Video-Tutorial: Gelliplate Printed Mail-Art Envelopes


mail art envelopes handmade

One of the most fun-parts of Snailmail & Penpalling is definitely sending & receiving beautifully decorated, colorful envelopes . . . you open your Mailbox and inbetween all those plain white Letters with Billds & boring stuff you spot this ONE Letter which just makes you happy & which puts a smile on your face . . . gotta love that  🙂  So I sat down yesterday and prepared a bunch of colorful gelliprinted envelopes-I like to have a bunch of envelopes handy so I can just grab one when needed-then just add the Address & add some Doodles and off it goes . . . 🙂


mail art envelopes handmade


mail art envelopes handmade


mail art envelopes handmade

I have recorded the Process on Video, so if you like you can watch a little Tutorial (not on the Gelliprinting since I already did a Video on that-I am fast forwarding trough that part) on making those cute Envelopes with your Envelope Punch Board . . . (again if you are in my App viewing this next you will not see the embedded Video-in this case please switch to the “Videos” tab in the bottom menu and watch the video there) . . .



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Another thing I would like to addresse . . .

Some of you asked on Instagram where / how to find penpals or people to swap Happymail with?!?

There are many sources for finding Penpals / Swaps you can join . . . some of my favourites are:



You can join Swapbot-it is a great System & Community with all different sorts of Swaps-swaps of large Parcels stuffed with Goodies, themed Swaps, Penpal Swaps, Art Swaps for ATCs etc.-it is really a great starting-point!
It also has a great rating-system to make sure you will enjoy the swapping-process and to kind of sort out bad swappers . . . makes it a really great experience and so far I have never been flakes with swaps there *fingers_crossed* . . .


Snailmail- & Mailart-Groups on Facebook

On Facebook there are many Snailmail- & Mailart-Groups where you can join and then look for some Penpals / Swap Partners . . . but be a little careful there I would suggest-in some of those large Penpal Groups a lot of “strange people” sneak around . . . I would suggest joining one of those small, fun groups of Ladies who are also into artsy happymail like this ones:

Artful Mail Groupies

Penpals & Swapping

The Penpal Cafe




just search hashtags like #penpalswanted #happymail #mailartswaps on Instagram-first of all you will get lots and lots of inspirations and if you like a persons style and would like to become penpals / swap with the person-just ask  🙂  Sometimes you will hear that they do not take on new penpals-but do not let this get you down-there are many out there who will be happy to start exchanging happymail with you 🙂



Looking for some more Inspiration for Happymail & artsy Snailmail? I got some more fun Links for you . . .


Pinterest-Board (it is in dutch but just use the Browser translation tool)

Red Letter Day Zine

Blog by Nadia van der Mescht

Snailmail Magazine



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  • Els Oomen6. May 2014 - 11:39

    Love the envelopes

  • Kay Beach23. May 2014 - 09:28

    How could anyone not love receiving such a joyful piece in their mailbox!ReplyCancel

  • Nikki11. June 2014 - 18:52

    I just wanted to add to your list of mail art groups:

    They are a wonderful group and you truly get some amazing artwork from around the world :).

    Beautiful envelopes and I can’t wait to try it out too.ReplyCancel

  • Becky Batchelder Forbes13. June 2014 - 15:31

    What a cool idea to dress up Christmas envelops!ReplyCancel

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