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FACEcinating Girls – Volume 2

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The class is for beginners as well as for advances mixed media folks – for the beginners it will give you the tools needed to start with turned Faces at Zero and to archieve great results in no time – the more experiences artists will profit from the ease of creating simmetrical facial features with the help of the stamps, using it as a starting-point to create your own pieces of art. Also the Volume 2 is a great addition to what you’ve learned in FACEcinating Girls Volume 1.

The Class is held in a private Classroom where you can watch the Videos, download the PDF-Files, chat with other Students etc. It’s a Selfstudy Course, so you can access it immediately and study at your own Pace 24/7 whenever you have the Time …


EDIT: as of October 2018 this Class is available for Selfstudy but comes without the Stampsets (you can still follow the Instructions in the Lessons creating your own Faces and follow the Instructions on Shading, coloring etc.)


TOPICS we cover in the Online-Class (not limited to):

• building Portraits with turned faces (1/2 view and 3/4 view) step by step with easy to follow guidelines 
• shading & coloring turned faces with different types of Paint Media (Acrylics, Pastels, Markers, Watercolors)
• new Mixed Media & Art Journaling Techniques for finishing off your Projects
• smaller faces / doing parts of the body 


Supplies you will need:

You can work with the supplies you have on hand – the techniques I show you are very versatile – but we will work with:
• Acrylics
• Watercolors
• Paint Markers / Alcohol Markers
• Pastel Pencils
• Pan Pastels
• Colored Pencils

also you will need basics like:
• waterproof inkpad
• thick watercolor- / Mixed Media Paper
• a variety of Brushes
• Canvas to work on
• Pencils / Eraser
• collage Supplies like Tissue Paper, old Bookpages, some Stamps etc.

EDIT: as of October 2018 this Class is available for Selfstudy but comes without the Stampsets (you can still follow the Instructions in the Lessons creating your own Faces and follow the Instructions on Shading, coloring etc.)

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Class-Language will be English!


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Class Fee 
Euro 35,- (Approx. US$ 40,-)



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NOTE: eMails with Login Details etc. will go out to you on January 19th 2014 – please make sure you check your Server-sided Spam Folder if you haven’t received my eMail by that date!  To make sure my eMail doesn’t end up in your Spam-Folder please add my eMail-Address (andrea (a) to your Addressbook. Also make sure your Paypal-Address is current. The Clearstamp-Set will be send to your provided Shipping-Address (the Address you have set up in your Paypal-Account) right upon Payment is received, so – depending on where you live and how long mail will take from Germany to your Destination – the time when they arrive at your place may vary from a couple of days up to 3-4 weeks. Please note that I don’t have an influence on the postal running-time.

Since the Stamp Sets will be mailed right after Payment is received no refunds for this online class will be given.


  • carole - Je me suis inscrite il y a quelques jours, j’ai reçu une confirmation de paypal.
    Avez vous reçu mon inscription, svp?16. December 2013 – 10:40ReplyCancel

  • Sharon - Are you offering both volumes for sale at all? Thanks for your help17. December 2013 – 06:53ReplyCancel

  • Sharon - Can you please tell me if you are offering both volumes for sale. Now? Thanks for your help17. December 2013 – 06:54ReplyCancel

    • Andrea Gomoll - The signup fee of Volume 2 is reduced till Christmas already, besides that I don’t plan on doing any sales right now!17. December 2013 – 10:37ReplyCancel

  • Tanya Latibeaudiere - I received my volume 2 stamps in the mail today. It took just under 3 weeks to arrive to Canada from Germany. Looking forward to the class. I took the volume 1 basic class and I am so impressed with the quality of the your tutorials. You are very motivating and its very easy to follow your clear and friendly communication style. The filming, lighting, photos, background, sound, video, pace, voice quality and examples are all excellent. You worked hard to make this top quality and I can’t wait to take volume 2 Jan 19, 2014.
    Tanya 4. January 2014 – 02:49ReplyCancel

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  • Sara Smythe - Do you have any videos of volume 2 girls9. February 2014 – 15:33ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth A Perez Collazo - in <3 7. April 2014 – 01:13ReplyCancel

  • Casey Lange - I’m at the blog, and signed in. I can see where to purchase a class but not where to join one I’ve already purchased. How to I access the actual class, not just info on the class or putting in my cart?12. November 2014 – 08:28ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Casey Lange

    I have approved your Membership to the Classroom now (have to do that by hand because otherwhise everybody could join the Classroom and access the Files without paying) – so now you will be able to access the Classroom with the Videos etc. by going to my Blog – logging in with your Username & Password in the right sidebar and then click on “Classrooms” in the top Menu Bar and there enter the “FACEcinating Girls Vol. 2” Classroom … there you will find all the content! Hope that helps!

    Andrea12. November 2014 – 12:08ReplyCancel

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  • Lucy Piepenburg - I just located your class and would like to view it. I am checking to make sure you are still offering it on line. Today is June 28th 2016. Please let me know thank you.29. June 2016 – 08:09ReplyCancel

    • Cre8tiveCre8tions - Hi Lucy, sure – this Class is still available and open for sign-up to study on a selfpaced base. We still have people joining so I’d be happy to see you join us! Have a wonderful Day – Andrea29. June 2016 – 18:28ReplyCancel

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