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Mixed Media Wallpaper: You Are Loved

free Mixed Media Wallpaper Download

Sooo … since I still had my Winter-Owl Wallpaper on my Desktop & Phone I decided it’s about time for some Change – time for a new, fresh Wallpaper – right? And I thought with February fast approaching a Love / Valentines Theme would be perfect … so I had some Mixed Media Fun today and it felt so good playing with some color while outside the Window it’s all grey & stormy and so NOT nice right now …  🙂  I’ve already set it up on my PC & Phone and the colors just put me in a happier mood  🙂



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If you like it, you can download the ZIP File with the Wallpapers (JPG – different resolutions for Desktop / Laptop & Phone) below:




free Mixed Media Wallpaper Download

  • Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - Hello Andrea, I just so love the way you sketch, paint and finish off your art. When I am not so overwhelmed by other things, it is my intention to purchase your ‘sketch your life’ class. Thank you for sharing your process.12. January 2015 – 03:33ReplyCancel

  • jean sandford - Thank you so much for the wallpaper Andrea,its already on my computer
    jean12. January 2015 – 08:01ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte Brochu - I have just recently found your site here and I wanted to thank you for all the work that you put into doing these videos and tutorials on your blog. Your work is amazing and that you share your talent so freely is inspiring. This gift of the screensaver is so thoughtful. I have it up and it makes me happy too! I am spending time each day going back through your blog and what I see just astounds me. So thank you again! 🙂13. January 2015 – 15:09ReplyCancel

  • Marian Nieboer - Thank you very much!!14. January 2015 – 21:58ReplyCancel

  • Ruth Guthrie - I love this. I’m putting this on my iphone and laptop.15. January 2015 – 00:48ReplyCancel

  • coco.nut - thank you for that, I put it on my laptop and my telephone! I love the colours and the words make me smile!23. January 2015 – 14:09ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Thank you for the wallpaper “You are loved ” I have it on my iMac i was wondering if I could use that on my cover photo on my FB ?? Thank you11. February 2015 – 01:05ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Lisa – with Credit given (Source-Link) you sure can 🙂11. February 2015 – 01:34ReplyCancel

  • Linou Valy - Superbe, merci pour la vidéo…24. February 2015 – 08:07ReplyCancel

  • Eva - Dear Andrea,
    I am having trouble signing in. Apparently I forgot my sign in and password. Help!
    Thank you,
    Eva Ramos17. April 2015 – 19:07ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Eva – I just send you an eMail with Information on how to Log in / Reset your Password … hope that helps!18. April 2015 – 00:16ReplyCancel

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