Brandnew Online Class – Early Bird Discount for Whimsical Watercolors – Furry Friends

  Whimsical Watercolors PAWfect Furry Friends Online Class I’m super happy to present my new Online Class: PAWfect Furry Friends. If you know me you know that I just LOVE Animals / Pets – I have 3 Cats myself and I wouldn’t want to live without a furry friend by my side – they just […]

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Jane Patrick - I finally got the site to open fir me to pay for furry friends. I can’t wait for the class!8. September 2015 – 02:25

PAWgustART – Cat Love Artjournal Page and Video Tutorial

Where did the Month go?!? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I published my Videos for the last Collaborative YouTube Event with the Hashtag #LoveSummerArt? Well … obviously a month has passed and here we go with the 2nd Round … this time it’s all about Animals and the Hashtag of the Month is #PAWgustArt … […]

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Chantal Salmon - So beautiful! Thank you Andrea!26. August 2015 – 21:36

Kirst - Hi Andrea,
Someone advised me to look at your workshops and this was the first video I watched from you. I really enjoyed it, it inspired me. You have such a quiet voice, I like that as well. Thanks for this video, and I consider buying your online course Furry Friends now (but first I have to check my savings 😉 )27. August 2015 – 12:30

Evelyn Akel - I just fell in love with your art journal page ! Your work is so beautiful ! And I love cats! My next art journal page will be a cat, and your video was such an inspiration !31. August 2015 – 13:42

Art-Fun at the Beach

There’s nothing better than spending some time away from your everyday-life – even if it’s only 2 or 3 days – spending time outside, seeing different things, doing different things – if’s just so refreshing and inspiring. We just spend 3 Days at the baltic ocean – our favourite place to go for a short-trip […]

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Lillian M - Love these watercolors and the subjects you picked ! The rocks are so colorful and cute. Thank you for sharing, looks like you had a great time, good for you, enjoy !3. August 2015 – 23:15

Denise Spillane - Love your post, the beach and your sketches, rocks, etc. looks like a lovely place to be.3. August 2015 – 23:42

Ruth Guthrie - These sketches are amazing! I love the seahorse especially4. August 2015 – 02:15

Terry Cohoe - Yes, that seahorse really calls to me.12. August 2015 – 13:21

Kat Rogers - as always, gorgeous! I’m working my way through Sketch Your Life, trying to improve my skills for my African holiday next month, and also going through your Hobonici flips-I want to be able to be as spontaneous as you are!20. August 2015 – 04:58

Watercolor Tutorial for #LoveSummerArt – Seashells

  So here we go with my second Project for the #LoveSummerArt Event on YouTube (you can read more about it here in my last Blogpost) … I decided for a Seashell / Treasures of the Sea Still-Life for this one. I actually planned to keep this a “Watercolor only” when I started it – […]

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Cheryl Billmyer - I love all of them!19. July 2015 – 17:25

Melinda Tate McCall - Love the outlined one? Makes it pop more!19. July 2015 – 20:31

Ruth Guthrie - Yay! I love this. I’m on a beach kick lately and have been sketching lots of fish. Can’t wait to try this.19. July 2015 – 21:53

Elaine Bossingham Edwards - This is so pretty! I love the blue on the shell. It really makes the piece! Thank you for sharing the video. You spoil us with free stuff :) Catch you on Periscope!19. July 2015 – 22:35

Gwen Casteel - Love them both…20. July 2015 – 00:21

Angela - I loved it!!! thanks for sharing the process!!20. July 2015 – 01:02

Rosalind Whitesides - I think I like the outlined version best. It seems more vivid and jumps from the page! The one with the title is nice if you were using it to announce a class or something like that. But just as a piece by itself, I like it without the words. Thanks for the great tutorial!20. July 2015 – 01:19

Merri Nielsen - Hi Andrea!

Thank you for another wonderful tutorial! It’s beautiful! You are so talented!

Of course all the versions are awesome but my favorite is when you outline in pen and add the cross-hatching. Just stunning! I also really like the lettering.

Thank you again!!

Merri20. July 2015 – 01:20

Carrie Peel - I prefer the outlined version, though all are gorgeous! I’ve always outlined everything- it just makes the colors brighter and more vivid, in my opinion. An art teacher once told me not to use black, that it wasn’t “natural” looking, but I guess I just don’t care if it looks natural- I like a whimsical look better anyway!20. July 2015 – 14:17

Cathy Gomes - Definitely the cross hatch version! Thank you for sharing your work. I love it!20. July 2015 – 16:17

Claudene Moore - The watercolor is beautiful!…but your whimsical style is amazing! It’s fun and has more depth. I’m already a very happy student of yours, and I absolutely love your creativity and style. Thank you for sharing this…it’s so inspiring!21. July 2015 – 17:27

Amanda Schofield - Hi Andrea, thank you for the video, it was amazing! I love the outlined version the best, it is so rich23. July 2015 – 08:00

Judy Corona - This is beautiful. I was hoping you got my email. Could you let me know? Thanks!24. July 2015 – 20:49

Nancy Dale - Everything you create is so amazing. Thank you for sharing your art with us! I hope your 2015 is going really well, in all possible ways.26. July 2015 – 12:41

Chantal Scheffel - I love them all, but with the outlining it speaks the most to me!!3. August 2015 – 10:01

Cristỉña Gàbriella - Yay! That’s exactly what I wanna paint in watercolors! Just because it’s summer, baby! Thanks for posting this lovely page, Andrea! <35. August 2015 – 16:07

Kat Rogers - I love how individual your style is, with the little scribbles in ink over the more traditional watercolor. It’s a really great technique for doing quicker sketches, I’ve found (lol, I lack the patience to ever be a real watercolorist, but a quick wash and ink over it works well, even with a less skilled artist than Andrea….)20. August 2015 – 05:03

