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artJOURNEYling – Online Class


a brandnew Online Class for Mixed Media & Artjournaling

by Andrea Gomoll




#artJOURNEYling [verb]: traveling the world of artjournaling from the convenience of your own home – learn techniques and fun projects 24/7 – 15 different artjournaling- & mixed media projects (video lessons) – more than 13 hours of creative video-content – all class content will be accessible for a  whole year – study at your own pace – downloadable videos  interaction in  a private facebook group … learn – have fun – play – travel the world of  artjournaling with me … without leaving home …

artJOURNEYling Online Class

learn my most favourite Techniques

artJOURNEYling Online Class

artJOURNEYling Online Class

artJOURNEYling Online Class

artJOURNEYling Online Class

artJOURNEYling Online Class

artJOURNEYling Online Class




Class Fee: Euro 40,- (approx 43 US$)

Make sure you add my eMail Address to your Addressbook so my eMail will
not end up in your Spam Folder.

NOTE: Class language will be english!


SUPPLY-LIST for the Class:

Since I show you many different techniques you will be able to work with the supplies you have on hand or your favourite supplies (Coloured Pensils, Acrylic Paints, Watercolour, Inks etc.)  so to get started you don’t need to buy a whole lot of new supplies. I would suggest to first watch the Videos, choose your favourite Technqies and then maybe go and buy the suggested supplies.



Canceling / Refunds / TOU / FAQ

Please know that orders are final. Due to the nature of an online course there is no option for refund.

With signing up you agree not to share any of the Media provided in the Class with third parties / family / friends / dogs or cats  😉

Please be advised that the main content of the online-class consists of Videos, so you should only sign up if you’re able to watch Videos (you should have no problems to watch the Video here on this site) and your bandwidth allows Video-Streaming.

All things  provided in the Workshop (Videos, PDF files) will be delivered digitally through the Online-Classroom. Videos as well as PDF-Files will be downloadable.
No physical products will be shipped.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via eMail or leave a comment  and I’ll be happy to answer them!




  • ArtJourneyling - Interesting choice of name for your new workshop. We currently use this name for ArtJournaling retreats and workshops.24. February 2014 – 23:50ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @ArtJourneyling – when I decided for this name for my Online-Class months ago I googled for it to avoid any cross-naming and nothing came up (still today when I google for it nothing comes up but my Postings) – so I assumed the name is still free and nothing art-related is yet connected to it.25. February 2014 – 00:24ReplyCancel

  • Delores Miller - Omg I’m so excited , about this class as I’ve taken your other classes , and enjoyed them so much. I’ll be counting the days !!! 25. February 2014 – 18:37ReplyCancel

  • Cathy - I’ve already registered for the class, but it didn’t prompt me to sign up! Is there a link that I need to sign up in? Thx Cathy2. March 2014 – 08:37ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - Hi Cathy,

    got your SignUp. The Class will start on March 23rd like it sais on the SignUp Page – on March 23rd you will receive an eMail with
    your Login Information to the Online-Classroom.2. March 2014 – 10:44ReplyCancel

  • Adele Jessup - I have signed up for this class and am looking forward to it . But not sure if my registering has gone through ok ? as haven’t heard anything and got an email in german from pay pal ? Thanks Adele4. March 2014 – 17:26ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - @Adele – just send you an eMail 🙂4. March 2014 – 18:57ReplyCancel

  • Mandy - Are beginners truly able to complete the lessons in your course?18. March 2014 – 13:26ReplyCancel

    • Cre8tiveCre8tions - The Class can also be taken if you’re a Beginner – you can pick the Technqies you like most and try them & follow along with me creating the Pages …! You will of course need a Basic Stash of Art-Supplies (Supply Lists will also be given for each lesson) …19. March 2014 – 08:40ReplyCancel

  • miriam - Hi Andrea I am wanting to sign up for this class (art journeyling )but was wondering if I had to sign up for faceinating vol 1 first?19. March 2014 – 02:07ReplyCancel

