Midori Travelers Notebook – Listers gotta List Challenge April – preparing my Journal

So now that the Webster’s Pages Color Crush Planner POTD Challenge is over (and I really managed to share 28 out of 31 Days / Pictures, which is – FOR ME – a very good quote *lol*) – I was on the lookout for another fun Challenge for April. If you’re on Instagram you just […]

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Robin Moore - Hi Andrea, I see you still have the rubberstamp saying that I stamped on your PLP envy…lol “Prayer Mail”…. I wish that stamp company was still in business. That stamp is about 15-18 yrs old…lol Gee,I’m showing my age again…lol Love your work. And still lovin’ the stamps I bought of yours.1. April 2015 – 23:18

Artjournal Page in my Midori Travelers Notebook …

Just wanted to share with you real quick: A Page in my Midori Artjournal which I made on St. Patricks Day …   Supplies used: Peerless Watercolors, Tim Holtz Distress Stains, Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen (fine tip, black), Faber Castell Big Brush Pen, Faber Castell Gelatos

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Mona Pendleton - Beautiful as always Andrea19. March 2015 – 15:48

Christine Thomas - Watched it on tube loved IT x19. March 2015 – 23:46

Karen R - Love, love, love this!!!20. March 2015 – 16:03

jeannie - This is amazing! So beautiful!27. March 2015 – 16:12

Pocket Letters – mixed media style

If you follow me on Instagram you should have realized by now that I’ve got a new Addiction (it’s not like I don’t have enough on my plate already … but so what – sleep is highly overrated anyways, right?!?). Pocket Letters … I received quite a bunch over the last Weeks and crafted & […]

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Melanie Mulder - Thank you for sharing your proces.
Liefs, Melanie.12. March 2015 – 12:08

Lois Paulo - thank you for the wonderful video i would love to one time swap a pocket page with you.
lpaulo704@yahoo.com12. March 2015 – 12:47

Susan Hart - Would love to do a swap with you. x12. March 2015 – 15:27

Cyndi Hunt - I would love to do a 1 time swap with you, and thank you so much for sharing how you made the beautiful pages.12. March 2015 – 19:16

Patricia Ross - These are beautiful :)) Great video, thank you for sharing!12. March 2015 – 20:36

Jan Ecclestone - I find this idea really inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.13. March 2015 – 06:45

Linda Molinard - CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! A perfect word for your pocket letters. Thanks for all of your inspiration and dedication. I cringe to think of any of your art in the attic! I would enjoy sharing a one time swap. I love the idea if receiving happy mail!13. March 2015 – 12:13

Judy Corona - I’d love to do a one-time swap with you. I sent you an email. This sounds like a lot of fun and I love your work!17. March 2015 – 22:41

Bree - I’m a huge mixed media girl and recent pocket letter girl. I would love to swap with you. I’m on the Facebook page as Bree Tetz. Thanks for the post! Awesome and now I’m crazy inspired!!25. March 2015 – 21:00

Guest Designteam Inspiration: Happymail Cards, ATC and more

Today I’ happy to share the second Part of a Series of inspiring Posts with Projects my lovely Guest-Designteam created with my heARTmail Clearstamps! So excited to have 4 wonderful, super talented ladies working with my stamps and sharing some inspiration with you! Today it’s Wendy’s turn …   Name: Wendy King Location: Melbourne, Australia Instagram: […]

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Rochelle N Brad Melville - love all of these, beautifully done.7. March 2015 – 13:31

Stamps, Planners & Fun – out of the box Ideas for using Stamps in your Planners

  One Question I read over & over again on Facebook & in Planner Groups is how to use Stamps in your Planners in fun & creative Ways. I myself absolutely LOVE to use Stamps to pretty up my Planner Pages, so I thought it would be fun to share a little Video with some […]

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Tasha - Andrea

You have such unique awesome creative ideas. I love the stamp ideas in this last video.4. March 2015 – 01:07

