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FACEcinating Girls Volume 1 and Volume 2 COMBI-PACK


Since you keep asking about combined shipping / signing up for both of my FACEcinating Girls Online Classes
I thought it’s about time for a lovely Combi-Package-Deal …


You can find the Class Info about FACEcinating Girls Volume 1 here and the Class Info about
FACEcinating Girls Volume 2 here (both Classes will be included in the Package).

If you’re interested in signing up for both Classes (they go along with eachother perfectly)
you can book the Package – a great deal – and have all 3 Stamp-Sets 
shipped right to your Door
& have access to all Lessons of Volume 1 and 2 right away – you can play & practice at your
own pace, you will have access for 24 months and there are tons of downloadable Videos
and Instructions … AND – the best – if you sign up for both now you save 15,- Euro … YAY 🙂



EURO 100,- (APPROX. US $ 107)


* 100,- Euro is a static end price – due to new EU VAT restrictions for digitally delivered goods this end price
includes the VAT relevant in your Country of Residence/Country of Residence of the Customer – just FYI.


FACEcinating Girls Combination Pack - Online Classes

  • Nathalie JANVIER - I think I’ll signup soon. I really like everything you do!!
    I live in France near Toulouse, will I receive the stamps?16. January 2015 – 12:20ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Nathalie Sure the Stamps which are included also ship to France – worldwide shipping is included.16. January 2015 – 13:49ReplyCancel

  • Nathalie JANVIER - Thank you! I already signed up!16. January 2015 – 14:09ReplyCancel

  • b - i already joined part one and have the stamps …. is there another price for those who already belong to one class?16. January 2015 – 22:51ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @B Working on a Discount-Signup for Students of Volume 1 as well – will be online shortly …17. January 2015 – 00:58ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen - Hi,
    How long is this offer valid?
    Because I have to wait a few weeks…17. January 2015 – 10:25ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - It’s a permanent offer … @Kathleen17. January 2015 – 21:04ReplyCancel

  • Mika power - Hello there!! I’ve been doing your Faceinating girls workshop and happily using the stamps but…. I’m unclear about volume 2. Is there a discount to buy volume 2 if I’ve already purchased volume 1or did I miss the opportunity? thank you!!!! 🙂8. February 2015 – 22:14ReplyCancel

  • Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Mika – right now there only is this combination discount for those who book both classes at the same time – sorry. But there will be a Valentines Day Sale on February 14th which might be of interest for you if you want to book Volume 2 😉 So come check back on Saturday 😉10. February 2015 – 12:38ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Endebrock - I signed up today and can’t wait to start!20. February 2015 – 03:25ReplyCancel

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