Artjournal Page Tutorial for #LoveSummerArt YouTube Event

Hello Friends – how is everybody doing?!? A couple of Days ago I got an invite to join a fun YouTube Art Event and even though my plate is full (I mean FULL *lol*) already I loved this idea so much that I couldn’t pass … you might have heard about it already (or you […]

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Theresa Petermann - Glad I found you though #lovesummerart. Your journal page is fun. Added your video to my playlist. Also started following you through netvibes. thanks so much for sharing.17. July 2015 – 11:32

Brenda Carter - Andrea, you are such an inspiration! I have learned so much from you that I wanted to say THANKS!17. July 2015 – 21:22

Watercolor Tutorial for #LoveSummerArt – Seashells » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] we go with my second Project for the #LoveSummerArt Event on YouTube (you can read more about it here in my last Blogpost) … I decided for a Seashell / Treasures of the Sea Still-Life for this […]19. July 2015 – 17:48

Hobonichi Planner daily Pages – Flip Through May 2015

Wheeee – where did the Month of May go?!? Didn’t I just do the April Flip Through?!? Anyways … I managed to fill up another 31 Pages in my Hobonichi with daily Sketches & Journaling and I’m pretty happy I kept up with it – even though May was pretty busy & crazy – a […]

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Monica - Dear Andrea, I love everything you make,you are such and inspiration.Love your vibrant colors, sketches and beautiful faces.I always look forward to your new post.
Thanks7. June 2015 – 15:34

Suzy - I love seeing these! sometimes it inspires me to do more sketching, and sometimes I just sit back and admire them and go, “wow….”

thank you for sharing! I usually see them in my email (where I can’t post a response) but please know that you are always appreciated, even when a comment can’t be left :)18. June 2015 – 17:06

Crystal Korzep - Where do you buy your journal? Hobonichi?6. July 2015 – 03:18

About me Pocketletter Swap – incoming and outgoing Happymail

So I’ve been swapping an “About me” themed Pocketletter with the wonderful Christina Betts in Canada – now that she has received mine and I have received hers I wanted to share both Pocketletters with you. This was totally fun – thanks Christina for the wonderful Swap     My outgoing “About me” Pocketletter   […]

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Christina Betts - Hi Andrea!! Your pocket letters are amazing, just like you!! I adore the pocket letter you made for me and I hope you will enjoy the one I made for you! I love your beautiful photographs!! xoxoxo7. June 2015 – 20:59

Kylie Tout - Andrea wow your pockets are creatively amazing I love them so fun and colorful quirky and cute I would so love to swap Pockets with you!21. June 2015 – 01:04

Kylie Tout - Christina yours is gorgeous also very creative and your little bag how divine love it…..21. June 2015 – 01:15

Yvonne Sanchez - There are no words to say, other than you are amazingly talented!! I would love to do a swap with you!! I could learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing your creative talent with us.27. June 2015 – 04:22

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Yvonne – thanks so much. Umfortunately I’m not doing any new Swaps right now – just to busy – but maybe at a later point this year when I have more time to do swaps again …29. June 2015 – 01:25

Tietje - Would love to do a one-time swap when you have the time!!26. July 2015 – 04:52

Creating Pocketletters: Coffee and Tea themed

If you’re a Member of the Pocketletter Facebook Group you’ve seen lots and lots of Coffee Pocketletters lately – and since I’m a Coffee Girl all the way I definitely wanted to do some Coffee themed swaps too … and since I know there are Coffee Lovers as well as Tea Lovers out there (it’s […]

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Luana Gibson - I love this. Already have the coffee stamps will be ordering the tea stamps on Monday. I am in the pocket letter group on Facebook but haven’t traded or made one yet. I was collecting supplies, which I finally have. Was excited and happy to watch your process. Thank you for sharing.29. May 2015 – 10:12

Jean Sandford - Love your stamps carnt wait for the tea ones,i wonder : ) had you thought of doing a Christmas lady set, would be great with sweets and eats29. May 2015 – 22:46

Kimberly - Wow!! Wonderful PL’s!!! I love your style! Maybe you would like to let one of them come live at my house in Arkansas? Hee hee!!30. May 2015 – 15:16

Barbi T. - Looking forward to watching this video, as you make the most beautiful pocket letters! I will be saving up to get your coffee stamps as well. Coffee girl here all the way (not tea).31. May 2015 – 03:15

Barbi T, - Andrea, I think there is a typo above in the link to your stamp sets, the link isn’t working. Just thought I’d let you know.31. May 2015 – 03:16

Ágnes Mária Baranyi - That’s gorgeous! The original and unmistakable Gomoll’s style !I can’t decide tea or coffee?! Perhaps both! :)31. May 2015 – 09:28

Kimberly - your PL are amazing enough said!!21. June 2015 – 22:57

Antje Mirbach - tolle arbeit :) ich mag Ihren style. Können Sie mir verraten, wie ich an einer Tauschbörse oder ähnlichem für pocket letter oder auch atc teilnehmen kann. Bin völliger Anfänger bzw. Neuling auf diesem Gebiet. Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße7. July 2015 – 13:48


You asked for it … here it is   I’m super excited to present my new Clearstamp-Set: Tea Party Queen (for all those of you out there who told me they need a Tea Theme when I published the Coffee Queen Stamp Set because they prefer Tea over Coffee 😉  You can use them on small […]

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Sandy - just ordered, I love tea and I love this set. I am thinking of ways to use it as I type hehehe25. May 2015 – 17:34

Robin Moore - I love your Snail Mail rubberstamps. I just now ordered your Tea stamps… :) Can’t wait to get them in my hands Andrea Gomoll. :)25. May 2015 – 17:37