Planner Eyecandy – sharing some current Planner Pages & new Planner Stickers

I just wanted to share some of my latest Planner Pages with you. I’m having so much fun moving in & setting up my new Webster’s Pages Color Crush Planners … I’ve assigned a special purpose to 2 of them so far and guess I will just rotate with the other colors on a monthly […]

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Amanda Brown - I love your pages! Like you, I have different purposes for my Websters planners. I have white – everyday, teal – memory keeping, light pink – summer and am waiting for the blue to arrive! Not sure what I will use it for yet……
Oh and I will be buying the new gold one when available as that will be my Christmas planner.
Thanks for the inspiration!1. March 2015 – 14:58

Free Download: DIY Planner Sticker Print & Cut File for Silhouette Cameo + Tutorial

So – I have my Silhouette Cutting Machine for about 4 Years now – and can’t believe that I haven’t used it for sooo long … lately I’m all the way crazy about using my Silhouette Cameo – especially since I figured the Print & Cut Feature out … actually it’s so easy and so […]

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Heidy Sutherland - Thank you for this I have ordered my Silhouette but am still waiting to rec it this should be fun to play with.24. February 2015 – 00:52

Yvette F. - This is so helpful. Thank you!24. February 2015 – 01:48

debi - Thanks for the cute stickers. These will be fun to use in my journal!24. February 2015 – 02:28

Karin Strandby - Thank you ;) I’m looking forward to bye som of the other in the Etsy shop :)24. February 2015 – 23:30

Jasmin - DANKE, dass ich meine Silhouette vom Staub befreit habe :-) DANKE, für die Videoanleitung, deine Katzen sind wirklich der Hit DANKE, dass ich endlich mal mit Stickerpaper an meine Silhouette ging und 1000 DANK für die tolle GRATIS-Vorlage!!!!!!! Es war perfekt zum Testen, muss zwar noch ein meine Schnitteinstellung arbeiten, werde mir aber gleich noch deine anderen Vorlagen im Etsy Shop kaufen!!!!!! Einen dicken Gruß aus Schwetzingen!!!!!25. February 2015 – 12:04

Darcy - Thanks for the stickers. What does it mean “Size the day”? Is it supposed to be “Seize the day”?25. February 2015 – 22:46

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Darcy – I’m aware of that mistake – happens a) if you do things at 2 am and b) if you do things in another language than your motherlanguage ;) Will fix it soonish …25. February 2015 – 22:53

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Jasmin – Oh das freut mich sehr :) Vielen lieben Dank für Dein Feedback!!!25. February 2015 – 22:53

Trina Flynn - Hello Andrea, Thank you for sharing your tutorial video on print and cut files using the Silhouette. Can you believe I purchased myself a Silhouette Cameo for my own Christmas present and still have not used it! Yep, I’m crazy.. I don’t know why I’m so nervous to jump in and make some beautiful stickers and many other goodies. Now that I see how easy it really is I just might clear a path to my machine and try it out :) I jumped over to Etsy so I can follow your shop.. I look forward to viewing your Blog on a regular basis. ~Trina Flynn26. February 2015 – 23:49

Alexa - Hi Andrea :)

what a wonderful Freebie! I love it and have to try it for my calendar even though it is in english ;)

Greetings from germany :)1. March 2015 – 13:50

Becky Mendez - This is great.. How did you come up with the size? I am having issues with this…4. March 2015 – 22:24

Dina - Oh nein, Andrea, was ist denn das für eine geniale Maschine? Ich habe von der Silhouette noch nie gehört. Die ist ja der Hit. Hilfe, das könnte was für die “Haben-muss-Liste” werden. ;)))4. March 2015 – 22:28

Artjournal Pages – Butterflies

Right now I kind of have a thing for Butterflies … I’m using them in my Planners a lot lately and when we picked out this years Spring-Decoration for our House somehow a few Butterflies found their way into our home   So … I stumbled across those cute printable Butterflies and immediately knew I wanted to […]

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Alina I - Love the color explosion!20. February 2015 – 10:58

Karin Strandby - I need to go to my hobby room and create…. at once!! Love it21. February 2015 – 22:48

