Welcome to my Studio: Video-Newsletter 1

I SUCK when it comes to writing & sending Newsletters … yes I do – I admit it … that’s why I came up with this fun idea – a Video Newsletter (sort of … or vlog or whatever you wanna call it). I think it’s so much more fun & way more personal and […]

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Sandy - Andrea,
Thanks for the video newsletter. It was so nice to see you. I’m used it seeing your hands, but it’s nice to see your face too! By the way… Maybe burlap is the word you are looking for? :)24. November 2014 – 21:50

Julie Davies - HI Andrea – Loved the video its so nice so see who I send and receive such lovely penpal swaps and goodies from. Cant wait for your next videos xxx24. November 2014 – 22:53

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Sandy – thanks – happy you enjoy the Video and seing my face and not only my hands all the time *lol* :) And yes – exactly – Burlap was the word I was looking for … argh *lol* … the word was just gone that minute … :)24. November 2014 – 23:30

Ruth Guthrie - Love this. I’m ordering the Baken Mit Love from Amazon soon!!25. November 2014 – 01:43

Steph - love this idea, thank you so much for all the work you put into this. looking forward to the next one.25. November 2014 – 13:17

Monica Blitger - Great idea with a video newsletter. Allthough I think a bit shorter would be preferable. Sorry.. It’s not because I did’nt enjoy your video. But it can be diffocult to sprnd almost one hour being on-line without doing other things…lol…… Multitasking…hm hm25. November 2014 – 16:41

Oh Deer! – Mini Christmas Online Class

  Perfect (not only) for some super-cute, handmade Christmas Gifts for your loved ones!   This Class started out as a simple try to create some fun, selfmade yet elegant & high value looking Christmas Gifts for Friends & Family. Most of my Friends & Family Members LOVE to receive handmade Gifts from me – more […]

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FACEcinating Girls Winter on SALE now

      Sign up now – on SALE till December 14th Class Fee: Euro 17,- (approx US$ 21,-)  save 35 % of the original Class Fee     The Facial Feature Stamps of the FACEcinating Girls Basic Class can be used in this AddOn, but they are not inevitable neccessary! You will receive an […]

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Winter Whimsy Reindeer with Watercolors

And here he is … let me introduce: Rudy    The third of my Whimsical Winter Buddies … love how he turned out! So tell me – which one of the 3 (Girl, Bunny or Reindeer) is your favourite?!? I think mine is little Rudy here … kinda love his cute, chubby Nose *lol* …  […]

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Barb - I love them all but I think Rudy is beautiful.18. November 2014 – 00:28

Whimsical Winter Buddies – Limited Edition Postcard Set

Since so many of you asked for it – and I figured the upcoming Holiday Season would be a perfect reason to launch a first Set of printed Postcards with my Artwork in them …! Just looking at those 3 Whimsical Winter Buddies puts a smile on my Face and I hope it does the […]

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Winter Whimsy Bunny with Watercolors

Remember the whimsical Winter Girl I shared 3 Days ago? I told you I was going to make her some whimsical Companions. I went with a Snow-Bunny first and really love how this one turned out. Actually I never would have thought of a Bunny (no idea why) – but many suggested a Bunny on […]

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Trena Lynn - Your bunny is so cute Andrea! Love your colors!
Take care and STAY POSITIVE!15. November 2014 – 21:04

Winter Whimsy Girl with Watercolors

After spending weeks and weeks on working on Projects for my Sketch Your Life Online Class, last Night I finally took the time to sit down and to draw something “just for fun” ! Sometimes that’s exactly what you need to get your creative juices flowing again … not that all the Work for Sketch […]

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Eva Glamaris Cruz Pena - Andrea: This girl is sooooo cute…maybe a few more girls and buddies and it can turn into another Winter addition of the Facenating Girls ;-) ??? I am having so much fun with the Summer Add on!! You are very talented. Many Blessings12. November 2014 – 16:40

moongirl - Love this piece and a great idea for Christmas cards!12. November 2014 – 18:53

Winter Whimsy Bunny with Watercolors » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] the whimsical Winter Girl I shared 3 Days ago? I told you I was going to make her some whimsical Companions. I went with a […]15. November 2014 – 19:25

Fly Free Canvas & Sketch your Life starting today

Just wanted to share this cute little Canvas with you, which I finished the other night. Already shared it on my Instagram … seems like I’m always behind with my Blog … sharing on Instagram & Facebook is just so simple and convenient – snap with phone – edit – add a caption – post […]