Bili - Liebe Andrea,

wow wieder ein super schönes Stempelset. Toll, was du so alles auf die Beine stellst. Ich bin ein grosser Bewunderer und Fan deiner Arbeit. Ein herzliches Dankeschön! Ich bin gespannt, was die Zukunft noch so bringen mag 😉

ganz liebe Grüsse
Bili26. May 2015 – 08:31

Ágnes Mária Baranyi - I love this!26. May 2015 – 16:21

Peggy Lindenthaler - I just love your colors and drawings andrea. I’ve tried for years to get my art to look like something, but I’ve never been able to. I hope that by watching your videos and reading yourwords of art wisdom, I might just come through with something worth posting!16. September 2015 – 23:50

Fun times ahead: ArtJournal Summer School + Win a Spot for the Online Class

  Art Journal Summer School 10 weeks art journal e-course Are you one of those people who bring a truck load of art supplies to your holiday address, but end up creating nothing at all? Or are you someone who leaves all your pretty art stash at home and later regret sooo much that you did not bring […]

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Gisele Cabral - What i love about summer is sitting outside and sketching, or reading a book. The peace all around me, and the magic of nature, that comes back after a long cold winter. Quite inspirational all by itself. Staying home, and just being at peace is my goal this summer. With alot of mixed media of course. :) Keeping my fingers crossed.14. May 2015 – 21:10

Kelli V Ayala - I’m not a fan of summertime. But this class looks great! It’s HOT and HUMID where I live so I stay indoors a lot unless we are at the beach. South Padre Island is where we may stay for vacation this year. Close to home. Thanks for the opportunity Andrea!14. May 2015 – 21:18

Cheryl Billmyer - I love to play tennis outside with my family.14. May 2015 – 21:28

Joan-anne Weatherbee - I will be on the back of a motorcycle touring our province of Nova Scotia. Mostly day trips but might squeeze in an overnighter! Would love to learn how to easily journal our trips! Thanx for the chance to win a spot!14. May 2015 – 21:33

Nancy Johnston - OMG OMG OMGosh! This sounds like loads of fun. Not sure about later summer, but we’re going to start it off at Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youngest has never been, so it’ll be awesome.14. May 2015 – 21:47

Jacqueline Pexton - I would love to Winn Sunnertime. I still get overwhelmed by a blank page and this is exactly what I need. Sit in the garden with my art supplies and iPad and have fun. Yippee!14. May 2015 – 22:00

Leslie Foley - I love summertime because I always travel to Mexico City and spend 4 to 5 weeks with my parents where all the food and cleaning is taking care, I just relax and eat great food , visit family, visit museums ( they have more than 350 different museums to choose from) and I like to take art classes over there, one time I actually took a class on the Academia de San Carlos the same place where Friday Kahlo used to teach. I also love to go to plays and movies over there. Mexico City never slept and it is just a never ending of fun. thanks so much for this opportunity I just found out about you a couple of weeks ago and I’m enroll in one of your classes . Love your classes.14. May 2015 – 22:43

Sylvie Labrèche - I’ve decided to accept a job as a summer school principal this summer in order to help student get their High School diploma. I would love to win this course…would be very relaxing for me!14. May 2015 – 23:07

GISELE - What i love about summer is sitting outside and sketching, or reading a book. The peace all around me, and the magic of nature, that comes back after a long cold winter. Quite inspirational all by itself. Staying home, and just being at peace is my goal this summer. With alot of mixed media of course. :) Keeping my fingers crossed that I win a free class.14. May 2015 – 23:11

Marissa M. - We’re finally getting around to going down to Mammoth Cave. I LOVE caves so I’m really excited about it :) thanks for the great chance to win!14. May 2015 – 23:12

Jolande - I love traveling and geocaching (a kind of worldwide treasurehunting game) in the summer.
This year we are going to Australia and I cannot take a lot of artsupplies with me, so this class would be perfect.
Thanks for giving us the chance to win a place.14. May 2015 – 23:29

AnnetteM - We just PCS’d to Fort Leonard Wood, so we are looking to adventure out and see the city of Branson and go to the Ozarks when my family comes up to visit.14. May 2015 – 23:44

Kay Zeeh - I’m going to Wisconsin to see my new grandbaby who is due July 30th!14. May 2015 – 23:50

Betty Ann Dalton - I won’t travel far this summer. I wait all year to enjoy our wonderful Nova Scotian summer right here. However we do plan to travel to Cape Breton to cruise the Bras D’Or Lakes.14. May 2015 – 23:53

Briah - I don’t like summer. I have a chronic illness which get much worse when it’s warm. So in summer when it’s hot, I stay inside the house, curtains closed, trying to keep it inside as cool as possible. Spending my time reading and doing creative stuff. I only go outside for a walk at night. Elderly people here go to Spain in winter to escape the cold. In my case it would be great if I could spend summer at the North Pole sketching some polar bears.
My vacation I have now. :-) Next Monday we’re going to Germany on holiday for a week.15. May 2015 – 00:16

Meghan - I will be spending my summer in a hammock on a balcony hopefully while I catch up on art things and my to-be-read list. Thanks for the chance!15. May 2015 – 00:19

Amy - I will be spending my summer at home working in the garden and taking care of my zoo of furbabies, swimming with my grandchildren, and riding motorcycles every chance I get. I will also need to make lots of art as it gets very hot and humid here and there tends to be a lot of indoor time during the heat of the day.15. May 2015 – 00:22

Leigh-Ann - We have just finished Summer here in Queensland Australia. Even in winter it is pleasant to sit outside -find a sunny spot out of the wind and create some art. I love the idea of not having to lug a huge amount around with me . Next Summer we are going to India for a cultural wedding- fingers crossed. I have never been and look forward to the cultural spectacular – vibrant colours and delicious foods.15. May 2015 – 00:31

Debbie Janelle - We’re staying home this summer, so having a fun art journaling class will be my vacation activity!15. May 2015 – 00:35

galina - I will be staying home finishing my last semester of college. :-) What I love about summer are all the flowers. So many colors and scents.15. May 2015 – 00:41

Connye Corey - My summer vacation will be spent in the spectacular Columbia Gorge on a beautiful lake. Really, everything I need to art journal will fit in one small bag! Learning to pack light when it comes to art supplies would be awesome even more awsome to learn from this great line-up of teachers. I love kayaking on the lake in the warm sunlight watching the dragonflies.15. May 2015 – 00:49

Carmen Lucero - Oh Andrea, I would love to win a spot in this class! We are having a road trip for two weeks this summer, going to Mount Rusmore via Colorado. I can’t wait!