Sabine Probst - So schön!22. February 2015 – 20:27

Cynthia Rainbowlady Yeomans - Gorgeous pages xx23. February 2015 – 21:42

Christine Thomas - Wow stunning x19. March 2015 – 23:49

Guest Designteam Inspiration: DIY Happymail Sticker and Mail Tags

Today I’d like to start a Series of inspiring Posts with Projects my lovely Guest-Designteam created with my heARTmail Clearstamps! So excited to have 4 wonderful, super talented ladies working with my stamps and sharing some inspiration with you! Let’s start today with Maricris Emma …     Name: Maricris Emma Location: Seattle, WA Blog:www.PaperPanduh.com […]

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Cristỉña Gàbriella - Gorgeous! <3 ! Love those watercolors!17. February 2015 – 09:53

Robin Moore - Hi Andrea Gomoll… Happy Mail today … I got my fun cute stamps today. They are just as fun and cute in person as what they are on your blog. Love them Can’t wait to start using them on my pen pals and Pocket Letter Pals. :)18. February 2015 – 00:23

Project Life Tracker – free Planner Inserts

In 2015 I have started Project Life again – this time really believing that I will be able to keep up with it (if you know me you also know that I started a couple of times over the last years and somewhere got lost along the way and stopped because I fell behind and […]

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Julie Richardson - Thank you so much for sharing!10. February 2015 – 22:52

Christina Betts - Thank you Andrea! ♥11. February 2015 – 02:54

Lisette Ruiz - These are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing11. February 2015 – 18:39

Jacqueline Pexton - Andrea would this fit the colou crush planner?
Jacqui Pexton12. February 2015 – 00:09

Jo Blake - Thank you so much for these Andrea – they’re great.14. February 2015 – 05:20

Pocket Letters – a fun Way of sending Happymail

So … a couple of Days ago I stumbled across some beautiful Happymail tucked into Trading Card Sleeves on Instagram – and being a Person who LOVES Penpalling, Snailmail, Happymail & Co. I was really excited about this cute idea. After a little research I found out it’s a fun idea Janette Lane came up […]

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Sabine - Ich bin da bei Instagram auch drüber gestolpert und sofort angefixt worden. Ich habe mir gleich 100 von diesen Baseballkartenhüllen bestellt… 1:00 Uhr würde mir gefallen. Allerdings bin ich leider künstlerisch nicht halb so begabt wie du.5. February 2015 – 13:00

Michelle Hesler - Hi dear… i would absolutely love to do a one time swap with you! Any time, at your convenience. Please let me know. I live in Canada. Hugs, Michelle5. February 2015 – 16:08

Bonita Rose - Love this… and love your letter! It’s so much fun.. I can’t wait to get your stamps.. I’ll let you know when they arrive safe and sound! xo5. February 2015 – 18:25

Ruth Guthrie - I would live to do a swap too!6. February 2015 – 01:16

Nadine Hovde - i would so love to do a one time swap with you Andrea!6. February 2015 – 04:37

Michelle Hesler - I would love to do a one time swap!6. February 2015 – 05:21

Linda Derlagen - What a cool idea! Do you know where we van buy those size page protectors in europe? I have the Project Life size protectors But this is just another size I believe. Love the idea!6. February 2015 – 07:22

Nadia - Hi Andrea,

I would love to do a one time swap with you any time.
I live in France. XO6. February 2015 – 11:54

Robin - Hi,
I received you blog post and went over to Facebook and waiting for approval for your Facebook group. Mean while I also just bought a set of your new rubberstamps. Can’t wait to use them. I’ve been pen paling since I was in the 4th grade. I love my pen pals and think this is a wonderful thing you came up with. Thanks, and get wait to join the others in the Facebook group.
Hugs, Robin6. February 2015 – 18:28

Robin - Hi Andrea,
I too would love to do a one on one with you if you have enough room for me. Thanks. Can’t wait to receive the cute stamps to use in my pen pal stuff… I have about 8 good pen pals.
Thanks and Hugs
Robin6. February 2015 – 18:33