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moongirl - I LOVE this piece! You are so good indeed. I love the detailed images to show the textures you’ve created. I want to reach out and touch! The bird is the cutest with the rosy belly too!11. November 2014 – 14:00

Free Mini-Class: Halloween Witch & Cat Artjournal Pages

  Some of you requested a Witch-Girl in the Past, and finally I found the time to create one … but what’s a Witch without her black cat? So … this 2 Piece Mixed Media Project is what I ended up with …! I had lots of fun playing with Watercolor, Acrylic Paint, Gesso, Gelatos, […]

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carole - I don’t have acces tutorial nô luck, bizz19. October 2014 – 07:36

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Carole – you first have to join the Classroom with the free Tutorials – I can see you’re only a Member of the FACEcinating Girls 2 Classroom … once you’ve joined you can access the content there as well :)19. October 2014 – 09:15

Gaglio - I would love to join your Halloween free class and thank you for offering such class.
Kind regards.19. October 2014 – 12:34

Sanne Dræby Ravn - Ooh This look amazing,i would love to learn how to do it :-)19. October 2014 – 12:43

Elizabeth Perez Collazo - Hi Andra I ca’t see your free class :/19. October 2014 – 13:11

Laura Drida - Here’s my witch: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203628299845227&set=gm.714390148615443&type=1&theater

Your girl and background are so much prettier. Thank you for the tutorial – looking forward to your lessons in Life Book 2015!23. October 2014 – 00:37

Carola Lugtigheid- Lindeman - I made your Halloween Cat today. I have post it in the Lifebook cafe fb groupe:
Thank you for these great fun tutorials29. October 2014 – 16:32

Carola - I just made your halloween Cat today. I post it in the Lifebook Cafe group:


Thanks for these great fun totorials29. October 2014 – 17:35

Jane McMahon Lazenby - I was trying to sign up for this Halloween class and thought I was a member and signed in, but now it says access denied. Guess I needed to sign up or register but it won`t let me. Sorry to bother you with this but would love to be able to take this class.31. October 2014 – 03:48

Karin Strandby - Hi Andrea. Can’t se your video. When I clik on “classrooms” I see “groups” and comments. Karin3. November 2014 – 16:38

Michelle C Osborne - Same for me. Access denied3. November 2014 – 17:35

Sketch your Life – Giveaway

    Because I’m happy *clap along lalala* and because I can … and because I love giveaways – you can win a spot in my brandnew Online Class “Sketch your Life”, which will start on November 10th. It’s a 5 Week Online Class – all about Sketching, Sketchbooks, Watercolor Sketches, keeping visual Journals, sketching […]

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Amanda Hayler - I would love to paint elephants! So excited about this class, recently got into using watercolours after many years xxx16. October 2014 – 19:37

Debbie Hooton Hopkins - Birds any all kinds of them .;-)16. October 2014 – 19:51

Astrid Dahm - Great Giveaway, sketching all kinds of animals would be great.16. October 2014 – 20:04

Joy Matthews - i’d really like to do great street scenes…and quick landscapes to capture my travels16. October 2014 – 20:06

Kaz Hobson - Definitely woodland animals such as deer, foxes, rabbits and squirrels!16. October 2014 – 20:22

Nicole Jones - This class sounds fun! I’ve only dabbled a little with watercolors and would love to improve my skills. I would especially love to learn to sketch animals, particularly cats. Thanks for the chance to win a spot!16. October 2014 – 20:23

Jean Marmo - Wow- how cool! I need help sketching everything!! 16. October 2014 – 20:24

Ali Kutter - I would love to see you paint animals (lol). I love your owls, birds, etc. I have never seen you use goache- do you work with that. I have some and would love to learn how to use it.16. October 2014 – 21:06

Barb Tower - I would love to see bunnies in watercolors but any animal would do.16. October 2014 – 21:18

Barb Tower - I would love to see bunnies in watercolors but any animal would do.16. October 2014 – 21:18

Debbie Janelle - I would like to draw cats and bird, or anything whimsical like houses and trees. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in your class!16. October 2014 – 21:18

Debbie Janelle - I would like to draw cats and bird, or anything whimsical like houses and trees. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in your class!16. October 2014 – 21:18

Danielle - I would love to do this online class! I would like to learn how to sketch horses16. October 2014 – 21:36