Hugs, Carmen L15. May 2015 – 00:58

Linnea Duke - My favourite part of summer is spending time at my parent’s cabin on Bowron Lake because I get to see my parents and relax in beautiful Bowron Lake Provincial Park (British Columbia, Canada)….plus my mom watches my twins so I can get some art time in!15. May 2015 – 01:03

Liz L. - Wish we could take a summer vacation! my crew and I will just be staying home this year. My favorite thing about summer is catching (and releasing) lightning bugs. That and s’mores.15. May 2015 – 01:06

Kiara Lee - We will be moving to a new city this summer. So excited about this class, and looking forward to record every little adventure with my family!! Thank you for the chance to win! Have a beautiful day!15. May 2015 – 01:18

Kim - We hope to get to the beach, as we love spontaneity. Warm days, sand between my toes, and lovely flowered tables are my favorite of summer.15. May 2015 – 01:33

Lynne Manning Militello - My summer will be filled with both fun obligations and spontaneous adventures. My youngest is graduating from high school so I am starting to imagine my well deserved “me” time. Grabbing my summer school art bag to go will be fun. Hope I can win the free class! Thank you for all the inspiration.15. May 2015 – 01:39

Kristin Brown - This summer we are taking a bunch of mini trips close to home. Sometimes we forget to enjoy where we live. But they will all be someplace we have never been! What I enjoy most about Summer is the warm days, beautiful nights, and being outside with my kids!!!15. May 2015 – 02:50

Lynn B. Stubbs - I hope to travel to Spain and relax in the sun. It’s been a long winter and it will be great to just chill out and spend time with friends. Maybe drink a Mojito or two and stroll along the beach.15. May 2015 – 03:05

Scrappergirl Tipton - Not going anywhere, take care of the yard and garden…tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers…that’s what I like best about Summer…love fresh food out of the garden…yum!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!15. May 2015 – 04:40

Will de Boer - I like to win a space in the summerschool, because I can use some creativity. During my holiday in Switserland I broke my leg at three places. Now I am back home, laying in bed, my leg in plaster and that for the next 6 weeks. So it will be summer when I can start with revalidation. To cheer up I would love to have my eyes on an upcoming summerclass. Looking forward to win!15. May 2015 – 04:51

Nadine Hovde - I will be off work this summer. So I’m hoping we will be doing a lot of camping and traveling around the province we live in in Canada. My most favorite thing about summer is spending our days outside and watching my kids play.15. May 2015 – 04:51

Natalie Godfrey - My summer starts June 11th with my niece graduating from high school and we are all going to Universal Studios in Los Angeles.15. May 2015 – 05:11

Jutta König - I will travel to the German North Sea coast, to Nordfriesland. I always write and smash in my travel journal in the evenings then, art journalling would be quite great and funny as well and a great addition! I am more the spring lover, but in summer I love being able to sit outside of a café or restaurant and seeing lots of good-humoured people :)!15. May 2015 – 06:13

Melfina - This summer I hope to have 5 days with my hubby to a small beautiful greek island, and traditionally we are having a week with the whole family and friends to a summer house close to Athens where we live and work. What I most love about summer is relaxing on a sunbed on the beach after swimming, hearing the sound of the sea and reading a book or watching art videos! It makes me feel so peaceful and happy!15. May 2015 – 06:29

Susana Santisteban - Hi Andrea, I am living in Munich so, I will try to spend my summer with my family in Madrid :-) there is nothing most amazing than visiting the family, seeing how big are my two beautiful nieces :-). What a love most about summer is the SUN!!! you know that Germany has not that much :-) so for me the SUN is like an injection of energy :-). Well, that is it.
I take the opportunity now to tell you that I do love your work. I took the FACEcinating Girls Class and I enjoyed sooo much. Because of you, I start painting and get knowing this amazing world about Mix media art, handmade cards, etc! I really thank you for that. My life is more interesting now than before :-) Aufwiedersehen :-)15. May 2015 – 07:10

Titic Dulu - Every summer (at least a week) we spend on the beautiful Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the sea and sun.15. May 2015 – 07:12

Kiki - I’ll spent almost 2 months by the sea in Chalkidiki Greece.Not totally relaxing but taking care of various… issues. What’s not to love about the summer is the right question lol! I love the sun,the sea,the sand under my bare feet,the sound of cicadas on the very hot days and maybe even a small summer storm. Thank you for the chance to win a seat. I’m sure it will be an awesome class! Off to buy me some neocolors now :)15. May 2015 – 08:28

Anika kührig - Wir werden eine Woche mit vielen Ausflügen zu Hause verbringen, und danach eine Woche an die dänische Nordsee fahren. Und dann wird mein akleiner schon eingeschult….15. May 2015 – 08:37

Sabine - Ich bleibe daheim – weil das Kind fünf Wochen weg ist, ist das wie ein richtiger Urlaub für mich!15. May 2015 – 09:03

Shira menner - Here, for us ״grown ups”, there is no summer vacation…only children has it from school…the summer is hot and humid but still… the thought of sitting on my porch with ice coffe and my art journal watching all these creative colorfull people, makes me so happy! I would love to be a part of this art journaling class!15. May 2015 – 09:03