    • Cre8tiveCre8tions - Hi Miriam,

      definitely not – the FACEcinating Girls Classes and the artJOURNEYling Classes are completely seperate from eachother – while the FACEcinating Girls Classes are focused on Whimsical Portraits the artJOURNEYling Class is more Project-Based on different Artjournaling Pages & Techniques …

      — Andrea19. March 2014 – 08:37ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Becker - I paid for the class last night. Tomorrow I’ll get the log in information and such?22. March 2014 – 12:27ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Becker - I paid for the class last night but didn’t get any sort of confirmation or anything. That will all be sent to me tomorrow when the class starts? Sorry if I’m missing something obvious! Thanks 🙂22. March 2014 – 18:05ReplyCancel

  • Melodee Isaacs - Oh my just fond this this am and signed p!! Missed day one live but can’t wait to play!!!
    23. March 2014 – 14:05ReplyCancel

  • miriam - Hi Andrea, I signed up for the class on the 19th but have not received any emails. Can you please advise if I missed something? Thanks23. March 2014 – 22:26ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Miriam – just send you an eMail. The Class Invitiation went out to the eMail Address provided via Paypal. Please check there and I will re-send it again to your eMail Address provided here.24. March 2014 – 10:03ReplyCancel

  • Eve U. - Is it too late too late to sign up for the ArtJournaling? Please say no. As soon as you respond, I wish to sign up that very moment. Thank you. Eve U.31. March 2014 – 19:28ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Eve – no – not at all – you can still sign up for the Class. You will receive Access to the Online-Classroom within 24 hours – usually much faster – and you can work trough the lessons in your own pace.

    – Andrea31. March 2014 – 19:47ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth A Perez Collazo - I have a question? Do you get anything with the class ?
    7. April 2014 – 00:56ReplyCancel

  • Save big … Online Classes Easter Special » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] more Info on the Online-Class please take a look at the Class-Info-Page HERE (but make sure to sugn up here on this page with the discountet […]17. April 2014 – 20:02ReplyCancel

  • Carole Day - I have signed up and paid, I know Im late, but I just cannot get logged in to your page.10. June 2014 – 09:21ReplyCancel

  • Monia Haidar - when does this start?
    16. October 2014 – 13:59ReplyCancel

  • Claudene Moore - Hi Andrea! I’m interested in signing up for the Artjourneyling class. Is there any way that you can see if my name shows that I’m registered. I tried to register before, but I’m not sure if it worked.

    Please let me know also if this class is still available before I add it to me cart, because if it isn’t, I may want to take another class. Thank you for your help.

    Claudene M.16. January 2015 – 07:06ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Claudene – sure – the Class is still open for Sign up … I will send you an eMail about your Username you registered with 🙂16. January 2015 – 13:52ReplyCancel

  • Susanne Frederick - Is this a life class?23. March 2015 – 05:20ReplyCancel

  • Susanne Frederick - *live23. March 2015 – 05:20ReplyCancel

  • Kawana Midgette - Hi Andrea – I do not have any experience with water color or drawing – what do you have for beginners? thx so much31. May 2015 – 15:56ReplyCancel

  • Bill Corn - I signed up for the art-journeying class, unfortunately I thought I was signing up for the summer class, anyway, am impatiently awaiting an email to find out how to log in to begin my learning journey.5. July 2015 – 00:36ReplyCancel

  • Debra - Hi Andrea, I would like to take the Artjourneyling class is it still available? Thanks.10. March 2016 – 05:54ReplyCancel

  • Dee Mac - Can I still buy this?10. June 2016 – 00:36ReplyCancel

  • Melody - Hi Andrea, I love all things paper, art journaling, mixed media, painting, coloring …. I love to learn new techniques and things creative. I am looking forward to taking Life Book 2017 for the first time. 20. September 2016 – 00:25ReplyCancel

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