Jeannette - Oh I’d love to learn to sketch birds :)16. October 2014 – 21:38

Britta häusler - Ich bin gerade im absoluten Zeichenfieber und würde es lieben, an deinem Kurs teilnehmen zu können. Am liebsten würde ich Menschen zeichnen. Liebe Grüße!16. October 2014 – 21:41

Jane keeling - i would love to win your online class and learn how do keep a beautiful watercolour journal like you .16. October 2014 – 21:44

Anne Jambor - I would love to learn different technique, I would love to see what brush to use for what purpose, I would love to paint flowers, and I would love to win this giveaway, even though I am willing to pay to be a student in your class! :-)16. October 2014 – 21:52

Astrid - I’d like to learn how to draw animals, like horses,cats and dogs.
That would be great.16. October 2014 – 21:59

Petra P - Thank you Andrea for the opportunity to win a spot in your class. I’m new to watercolor and i love dogs so painting them would be fun!16. October 2014 – 22:01

Kimberly Gillaspy - Whoop whoop…I wanna win.
Please show how to sketch zoo anamals.16. October 2014 – 22:03

Prerna - I would love to learn how to sketch animals. thank you so much for the opportunity.16. October 2014 – 22:19

April Lopez - I’d love to learn to sketch it all!!!16. October 2014 – 22:19

lawinchen kreativ - Hallo Andrea,
Danke für die tolle Chance zu gewinnen. Ich würde sehr gerne lernen wie man Tiere malt, vor allem Fische und Vögel in tollen bunten Farben.16. October 2014 – 22:30

Christy speer - I think that forest animals and evergreen trees and the like would be great. I grew up on the NorthWest of the US andiss it very much. So to be able to sketch things from “home” would be great!16. October 2014 – 22:37

sundownerin/ jutta schmidt - ohhhhhh…wie schööön :-)16. October 2014 – 22:45

Debbie l - I would love to win a spot and be keen to learn how to sketch whimsical houses and faces.16. October 2014 – 23:30

Alice Regan - I saw you were offering this class and was so excited …but, for now the wallet is a little light. Keeping my fingers crossed that I either win this …or my Fairy Godmother shows up with some extra cash!!16. October 2014 – 23:32

Anne Mcleod - At the moment I would really love to do birds. In Australia it is spring and there are some really spectacular seasonal birds visiting. This class also begins on my mums birthday, so it is a lovely way to remember her. Thanks for another great looking class.16. October 2014 – 23:43

Michelle Ellis Leingang - I would love to learn to sketch different flowers as I would love to fill my house with flowers that don’t die :) – Thanks for the opportunity to win!17. October 2014 – 00:02

Mavi BlueEagle - This class sounds great. I find watercolor a hard media to learn. I know that will be an awesome class.17. October 2014 – 00:19

Scarlett Harlow - I was totally blown away when I saw the promo video for this class! Super excited about it. I would love to sketch simple everyday things, like having coffee at Starbucks, or when I’m chilling at Central park at lunch time, so sketch my lunch LOL, yeah, things like that. Food and drink :)17. October 2014 – 00:46

Isha - I would love to learn nature and birds and more so I want learn to bring sketches to life. Thanks for a chance to win.17. October 2014 – 02:08

Martha Thwaites - Sounds like SO much fun! I would love to learn to sketch nature-y things: shells, foods, trees, animals and such. Love all the class opportunities you offer!17. October 2014 – 02:53

Jackie Beeman - Looks like so much to learn, beautiful watercolor pages! I think it would be nice to learn how to draw and paint birds and animals!17. October 2014 – 04:20

Fatima Castaneda - I would love to learn how to sketch plants such as succulents and trees.17. October 2014 – 04:25

Alexandra Jeukens - Thanks for this oppertunity!!! I would love to learn to draw a beautiful cat!17. October 2014 – 04:45

Carmen Sánchez-Buster - Thank you for the opportunity!! I would love to learn techniques on doing quick figure sketches, not sure if that is something you will review, either way would love to be part of this course! ~Blessings17. October 2014 – 05:16

Ruby - Would love to learn how to sketch flowers, this class looks awesome!17. October 2014 – 05:36

cre8tivechris - Would just love, love, love to allow my inner artist out and just learn to SKETCH. True beginner here. If I had to choose it would be birds and flowers. Being Australian I just adore our Kookaburras and would treasure being able to sketch this bird.17. October 2014 – 07:28

Sabine Schneider - Hallo Andrea,

Da versuche ich doch mal mein Glück. Ich würde gerne lernen, wie man Tiere malt und vor allem Menschen!17. October 2014 – 07:29

