able to watch Videos via Vimeo and your bandwidth allows Video-Streaming.

No physical items will be shipped with thes Class. All things provided in the Workshop (Videos, PDF files) will be delivered digitally through the Online-Classroom. Videos as well as PDF-Files will be downloadable.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via eMail or leave a comment  and I’ll be happy to answer them!



Foto (001 von 023)

Supplies needed for the Class

A detailed Supply-List will be provided at least 2 weeks before the Class starts – but basically we work with a 22 pan watercolor pallette (I use Winsor & Newton – but you can – of course – also work with the pallette you have by picking similar colors to the ones I’m using. Color Swatches will be provided with the Class PDFs.) Also basic Supplies like Pencil, Eraser, black fine tip Pen, white Marker (Sharpie), a variety of Brushes and some Mixed Media Supplies like Texture Paste etc.


Foto (004 von 023)

Foto (003 von 023)


  • Barbara - Looking forward to hearing from you24. August 2015 – 15:48ReplyCancel

  • Lesley Tipton - Doe’s this course run in the UK and if so how much in GBP is the course? thank you.25. August 2015 – 14:54ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - Hi Lesley,

    this is an Online Course, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are since you can access the Videos & Content whenever you want / have time. Since we have Students from all over the world in all different time zones that’s the only way an Online Class like that can work. To find the current exchange rates to GBP please check an online currency converter – as of today I checked 50 Euro is 36 GBP. Hope that helps.

    Have a lovely Day – Andrea26. August 2015 – 11:52ReplyCancel

  • Evelyn Akel - I just signed up for Pawfect Furry Friends ! Can’t wait to start ! Thank you for including cats and other animals along with faces. This just sounds so perfect for me.31. August 2015 – 14:00ReplyCancel

  • Irene Andrianopoulos - im sorry i think thats too much money $55 us is alot in australian dollars, where im from and i dont work im a single mum this isnt very practicle, we can watch your videos for free on youtube and get the idea, this is only for the rich.1. September 2015 – 19:34ReplyCancel

  • Jane - Andrea i would like to sign up for your new class bu I’m unable get the link to work for signing up.
    Jane8. September 2015 – 04:21ReplyCancel

  • Manon - Hi Andrea,
    After following you for ages on youtube and in the art summer school it is time for a real online course with you. I admire your work!
    Lets start with the furry friends…
    Manon15. September 2015 – 08:38ReplyCancel

  • Peggy Lindenthaler - I’m afraid that if I sign up for the classes that I’ll mess everything up! I’ve never been very artistic, although I love your art Andrea along with many others on Youtube. I DO love your animal art journaling, especially the kitties. I happen to have three little furrballs mysel, and I also adopted them from no kill shelters here in Arizona. What should I do?18. September 2015 – 23:54ReplyCancel

  • Joanna Stepanka - I love that you donate a percentage to your local animal shelter! This, and the fact that we will be painting animals (yes, cats are my favorites too, we have 4 furry friends and fosterkittens once in a while) was the main reason I decided to choose your online class.29. September 2015 – 18:45ReplyCancel

  • Annette Tuttle McCarty - I just signed up but cannot find the area to redister, can you help me, please?29. September 2015 – 23:22ReplyCancel

  • Annette McCarty - Hi, Andrea, I cannot find the area for registration.30. September 2015 – 01:24ReplyCancel

  • Bi Li - Yay….I’m so happy about this online class! I really share your love with animals and pets. We do have two cats at home and I can’t imagine living without them either!! I will sign up for the class….for sure 🙂30. September 2015 – 06:53ReplyCancel

  • Lynn Galvan - I would like to know if you teach us to draw these images as I can not draw and would love to learn. I think for what you are offering its a pretty good deal. I however just came upon this and payday is the 3D of October so I won’t be able to sign up till then. Thanks again. I’m thrilled to get to be a part of this.1. October 2015 – 00:00ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Lynn – yes I guide you through the process of those 6 projects – step by step – starting with the idea-sketch, then with the blank page, pencil drawing, coloring & embellishing mixed media style – so from start to finish – and it’s aimed towards beginners as well as intermediates …1. October 2015 – 02:55ReplyCancel

  • Heike Fallwickl - Hallo liebe Andrea,
    ist es zu spät um sich jetzt noch zu registrieren?
    Liebe Grüße,
    Heike4. October 2015 – 18:13ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Heike – nein – Du kannst Dich jederzeit noch anmelden!4. October 2015 – 19:41ReplyCancel

  • Helping out FURRY FRIENDS in need: Donation & Thank You for your Support! » Cre8tive Cre8tions by Andrea Gomoll - […] do this because of YOUR Support. If you remember – a small Amount of each Pre-Signup for my Furry Friends Online Class was dedicated to go to help animals in need and today we were able to hand this Donation over […]29. November 2015 – 10:00ReplyCancel

  • Muktha - Hi Andrea, It’s not all clear to me. Can I sign still up for this class? And is it a class that will be given on certain days/date or is it a “already made” class that I can do whenever I want? Love, Muktha30. August 2016 – 22:00ReplyCancel

    • Cre8tiveCre8tions - Muktha,

      yes – this is an ongoing Class – you can still sign up at any time and access the Classroom with all the Lessons immediately after Purchase. The Class Content is pre-recorded so you can study & play on a selfpaced Base whenever you have the time! Hope that helps … if you have further Questions please let me know! — Andrea30. August 2016 – 23:33ReplyCancel

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