Evelien - I’ll spend my vacation in Koblenz this year. Although it will be the end of August when we leave… I’m looking forward to see my kids play together outside, doing chores in the garden, making 1 day trips to the sea or an animal park… And I’m looking forward to warm weather!15. May 2015 – 09:07

Pam - In the summertime? Well when I first moved to Scotland from Australia many years ago, my husband said ‘just remember, there is no summer is Scotland.’ So now I am grateful for any day when the sky is blue. It may seem mad, but we are hoping to spend time camping and walking in the far north of Scotland this non-summer. It would be great to get some inspiration from this class, for those times I am sitting in a tent in the wind and rain!15. May 2015 – 09:10

Carola Lugtigheid- Lindeman - This is so great. This year I am spending my vacation in Kroatie. I can’t take lots of art suplies with me so this is the solution. Looking forward to it15. May 2015 – 11:02

Carola Lugtigheid- Lindeman - This is so great. This year I am spending my vacation in Kroatie. I can’t take lots of art suplies with me so this is the solution. Looking forward to it15. May 2015 – 11:02

Maria Tsakiridou-Konstantinidou - I love summer and my holidays in my country, Greece! This class must be real fun!15. May 2015 – 11:47

Donna Davenport - I usually stay close to home because of my pets. I live in Texas so the one trip we use to make every summer was going to the beach. The Texas beaches are not as elaborate as the west coast or what I’ve seen of the east coast but it’s a beach, it has sand and waves. When my adult kids are able to go it’s fun because they enjoy the beach as much as I do. My husband isn’t a fan of sand. We haven’t gone in a while and I miss the beach. My husband seems a little more willing to go now because we just don’t go anywhere otherwise. I love summer because I love the warm of the sun. I don’t care for the cold. I always feel it’s a season of fun weather I go anywhere or not. My one child that is still in school has a break and we able to do things locally even though it’s not a trip away from home. We don’t have the hustle a bustle of school activities. We can sleep later in the mornings if we like. I would love to win a spot in summer school. Learning to be creative is important to me so It would definitely be something I would look forward to.15. May 2015 – 13:23

April Lopez - We will be spending time with our new grand baby boy, as much as possible.15. May 2015 – 13:57

Caroline Duncan - oooo… sounds like a great and fun workshop! Our summer trips are usually 3-5 days in length up to the mountains of NC, VA and TN then in late summer after schools start, we go the coast for a few weeks since we don’t have kidlets and while the weather is still great beach weather. :) Crossing my fingers and toes, I ‘ll be the lucky one to be chosen!15. May 2015 – 14:21

Elaine Edwards - I’m looking forward to staying at home for most of the summer. The highlight of my summer will be attending a Donna Downey class in North Carolina. Woot Woot!! I’d love to win a spot in this class!15. May 2015 – 15:00

Artistami Eva - Hi Andrea, I haven’t been on vacation in a while now, but I was intending on doing so this summer. I am caregiver to my mom and last year she underwent two surgeries, and one was straight away after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Although she is not clear of it, she is stable. I intend to take her to Puerto Rico for about a month so that she can visit with the family, it is one of the things she most desires right now, then to Florida. This class came along just in enough time to take with me as I can just sit back and relax (very much needed and with what I so love. ART!!!). I am praying on relaxing, after the stressful events of the past two years. It can only get better.
Oh, and I want to thank you for this wonderful Art Journal Summer Class. I am grateful for most of the teachers in which I have had the pleasure of taking classes with, and have their books. And I love the excitement of getting to know about new artists. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I can’t wait. Thanks again.15. May 2015 – 15:09

Rosalind Whitesides - Hi and thanks for the chance to win. I am going to Israel this summer and already need a suitcase for the supplies I want to take. I love the weather in summer and the casualness (don’t think that’s really a word) of it.15. May 2015 – 16:16

Martice Smith II - I will be spending summer visiting my best friends and meeting my friend’s new baby! There’s something I LOVE about every season but Summer is great for amusement parks, family picnics + eating popsicles! Thanks for the chance to win a spot :)15. May 2015 – 16:56

Eva - Hi Andrea, I haven’t been on vacation in a while now, but I was intending on doing so this summer. I am caregiver to my mom and last year she underwent two surgeries, and one was straight away after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Although she is not clear of it, she is stable. I intend to take her to Puerto Rico for about a month so that she can visit with the family, it is one of the things she most desires right now, then to Florida. This class came along just in enough time to take with me as I can just sit back and relax (very much needed and with what I so love. ART!!!). I am praying on relaxing, after the stressful events of the past two years. It can only get better.
Oh, and I want to thank you for this wonderful Art Journal Summer Class. I am grateful for most of the teachers in which I have had the pleasure of taking classes with, and have their books. And I love the excitement of getting to know about new artists. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I can’t wait. Thanks again.15. May 2015 – 17:04

Lesley Hartley - thankyou for the opportunity to win a place on this course it sounds fabulous. I love sunny summer days with a little breeze blowing sitting in the garden though we don’t get to many of those in the north of the UK. No holidays booked yet but hoping to learn to journal on the go and make good use of my precious time15. May 2015 – 17:10

Cathe Ekas - I am having a second reconstructiven surgery on my ankle on June 1st, so I will be totally down the month June. In July and August, hopefully we will take our Motorhome to the lake and my husband can fish and I can do art. This summer class would be wonderful because I still won’t be walking.15. May 2015 – 17:46

Regina - Hi Andrea,
First of all, congrats on being a teacher in this Summer class! Great team. Great idea too. Im going no where this summer. Jyst like many years now. Different reasons, but….i have my art! I can travelin my own world and really get lost…lol. So i hope, there is a spot for me in the Summer school! Have fun all who being part of this class!15. May 2015 – 17:47