Clare - hello Andrea, I am Clare from Australia. What an exciting giveaway! I adore Dogs, all dogs, big, small, old and puppies! Yes, I would love to be able to sketch my little puppy and her friends.17. October 2014 – 07:49

Lynn Lucas - Thanks for your generosity, I would love to learn how to sketch trees, plants and flowers17. October 2014 – 07:54

Lee - Anything! But yes, everyday things! I want to be confident enough to sketch flowers, or my lounge room, or a bucket in my backyard, or the beach, or a bird, or a toy….Can’t wait! I need this to start yesterday! LOL17. October 2014 – 10:22

Jennifer Palmer - Hi Andrea
I would love to learn how to sketch
birds,butterflies,dragonflies,bee,cats,flowers and trees
Thankyou for the chaance to win17. October 2014 – 12:59

Johanne Lacombe - I would love to learn how to sketch birds and houses. Thanks for the chance.17. October 2014 – 13:01

Carola - I would love to learn how to sketch the sealife. the sea with shells, and especially starfishes and seahorses. I think they are so cute :-)17. October 2014 – 13:35

Will de Boer - Would love to win this spot. Just started with sketching at my trip to America, but without any lessons. Seeing this I thought: this is it for me. Would love to join!17. October 2014 – 14:16

Talia - love your new class, already signed up but maybe im lucky to win anyway. i look forward to learn to sketch nature and animals most of all, also everyday things like food and drink. looking forward to the class.17. October 2014 – 14:28

EmmaG - Pick me pick me *rofl*!!! I hope to learn to sketch cats and dogs since I own 5 of them!17. October 2014 – 14:30

Renee - Thanks for the chance to win, I would love to learn to sketch trees and flowers and wildlife, that would be great. Looking forward to the Workshop.17. October 2014 – 14:42

Marianne Velis Goodell - I would love to sketch from life. I do well with photo images, but I would like to sit somewhere and sketch what I’m seeing. I’d love to win a spot in your fabulous class. It sounds like a riot. Thank you for your generosity.17. October 2014 – 15:31

Judi - I would love to learn to keep a watercolor sketch journal. It would be fabulous to win a spot in this class. All of the options sound great, but I would love to learn to quickly sketch scenes of everyday life, buildings, landscapes, coffee shop scenes, etc.17. October 2014 – 15:59

kavya prahlad - Hi Andrea :) this is such a great giveaway! I would love to sign up for this course and learn how to sketch country side views, buildings and street scenes. This would really help me paint and capture my travels. I would also love to learn to sketch and paint colourful birds and animals17. October 2014 – 16:18

Lenie Pronk-Breuers - I would love to paint wild animals17. October 2014 – 19:27

Wanda A - Would love to be able to create journal entries based on sketches of everyday things, or places I visit… The structure of this class would be perfectto get me started! Thanks for posting the offer!17. October 2014 – 19:44

Marsha Mees - Ohhhh, this looks like such a wonderful class!!! I’d like to learn to sketch coffee/tea cups, alice in wonderland type things, whimsical, wonky houses . . . I’m open to anything!!!! Thank you for the chance to win! Having just signed up for Lifebook, the coffers are empty LOL!17. October 2014 – 19:48

bhumodawa - Hello. I would love to learn sketching and watercolor just about anything! When i m travelling in the bus and see beautiful trees that are just the right color and gives the right feelings … i wish i could take a picture and get home and sketch it and watercolor it … thank you for your kind offer!17. October 2014 – 21:00

Britt - Nature! I would love to learn to sketch the nature around me, trees, flowers, the sea etc 17. October 2014 – 21:08

Åsa Emås - Ohh! This sounds awesome! I would love to learn how to sketch. I really would like to learn how to sketch owls and butterflies. <317. October 2014 – 21:33

Tiffany Smith - I would love to learn to sit and just sketch what is going on around me. I would love to sketch my dogs too.17. October 2014 – 21:38

Sylvia Valstar-van Houten - Weeee this class looks so exciting! I would love to learn how to draw from life. It must be so fulfilling to be surrounded by a nice scenery and to be able to capture the moment in an art journal. A great way to enjoy that scenery over and over again! I adore animals and there are many precious little creatures I would love to sketch. Especially squirrels, it always makes me happy when I spot one in the forest. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a spot for this class!17. October 2014 – 22:15