Miche'al McMorries-King - I will do a one time swap. If you are still looking. :)6. February 2015 – 23:05

jean - id love to do a one on one swap to Andrea,if you don’t mind sending to England
Thanks Jean7. February 2015 – 07:26

Carmen Sánchez-Buster - Love love love this !! I would love to swap with you but unfortunately I am backed up in my current swap projects and dont think I can add one more! Hopfully I can participate in a furture swap.
~Blessings7. February 2015 – 11:20

Sheila Boone Elzey - I was watching this video while on the treadmill and I got so excited that I logged more miles than ever! lol! You are so creative and just a joy to watch on video!! xoxo7. February 2015 – 13:36

Sabine - Huch, da hat Autocorrect aus ‘ein Swap’ 1.00 Uhr gemacht… also nochmal – einen Swap würde ich toll finden!7. February 2015 – 23:19

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Nadia – would love to – please send me an eMail so we can exchange addresses, okey?!?

@everybody else … got your Messages via Facebook etc. and everybody should have received an reply by now :)8. February 2015 – 07:59

jean sandford - I don’t seem to have heard from you Andrea
Jean8. February 2015 – 20:51

jean - I don’t seem to have heard from you Andrea
Jean s8. February 2015 – 20:52

Angela Nebinger - Just wrote a comment on your other blog had to purchase your cute happy mail stamp set after watching this video… thanks for introducing me to pocket letters I can’t wait to create a them!!! If you find time for a one time swap I’d love to trade letters I’m in the US loved your process video :)9. February 2015 – 05:40

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Angela and @Jean – I will reply to your Comment via eMail to exchange Addresses :)9. February 2015 – 17:02

Alina I - I am also interested in making a swap with you. Maybe you could put me on the waiting list and let me know when a spot is available? Thanks! This is a great idea and I would love to be part of it!18. February 2015 – 15:41

Karina - Hallo Andrea,
ich wäre auch an einem Tausch interessiert, falls Du Lust und Zeit dazu hast :-)
Liebe Grüsse,
Karina8. March 2015 – 03:05

The Documented Life Project 2015 – Artjournal Page – Words with Friends

Another Week – another Page in my the Documented Life Project inspired Artjournal. Last Weeks Art Challenge was “Words with Friends” – and  I really love to exchange written words with friends (AKA Penpalling / Mailart / Happymail) – so I thought I would create a Page around that – incorporating some actual pieces from Letters I received […]

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Felicity - Thanks so much for sharing this video. I love learning and seeing your process! 5. February 2015 – 04:40

Sylvia van Oorschot - Hi Andrea,
Love this (as usual!). I’m a great fan of your work :-D Thank you for sharing your videos, I really enjoy them!
I have a question this time. I love the lettering of the biggest alphabet stamps in this video. I’m looking for exactly that style and size for ages so I would really appreciate it when you could send me the brand name and serial number or name.
Thank you so much!
Have a great day!
Sylvia5. February 2015 – 09:46

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Sylvia – it’s a Stampset by Hero Arts called “Hero Arts Rubber Stamp Set-Garamond Letters” – you can – for example – find it here: http://www.joann.com/hero-arts-rubber-stamp-set-garamond-letters/10695815.html – also on Amazon etc. :)5. February 2015 – 19:22

Cindy - I love your work! I really enjoyed watching your videos. You have inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and try some new things. Thanks for sharing.
Cindy7. February 2015 – 01:27

The Documented Life Project 2015 – Artjournal Page: Colour

Another week has gone by … and we’re already in the 4th week of January – can you believe it? So – besides working on some fun stuff for an upcoming Online Class (which you’ll LOVE – I’m sure about that – I’m really exciteted – lots of cuteness) I’ve created my 3rd Page in my […]

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Johanne Lacombe - It’s a very nice page. Love the tutorial. Thanks for sharing,22. January 2015 – 21:01

Jackie Beeman - Love watching you create! Do you have a list of products you are using? Is that gesso you are mixing the gelatos with?22. January 2015 – 22:41