Jorin - This summer, we will go to the south of France (the sea in France is all I need in my vacation ;-)) with the camper. So it’s not possible to take all my supplies with me ;-). First of all, I love to go to the sea in summer.15. May 2015 – 18:01

Beth - Hi, I love summer especially when I can get near water. I spend time at a primitive cabin that is close to a few beaches and I go camping. Would love to learn how to pack light. So many supplies and so little time! I am starting to incorporate drawing everyday and that is packable but I miss my colors. Love this type of summer school. http://www.breakthroughtoglory.com15. May 2015 – 18:25

Eva Glamaris Cruz Pena - Hi Andrea: I will spend this Summer at home. It is the first Summer in three years that I will be home the entire Summer as I have been serving in the military the years past. What I love most about Summer is EVERYTHING: long days, lazy days, farmers markets, sunshine…eating al fresco, EVERYTHING!!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!! God Bless16. May 2015 – 21:12

kavya prahlad - I am spending this summer at home !! What I like best about summers.. well all the delicious fruits that you get to eat – from melons to mangoes.. yummy.. spending warm days just doing things you love.. painting, reading books outdoors. . Listening to all the birds chirp in your garden.. it’s such a delightful seasin..17. May 2015 – 05:40

kavya prahlad - I am spending this summer at home !! What I like best about summers.. well all the delicious fruits that you get to eat – from melons to mangoes.. yummy.. spending warm days just doing things you love.. painting, reading books outdoors. . Listening to all the birds chirp in your garden.. it’s such a delightful season..17. May 2015 – 05:41

Gaglio AM - Hi, I don’t travel during summer time and I don’t even take holidays at that period. Why? Because travelers are coming to “me”. I live on the French Cote d’Azur therefore summer time means “high season” for me and a lot of work. This said, I would love to spend my free time looking at the videos of the summer school. That would really be “my summer time” moment.
Thank you for offering one post for free.
Anne Marie17. May 2015 – 09:27

Ingeborg van Peteghem - Hi! We are not going anywere. Maybe a roadtrip but other than that I’m looking forwards to a summer with my family right here at home! It helps living 15 min away from the beach and having a pool in our 😉 no better bed than my own bed!17. May 2015 – 10:25

Manon - Hi Andrea, I am very excited to get a change to learn a lot during summer school! Our family will visit Italy this year during summer holidays and I love it! Normally we visit France but for years I wanted to go to Italy. The summer means a lot to me, SUN, warm days and relax. My husbands reads, the children play together and I will go to summer school! Have a nice summer! groetjes Manon17. May 2015 – 13:10

Julie Blough - ~ <3 Summer is always spent in my backyard, I've made into a back yard kid paradise with no man help. My hubby of 20 years is too sick to travel now, but with imagination our back yard is transformed into kiddy wonderland. Bubbles, games, toys, water, fairy gardens, popsicles, watermelon, flower necklaces, paper dolls, and lots and lots of painting. It's our Staycation.18. May 2015 – 12:30

Petra - Hi Andrea,
In summer we are going to a campsite somewhere in Europe. We decide julst a couple of days before we left wich country we are going, it depents of the weather!
We love to walk with our 2 dogs and when it rains i sit down and read a book or i
Try to sketch a little!18. May 2015 – 12:38

Olimar - Hola, hermosa oportunidad, me encantaría hacerlo pero no puedo pagar en dólares por la restricciones de mi país. Un abrazo desde Venezuela18. May 2015 – 14:17

Ágnes Mária Baranyi - I shall stay 2 days in Venice, then stay at home . I love listening grass hoppers’ music
in the evenings and looking at shooting stars:) Have a nice summer to you!18. May 2015 – 18:18

Carol Mc - This summer vacation will be spent at home. I have to stay close to my Mom this year as she is recovering from recent surgeries and battling cancer.

I do hope to visit some local parks and art museums this summer.

My favorite thing about summer is no snow and outdoor art shows.20. May 2015 – 08:04

Charlotte B - This summer will be spent on a big vacation with my whole family for 2 weeks. The rest of the summer, we will relax at our cabin by the lake and spend some time travelling in our province. This class looks amazing and summer is the perfect time to do art for me. Thanks for the chance! :)20. May 2015 – 15:23

Christina Cureton - Hello! I just downloaded your app and I adore it! I’ll be spending my summer on my back porch, alternately playing with and avoiding the splashes of my wild (soon to be) 3 year old. I’d love a lesson or 20 on how to make my art projects so portable so that I could bring them out and work on them while he plays! I love the warm nights and all of the outdoor activity options of summer! I hate winter, and feel like I come alive when it gets warm again!21. May 2015 – 00:54

Giny Wittenberg - I am spending my summer at home, we have a farm so always working. So to get some time for me this summer I would love to win a space in this class. I love summertime becourse our family loves a barbeque in the garden and sitting by the fire with a nce glass of wine21. May 2015 – 20:05

Elena Guerrini - Hi Andrea, my name is Elena and I live in a little village in the mountains of the Brembana valley in Lombardy (Italy) . So I love the mountains, its smells, its colors in every season. I love (of course!) the summer sun, the scent of summer nights, people meet for the holidays in holiday homes. I’m happy to do this class, I hope to learn to do better. Thanks a lot ! A hug.22. May 2015 – 12:04

Muriel - Hi there… i like your question an it made me think.. vacation to me is the absence of work. The day time job. But also me time is like vacation. No.. as i write this down i think that is whats my vacation. Me time.. no obligations.. no taking care of.. no schedule… making art is something i do for me.. so being in art journal SummerSchool would be like summer vacation doing me stuff for 12 weeks.
early mornings at dawn enjoying the awakening of the day or late summer evenings. Just the thought 😀22. May 2015 – 22:51