Gnoe (@graasland) - I would love to learn how to sketch food (vegan please ;) and kitchen appliances and such.
Thanks for the opportunity to win a place in your class!17. October 2014 – 22:39

Sherri Welser - Would love to takeyour new workshop Andrea! Thank you for the opportunity! I am enjoying Faceinating Girls!17. October 2014 – 23:34

Meghan E. M. Jordan - I would absolutely LOVE to win a spot in your class! I am hoping some new art supplies for my birthday next week and this would be the perfect opportunity to use them!18. October 2014 – 00:06

Sarah Grab - I would love to learn how to sketch or draw people, birds or houses :) Thanks so much for this fantastic chance to win a seat in your class!18. October 2014 – 00:54

elizabeth collazo - thank you so very much for the giveaway, I hope you pick me!!!!! :) . I love all your drawings. I would love anything you draw cause I need help with it all :) Elizabeth Collazo
thank you18. October 2014 – 01:18

Sarah Martin - I would love to learn sketchbook page layouts and also how to make ordinary items from my day more expressive.18. October 2014 – 02:09

Kate Tanner - I would love to learn to sketch various facial expressions accurately.18. October 2014 – 04:12

Bianca GD - wow thanks dear Andrea for the great chance :)
I would like to learn how to sketch animals, especially cats. But also fruits an vegetables. And I looooooove christmas and winter subjects :)18. October 2014 – 05:36

Heidi Brincken - I would love to learn to draw owls and dogs and trees! Maybe a house too! I will be checking out this class for sure. Thanks Andrea!18. October 2014 – 06:15

tiffany hiller - I would like to learn to draw cute plump birds, whimsical flowers, bunnies…like the one you did on one of your fast forwards. Thanx18. October 2014 – 09:22

Helen Grossman - I would like to learn to draw birds, animals, water drops, fishes, and whimsical beings and thank you for the chance to win a spot on this class!19. October 2014 – 03:37

Maureen Hayes - Thanks for the chance to win a spot, it would be a dream come true! I would love to learn to sketch cats, houses and nature scenes!19. October 2014 – 04:36

Emilia - I’d love to learn urban sketching, streets and buildings.19. October 2014 – 04:38

Amira Romanowski - Hi Andrea,
I would love to learn how to draw a beautiful little fairy scene with toadstools and moss and vines growing on the forest floor and pretty simple but elegant fairies flying around with light halo and glitter around them..the sight in my mind’s eye is amazing but sadly I am unable to translate it onto paper. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing giveaway xx Amira from Australia19. October 2014 – 05:35

Rita Montgomery - Your work is just beautiful. I would love to learn to draw faces/bodies (maybe I should take one of your classes) and whimsical dresses to go with them. I’d also like to learn how to draw cute birds. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in your class.19. October 2014 – 06:22

Jackie Moran - Hi! I love going to the park and taking nature pictures and all of the water birds! Today I saw some wood ducks and would love to be able to sketch them and other water birds and all of the that surrounds them…19. October 2014 – 07:53

Laurie - I would love to sketch my life. I would also love to learn to draw cats…a symbol for my curiosity and independence
Laurie19. October 2014 – 08:23

Lily - I would love to learn to sketch people in all sorts of settings, for instance children playing at the beach, a terras full of people of all sorts, that sort of thing19. October 2014 – 08:27

Annette hamilton - I would love to sketch animals – dogs n birds mostly from your list but ultimately to sketch anything to go into my journals so to better represent who I am that day – now that would be totally hot19. October 2014 – 09:26

Jorin - Hi Andrea,
I would love to learn how to sketch maps. I love maps!
Jorin19. October 2014 – 10:44

Lissa - This would be a dream come true and spark my slump19. October 2014 – 13:59

Ronda - Would love to learn to sketch people! Thanks for the opportunity!19. October 2014 – 17:44

Chandra - I am going to work on sketching people’s bodies. I just did faces for a while but when I try to draw the body it’s all out of wack so I need some practice with that. Thanks for the giveaway!19. October 2014 – 19:33

Helen Rattray - I love architecture, so any kind of buildings would be great! Really looking forward to the class. :)19. October 2014 – 23:59

M.Austen - Sounds like a fun class! How about sketching wildlife, or ocean scenes or nature would be good.20. October 2014 – 00:03

Dena Cottrell - I would really like to learn human faces, cats, dogs, and other animals. Also I would like to sketch fairies, toadstools and other fey garden creatures.20. October 2014 – 01:48

