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The Documented Life Project 2015 – Artjournal Page: Beginning

Artjournal Page The Documented Life Project 2015 by Andrea Gomoll

Last night it was time for some artsy fun in my Studio again … like last week – just a little date with myself – playing with paints & co. and havin’ some fun … again  a Mixed Media Artjournal Page inspired by Challenge No. 2 of the Documented Life Project – the Challenge was using Gesso in one Way or another and the “Theme” was the Quote by Mary Shelley: “The Beginning is always today.”



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Artjournal Page The Documented Life Project 2015 by Andrea Gomoll

mixed_media_andrea_gomoll (5 von 17)

Artjournal Page The Documented Life Project 2015 by Andrea Gomoll

mixed_media_andrea_gomoll (8 von 17)

mixed_media_andrea_gomoll (7 von 17)

mixed_media_andrea_gomoll (6 von 17)

mixed_media_andrea_gomoll (4 von 17)

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  • Sabine Probst - Ganz arg schön! Vielen Dank fürs Teilen und auch dafür, dass du uns so oft an deinem Prozess teilhaben lässt.13. January 2015 – 20:38ReplyCancel

  • Paula Decker Haynes - Thanks for sharing. It was amazing to watch you do this and it is beautiful113. January 2015 – 20:41ReplyCancel

  • Nicole Fortin - My lands, your work is stunning!!!13. January 2015 – 21:10ReplyCancel

  • Claire Harrison - Fantastic to watch how you build up the layers 🙂13. January 2015 – 22:59ReplyCancel

  • Tora Geirs - That was amazing video and amazing work. Thank you so much for sharing. This is just so beautiful.13. January 2015 – 23:10ReplyCancel

  • Ann Webb Bradford - So incredible!!! Thank you for sharing the process.14. January 2015 – 00:03ReplyCancel

  • Ruth Guthrie - Just gorgeous.14. January 2015 – 01:53ReplyCancel

  • angiesuez - so inspiring! thanx for sharing yourself14. January 2015 – 03:55ReplyCancel

  • Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - I just love how you achieve the end result, all the lovely layers.14. January 2015 – 04:50ReplyCancel

  • Felicityg - I could you build layers all day!! Sensational art journal page! 14. January 2015 – 06:33ReplyCancel

  • Marie - You video is AMAZING….. You are an amazing artist…. I can not find the good Word to describe my emotions when I am listenning your video….

    Luv from Montreal Québec Canada14. January 2015 – 23:53ReplyCancel

  • Kat Rogers - Thank you for this!!! watching your process with gesso and ink was EXACTLY what I needed to get started on a project that’s been stumping me! so beautiful, Andrea!15. January 2015 – 15:58ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Ciaravino - Andrea, I could sit and watch your video’s for hours!!! Everything just flows onto your page so beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing.22. January 2015 – 15:57ReplyCancel

  • Christina Condy - May I ask what it is you are using for the stars and the words. It looked almost like paste, but I thought there must be an art material that I don’t have in my collection. Thanks!24. January 2015 – 06:51ReplyCancel

  • Cathy Gomes - Love your art! I just discovered you! You are very talented! Thank you for sharing your work in videos!10. April 2015 – 14:33ReplyCancel

  • Maritza - You are soooooo talented!
    I love seeing your work, I enjoy everything you do.

    Thank you!9. May 2015 – 19:57ReplyCancel

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