Tiffany Toldson - My family and I will more than likely spend the summer here in Texas. Although it would be nice to go back home to Las Vegas so that our family could meet the new baby! What I like/love most about the summer is that I get to spend the days with my girls since their out of school.23. May 2015 – 18:54

Eeva Hall - I would love to win a spot!! What I love about summer is the time to spend with the family. This year I will have a 6 week vacation. We have only the last week planned so far. We are off to a Camp for a week. Meeting family’s from all over Sweden. If the weather is fine over here we will just hang on the beach and enjoy time together and do small short trips around Sweden.24. May 2015 – 21:50

Sarah Francis Martin - Oh it would be wonderful to win a spot in this class!! I’m moving across country this summer and most of my art supplies will be packed up the better part of the summer. Sounds fun!!25. May 2015 – 23:18

Jennifer Streff - We will just stay home this summer.. Maybe a little camping?? But, I will keep busy with my art!! Good luck everyone, and have fun safe summers!!26. May 2015 – 04:00

Angelique - Summer will be winter for me here in Australia. But I love art jounaling when we go on our yearly camping holidays. I usually take my journal, some prisma colour pencils, some black pens and white posca paint pen. What I love most about summers, is the nice warm weather and going to the beach.26. May 2015 – 12:00

Gail Jenson - I’ve been taking the sketch your life class, and loving it. I would like to be able to continue on by winning a spot in this class, it looks so fun and my pocket book is so empty.26. May 2015 – 21:02

Suzy Cadenhead - Hi Andrea

I’m a summer girl and as my parents have a caravan by the sea in the sea in the north of England I’d love to learn how to journal with a limited grab bag of supplies so I can sit in the sun and while away a happy afternoon27. May 2015 – 04:56

JudithAnn - I love the open road so the hubs and I will be traveling in the gypsy wagon (RV), going where the wind and whimsy takes us. If ever a art gal needed a series of fun and fabulous art journal projects that can be accomplished with a compact cosmetic bag stash of supplies, this would be the time. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in the Art Journal Summer School!27. May 2015 – 13:40

pelArgoNNiA - Hi Andrea and thanks for the chance to win! I’m Anna from Sweden and summer is just about to start here. The days has gotten really, really long (sunset at 9.55!) and we have had temperatures up to like 18°C (yes, I know. It’s not a lot!). This is my favourite time of the year. Everything is so green and I start to feel alive again after the long, dark and cold winter! I love the long days we have in summer. Apart from spending time in our summer cottage we plan to make a trip up north to watch the midnight sun.
Have a nice summer! I hope to spend it with you! 😉27. May 2015 – 20:43

Jessica - how wonderful would it be to win the seat in this class. Traveling 3 weeks in Germany and Italy, so i could use to learn to pack light for art supplies.28. May 2015 – 16:21

Christina Betts - Awwww so wonderful that you are giving away a spot!! Yippee!!
Both my husband and I are self-employed and summer is our busiest time! But we make sure at least twice a week we are finished work by 3:30 and then we drive to “Marks” beach… hahaha… we named a tiny beach after my hubby’s name! LOL We live only minutes from the lake so the drive is quick! Then we relax and enjoy the sunshine, water, and nature… it is very relaxing and just what we need for our busy schedule… Thank you for the chance! xoxoxo30. May 2015 – 00:01

Last Chance – Early Bird Discount for Artjournal Summer School » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] Summer Class In case you’ve missed what this is all about (I shared some more Info in my Blogpost here) … Art Journal Summer School is a 10 weeks e-course for art journal […]30. May 2015 – 01:01

christine Kurman - I am very jealous of the people in this blog and the wonderful vacations they are taking. I am sorry to say I will be working this summer. I would love to win and use this class as my vacation. I think your work is wonderful and I ordered the coffee set of stamps.30. May 2015 – 01:25

Trae Bee - A higher opportunity to get in cold water and swim and tone up my arms ….. As well as increase my bathing suit purchase is my summer30. May 2015 – 07:53

Stephanie Kathrin Werner - I’m going to be spending this summer in the wonderful North of Sweden, faaaar away from any distractions such as internet or television. So I’m really going to need this handy little summer kit for all my art journalling needs! I’m all set up, signed up and ready to go! Can’t wait! Oh, and the best thing about summer for me is the buzzing, scuttling multitude of beautiful beetles, bees and other insects that I can watch as they enjoy the many flowers in my garden.30. May 2015 – 16:18

Carmen Sánchez-Buster - What a blessing it will be to spend the summer with all these lovely and inspiring teachers! Thank you for the opportunity to win!
This year I will be spending my summer vacation at home!! My 3 little bubbas will be shipped to my mom’s in New Jersey (USA) for a week and I’m going to be home alone with the hubby and my art!!
What I like most about summer is the being in the sun, cooling off in the water, sitting in the shade with a nice breeze hitting your face and a refreshing iced tea in your hand!! THe kids playing outside waiting for the ice cream truck to drive by. Watching the boys eat their ice cream as it drips down the side of their hand. There are just so many things I love Summer!!