Cheryl sheehan - I would love to learn how to sketch city scenes. Buildings always look so boring and wonky when I try to do them.20. October 2014 – 04:28

Ursula Markgraf - I would love to learn how to sketch dogs. I find cats alot eaier than dogs. Thanks for such a fun giveaway!20. October 2014 – 08:51

Julie Whitechurch - What a wonderful journey into sketching and colour! I would love to learn to sketch books in all different ways, stacked, ornate spines lined up on a shelf, turning pages of an open book, old and tattered, that sort of thing:)Thank you for offering such an interesting class ^..^~20. October 2014 – 13:24

Tina - I would love to learn how to sketch birds and houses!!!! That would be amazing. Thanks for a chance to win20. October 2014 – 18:00

Debbie Stip - I would love to take this class, but with buying a house comes a tight budget. So I would love to win ;-) I would really like to learn to sketch birds (because they’re all over the garden at our new house) and things like leaves, flowers..but also ordinary things you would come across in ordinary life…so anything goes really, but especially those birds!20. October 2014 – 22:57

Geraldine - I would love a chance to do this class, adore your work, would love to learn how to sketch bird’s especially owls,
thanks for the chance to win,21. October 2014 – 00:00

Jen Ueno - I would love to learn to sketch the human figure in somewhat realistic proportions — I’m not talking the precision of Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man, but just so everyone I sketch does not come out looking like a bubble-headed alien.21. October 2014 – 02:19

Tracie - This class looks amazing; thanks for the chance! I would love to learn how to sketch birds better, as well as flowers and foliage.21. October 2014 – 04:34

Tracie steeley - I need to learn to practice mindfulness and slow down and appreciate day to day, watercolour sketching would help me22. October 2014 – 01:52

Patricia Lorman - Hi Andrea, thanks for your giveaway. I would like to sketch cats and beach scenes.22. October 2014 – 02:09

Catalina - Hello,
I’d love to learn how to sketch a woman enjoying a cup of coffee (or tea) at home. Thank you for the opportunity!22. October 2014 – 16:39

Eva Ramos Marquez - Hi Andrea,
I would love to get into the habit of sketching. Just sketching. Sketching just about anything that catches my eye in my life would be wonderful to record. I enjoy and love your bright cheerful ART, and learning how to sketch from you would be awesome.
Thank you. Eva23. October 2014 – 15:32

Patricia Esparza - Would love learning to draw birds, faces, fairies….etc. etc….23. October 2014 – 21:43

elizabeth - Would really love to win ;) thanks24. October 2014 – 03:31

Carlene Kienast - I would love to learn to sketch cats, owls, & birds! Also to be able to sketch my grand daughter and my children also!24. October 2014 – 04:54

Brad - I used to draw and such when I was young. I have done other crafts like knife making, but that is physically too difficult. I still have reprocutions from the Viet Nam war and my Therapist said I must do some art work to occupy my time. I just got some simple tools to get started sketching. Your class might be my best ticket.
Your class will be a great help I am sure.
Brad27. October 2014 – 00:45

Manuela Nitsch - I would love to learn how to sketch people because Inalways struggle with this. By the way a great giveaway!27. October 2014 – 17:51

Elle Mhr - Hi Andrea,

ich würde mich tierisch freuen, an deiner Online Class teilzunehmen. Ich möchte nächstes Jahr Kommunikationsdesign studieren und probiere mich gerade an verschiedenen Kunstrichtungen aus. Zeichnen fällt mir schon immer etwas schwerer, aber es macht mir trotzdem großen Spaß. Von dir zu lernen wäre ein großes Highlight für mich. Besonders gerne würde ich Hunde oder Menschen in Bewegung besser zeichnen lernen. Ich habe deinen Youtube-Channel sowie deinen Blog heute zum ersten Mal entdeckt und bin absolut begeistert von deinen Werken. 29. October 2014 – 14:40

domy40 - Thank you for the opportunity !
This class looks amazing; thanks for the chance29. October 2014 – 17:50

Tanja Mantel - Hallo Andrea, ich würde gerne Schmetterlinge, Blumen, Gebäude, Bäume, Pflanzen….ach eigentlich gaaaaaanz viel, malen lernen….gerne auch alltägliche Dinge. Danke PS: hilf mir bitte, falls ich mit der englischen Sprache nicht so ganz mitkomme :-)30. October 2014 – 11:59

kavya prahlad - I would also love to learn to draw and paint the sea and sea creatures.. real and mythical. ..31. October 2014 – 07:44

Lucia Salorino (Lu Felucity en Facebook) - Great giveaway!!! Thanks31. October 2014 – 23:17

Lu Felucity (Lucia Salorino) - Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!31. October 2014 – 23:25

Sue Lichter - I am so excited I just can’t sit still ;)))5. November 2014 – 19:33

kavya prahlad - I would like to learn how to sketch and paint cupcakes and other desserts :)7. November 2014 – 07:17

Sketch your Life

    Sketch your Life – a brandnew Onlineclass by Andrea Gomoll • 5 Weeks (Parts) of Sketchbook- & Watercolor-Fun galore • more than 27 Video Lessons with Step-by-Step Instructions • over 25 h of detailed Video-Footage (1:1 – no “fast forward” Videos)       Class SignUp Fee is 60,- Euro (approx. 74,- US$)   […]

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Jutta Schmidt - ich liebe deine arbeiten so sehr!!16. October 2014 – 16:52

New Community / Online Classroom Feature

I’ve spend some long Days and some sleepless Nights to find a better Solution for my Online Classes / Tutorials etc. – an easier, more convenient way to share with you … I thought about using Ning as a network site for a long time, but it just wasn’t 100% me … and I’m super-happy […]

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Nadine Hovde - This is such a good idea Andrea and I’m so excited for you and all the people who will be taking your classes.9. October 2014 – 05:53

Carole Cometto - my login… does not accept yet I have access to videos from facinating girl vol 2
9. October 2014 – 06:35

Carole Cometto - merci, Andrea Gomoll9. October 2014 – 10:31

Faye Jones Reeves - When do I receive my activation key10. October 2014 – 23:49

Tammy Oviedo - Help what is the activation key? I can’t find a confirmation after the confirmed email? Tha KS I am con13. October 2014 – 17:19

Free Mini-Class: Halloween Witch & Cat Artjournal Pages » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] Supply List etc. – for Details on the registration Process (which only takes 2 Minutes) go here) […]9. November 2014 – 06:26

Sandra Dewling - Hi there
Having difficulty signing in after registration …. have renewed password and still not getting access. Help.
Sandra Dewling10. November 2014 – 03:15

Jen - I am having trouble signing in and accessing the sketch class (I did pay for it already) thanks for your help
Xo Jen12. November 2014 – 17:17

Sandra Dewling - Thanks Andrea.

All is good for me now.12. November 2014 – 17:31

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Jen – please send me an eMail and let me know your Username (if you have registered already) and where exactly you are stuck / having issues and I’ll gladly help you!12. November 2014 – 17:42

Lifebook 2015 – registration open now

Are you ready for a whole year of Mixed Media fun? 26 incredible Art Teachers – all in one amazing, year long Online Class … can it get any better?!? I’m super-excited to be part of this great team of instructors and I’m sure it’ll be fabulous … You can register for LIFEBOOK 2015 now […]

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Debbye Hicks - Hi Andrea..Long time youtube fan. How do I sign up for Lifebook. This page is not taking me directly there.9. October 2014 – 04:32

Cre8tiveCre8tions - You just click on the Link or Image in this Blogpost and it leades you to the Page with the Info about LB 2ß15 and there you can sign up to (little further down the page) … or use this Link: http://tinyurl.com/lq4jc8w9. October 2014 – 11:13

Pumpkin-Time … Watercolor Sketchbook Page

I love Pumpkins … yes I really do. There’s something about their bright, happy col0r and they just look cute … chubby, round and sort of funny … love them So every year when Autumn comes I’m happy and excited to spot the first pumpkins and I can’t help bringing some home with me to […]

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Arlene L Dangerfield - Hi Andrea I am one of your youtube fans. I follow your lovely work and watch all your videos’ even ones I can’t understand. But art is universal and a common language. I was so happy to see that you will teach as part of lifebook 2015 . I have loved lifebook all year long. This was my first year and will also be there for the next year. Because of you I tried a small canvas with tulips and it turned out much better than I expected. So I can’t wait for more lessons from you. Your student in the US 3. October 2014 – 15:15

Mona Kuhaneck Pendleton - Beautiful page Andrea! Love those gorgeous pumpkins!3. October 2014 – 15:55

Sandy - I know exactly how you feel…I love pumpkins too! Thanks for the video! :) 3. October 2014 – 17:38