THank you!
Carmen30. May 2015 – 23:23

Barb T. - I live in a colder climate so Summer is very short here, so I look forward to it all year long. Not too many big plans this year. Just taking care of the kids while they are home from school, visiting my family, and maybe later this summer traveling out of town and staying at a hotel for a small vacation. I also have some flower gardening to maintain and watching the birds and hummingbirds. Would love to win this giveaway, thanks for the chance!31. May 2015 – 03:12

Susan Fermandel - Wow what an amazing class, I always seem to pack everything but the kitchen sink when I go on holiday, it would be great to have some help! We are on a fly drive holiday around California this year, something I have wanted to do for ages, I love the summer when everything just seems a bit brighter and there is so much inspiration around you.31. May 2015 – 07:23

Magriz Adamik - I do not know where I’m going this summer…maybe I just stay at home and go to art journaling journey :) I love winter, summer is to worm for me…but I do not have to go to work in summer – that is awesome31. May 2015 – 07:30

Sonja Sirsch - At the moment I assume I have to stay at home as I have been sick for a longer time now and don’t know when it’s gonna end. But if everything goes well maybe in August I could spend 1 or 2 weeks in Croatia. So let’s hope :)31. May 2015 – 12:15

Ulrike Fair - I’ll probably stay at home most of the time but I will attend one or two music festivals … and I’m really looking forward to that31. May 2015 – 13:43

joan craft - spending my summer hols helping the school kids recuperate their English votes so as not to repeat the year again at school…..going to the fantastic summer jamboree in senigallia the first week of August and what I love about summer… being able to sit on the balcony in the evening and create listening to the crickets cricketing away and fighting off the gnats !!! :) :) :)31. May 2015 – 21:09

Cre8tive Cre8tions by Andrea Gomoll – Coffee Queen Clearstamp Set

  I’m super excited to present my new Clearstamp-Set: Coffee Queen I designed the Clearstamp Set with lots of fun cafein junkie projects in mind … you can use them on small Notes, on Letters, on Cards, Gift-Tags, in you Happymail or your Scrapbook Pages or Project Life Layouts and so much more … I really can’t […]

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Jasmin - Liebe Andrea, da habe ich aber keine Sekunde gezögert und überlegt und habe flux bestellt ☺freue mich jetzt schon riesig ein Stempelset von dir zu besitzen und werde mir schon mal viele Projekte damit überlegen und sie gerne weiter empfehlen.
Ganz frech wünsche ich mir jetzt schon mal ein Tee-Thema ☺☺
Vielen Dank und kreative Grüße
Jasmin4. May 2015 – 14:39

Nadine hovde - I love your stamp Andrea and I just preorder a set. Can’t wait to get it! Thank you.5. May 2015 – 02:07

tonya hymes - I love your stamp sets and will be ordering next payday. You are a fantastic artist..tonya24. May 2015 – 07:55

Helma Jans - Hi Andrea

Congratulations with your birthday X
Love your new stamps and I just ordered your lovely coffee stamps.
Have a great day Helma Jans.29. May 2015 – 12:51

Hobonichi Planner daily Pages – Flip Through April 2015

Mid April I already shared my first Impression of my new Hobonichi with you and my first daily Pages in it … now that we have May I am proud to say that I filled up all 30 Pages of April in my Hobonichi – with daily Sketches, Journaling & Doodles … and I totally […]

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Francine Rollin - Hi Andrea your green stuff is Lime. Have a great day.2. May 2015 – 22:51

Jan Ecclestone - Great flip through, love this idea.3. May 2015 – 03:30

Ready for some Tea and Cake – and some artsy Inspiration?

I’m super excited to be featured in the new Blog Series “Tea and Cake with Gracie” on the Blog of wonderful Tamara Laporte (click) … if you haven’t checked it out yet, I’d be super-happy if you would jump over and take a look … Gracie had some very interesting Interview Questions for me and […]

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jasmin - Liebe Andrea, deine Artjournal-Seite war mal wieder atemberaubend! Ich wünschte, ich könnte ein paar Jahre vor drehen (ohne, dass ich dabei älter werde natürlich) um dann schon mehr Erfolgsschritte mein Eigen nennen zu können.
Dein Interview war sehr inspirierend und motivierend um einfach zu starten. Ich kann es bei meiner 7-jährigen Tochter sehen, die malt einfach drauf los und hat in ihren wenigen Jahren schon so dazu gelernt. “Just do it” sollte ich mir vornehmen um dann nächstes Jahr auch in meinem “Artjournal” blättern zu können und den Lernprozess zu bestaunen.
Vielen lieben Dank, dass du uns an deinem kreativen Prozess teilhaben lässt.
Kreative Grüße
Jasmin23. April 2015 – 14:26

Pocket Letter Pals: bunch of outgoing Pocketletters

Just popping in real quick to share my latest bunch of outgoing Pocketletters with you … so without further ado here’s a little Video for you showing you some Details of the Pocket Letters and what I added to them, what I used to create them & how I filled the Pockets etc. – plus […]

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Anna Thrower Zuniga - So pretty! :) Love them all!!!13. April 2015 – 13:32

Karine Gehan - Magnifique !!! I love them all !!13. April 2015 – 19:28

Christine Piazza - Discovered this project today and Oh my I am want to send some out. They look like a blast to put together and I am sure receive. Yours are beautiful!13. April 2015 – 23:55

Rosa Pen Parkin Lily - Adorable x17. April 2015 – 17:05

Lisa Dryden - Received my stamps today ! For the pocket letters , XXXXX FAB27. April 2015 – 09:54

Kimberly Howard - I’m new to pocket letters, but not to mixed media art projects. I’d like to trade and share my art with you. Thank you for the inspiration for new ways to be creative.14. May 2015 – 06:11

Micaela S. - Hi Andrea, I love all your creativity specially your drawings. I would love to send you a pocket letter do a swap with you. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your videos on YouTube.16. May 2015 – 01:06

Felicity - Hello and greetings from Australia. I have not long discovered your videos and am in love and so very inspired! In a recent pocket letters ‘about me’, you mentioned you used your : silhouette – could you please attach a link to this product as I can’t seem find any information about it and what exactly it does. Also, do you use a regular printer at home and if so what type as your printed images are so perfect. Many thanks and much love. Your videos truly are inspirational xx26. May 2015 – 17:47

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Felicity
You can find all the Information about the Silhouette here on their website:
I use a Laser Printer at home, it is great for printing Pictures etc. – really nice quality!8. June 2015 – 11:28