Sabine Schneider - Vielen Dank für das nette Video. Habe mich inspirieren lassen und freue mich jetzt auch an meinen gemalten Pumpkins!!!!
Liebe Grüße!3. October 2014 – 19:59

Lifebook 2015 BlogHop Giveaway … the Winner is …

Thanks to everybody who played along in the Lifebook 2015 Bloghop Giveaway here on my Blog …! I’ve been drawing a Winner today … check out the Video – maybe it’s you?!?     Make sure you mark October 6th in your Calendar – that’s the Day the Signup for Lifebook 2015 will be opened […]

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Cristỉña Gàbriella - Congrats, Tina! You’re one lucky girl!27. September 2014 – 21:08

Cristina Parus - Congrats, Tina! You’re one lucky girl!27. September 2014 – 23:08

tina - I can’t believe I won a spot. I am so grateful. Thank you so much!28. September 2014 – 02:00

Sandy - What a cute way to draw!! :)28. September 2014 – 04:09

Jackie Beeman - Congratulations Tin, so glad you will be one of the teacher!
28. September 2014 – 04:29

massofhair - Huge congratulations to Tina, enjoy Life Book 2015. What a fun way to do the draw, really enjoyes watching the video:-) xxx28. September 2014 – 06:06

Mary Mizzi - Well done Tina, enjoy.29. September 2014 – 03:01

Linda K - congrats Tina!! Enjoy your creative 2015!1. October 2014 – 03:39

Tanya McAlexander - Congrats Tina
3. October 2014 – 11:14

Prerna - congratulations Tina. so happy for you5. October 2014 – 14:53

South England Road-Trip …

You might have seen it on Instagram & Facebook already if you follow me there … we toured South England with our little car during the last 2 weeks and it really was a wonderful trip filled with lots of relaxing, good food (well – except the english breakfast – sorry british gals – but […]

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Jan - Tolle Bilder (Fotos und Aquarelle), muss ein toller Urlaub gewesen sein…! Nur schade, dass Du alles in Englisch schreibst…

Ganz liebe Grüsse aus Hamburg
Jan19. September 2014 – 14:53

Jolande - Beautiful photo’s and your art is wonderful as always.
I completely understand your feelings about the breakfast lol
Nice to read that you also are a cacher. I love it that it brings you to the most unexpected and beautiful places that you otherwise never would have visited.

Greetings from Jolande19. September 2014 – 15:41

Andrene - Awesome photos and scenery. The one of you with your hand in your hair is a beautiful photo!19. September 2014 – 23:44

Ursula Wollenberg - It would be so fun to have monthly inspiration from all you wonderful artists. I paint in both watercolor and acrylics. Would love to win a spot in this class!! 20. September 2014 – 15:11

Tammy Oviedo - Hello, I was looking at your pics. What a peaceful vacation, I am also interested in your drawing faces class, is it still available? I am in California, USA. The date is October 2014. Please let me know, I am very excited and eager to learn from you, I love your style of art. Thanks I will be watching for your email…..have a super day! Tammy O.5. October 2014 – 20:40

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Tammy … Sure, the FACEcinating Girls Class is still available. You can sign up for it here:
(the Paypal “buy now” button is almost at the end of the page)
You will receive your Class Login Information within 24 hours and the Stamps will go in the Mail within 24 hours as well.

If you have any Questions feel free to ask …

Have a lovely Day/Evening … Andrea5. October 2014 – 20:53

Alexandra Boehnke - Wow – das sind tolle Fotos und deine Aquarelle sind einfach wunderschön!6. October 2014 – 12:22

Helen Rattray - Hi Andrea, my husband, Rob, and I have also just come home from 6 weeks travelling all over Scotland and England. Its such a beautiful place. I’m hoping to use a few of my many thousands of photos as inspiration for the sketch your life class!20. October 2014 – 00:16

2 quick Mixed Media Cards

Just wanted to share with you real quick two Mixed Media Cards I made a couple of Days ago … just very simple – some Mixed Media Background (Gelliplate Printed) – some Collage – some Watercolor – and some fun Embellishments (by Prima Marketing / Finnabair) … that’s it … quick & easy but I […]

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Julie Dabb Pencak - It would be so awesome to win a spot and to learn from you! Joined Life Book in 2014-it has been been my saving grace-can’t think of being with out it! Can’t wait for your classes!22. September 2014 – 11:16

Ami Gee - I would love some instructions, fairly new to this stuff…27. September 2014 – 05:36