Claudene Moore - Outstanding! I love all the wonderful textures and colors….and quote. Claudene22. January 2015 – 23:52

Karen Nowviskie - Love this! Would like to know the products you used.23. January 2015 – 00:13

Jan Ecclestone - Such a soft spread…love the colours and the raised bits. Beautiful.23. January 2015 – 06:12

Jackie Beeman - Thanks Andrea Gomoll24. January 2015 – 01:08

Kat Rogers - such yummy color!24. January 2015 – 06:41

Mika J Sperring Power - Beautiful! I stumbled upon your blog about 2 weeks ago and all I can say is WOW! I love your work. I promptly ordered your Faceinating girls 1 class & I cannot wait to get my stamps. I did not see where I could have done the combined shipping for classes 1 and 2, oh darn. lol I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen about you and your classes. I think they’re just so unique compared to other offerings, well I guess that’s the point tho, right? Thank you for sharing your art with the world! :)26. January 2015 – 16:22

NEW Clearstamps for Snailmail Fun: The heARTmail Clearstamp Set

I’m super excited to present my new Clearstamp-Set: heARTmail – the world need more Happymail I designed the Clearstamp Set with lots of fun Happymail in mind … isn’t it the best thing ever to open your Mailbox and – besides all this boring mail & bills – you spot that ONE perfect, fun, creative […]

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Kerstin Christoph - Hallo, einfach klasse!18. January 2015 – 11:23

Tora Geirs - These look so amazing that I just had to buy them, I never do anything like this LOL LOL But wow I love these, Hope they will be in my mailbox later today hahahahaha joking I hope I´ll see them there very soon though.18. January 2015 – 11:49

Suzu - ach sind die süß. Da kriegt man Lust seine eigenen Stempel zu designen <318. January 2015 – 12:50

Johanne Lacombe - They’re so cute. Love them.18. January 2015 – 18:29

Robin - I just ordered them and can’t wait to get them here so I can stamp and play. I will use them on my pen pal letters and the envies I make for them.6. February 2015 – 21:53

FACEcinating Girls Volume 1 and Volume 2 COMBI-PACK

Since you keep asking about combined shipping / signing up for both of my FACEcinating Girls Online Classes I thought it’s about time for a lovely Combi-Package-Deal …   You can find the Class Info about FACEcinating Girls Volume 1 here and the Class Info about FACEcinating Girls Volume 2 here (both Classes will be included in the Package). […]

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Nathalie JANVIER - I think I’ll signup soon. I really like everything you do!!
I live in France near Toulouse, will I receive the stamps?16. January 2015 – 12:20

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Nathalie Sure the Stamps which are included also ship to France – worldwide shipping is included.16. January 2015 – 13:49

Nathalie JANVIER - Thank you! I already signed up!16. January 2015 – 14:09

b - i already joined part one and have the stamps …. is there another price for those who already belong to one class?16. January 2015 – 22:51

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @B Working on a Discount-Signup for Students of Volume 1 as well – will be online shortly …17. January 2015 – 00:58

Kathleen - Hi,
How long is this offer valid?
Because I have to wait a few weeks…17. January 2015 – 10:25

Cre8tiveCre8tions - It’s a permanent offer … @Kathleen17. January 2015 – 21:04

Mika power - Hello there!! I’ve been doing your Faceinating girls workshop and happily using the stamps but…. I’m unclear about volume 2. Is there a discount to buy volume 2 if I’ve already purchased volume 1or did I miss the opportunity? thank you!!!! :)8. February 2015 – 22:14

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Mika – right now there only is this combination discount for those who book both classes at the same time – sorry. But there will be a Valentines Day Sale on February 14th which might be of interest for you if you want to book Volume 2 ;) So come check back on Saturday ;)10. February 2015 – 12:38

Nancy Endebrock - I signed up today and can’t wait to start!20. February 2015 – 03:25

The Documented Life Project 2015 – Artjournal Page: Beginning

Last night it was time for some artsy fun in my Studio again … like last week – just a little date with myself – playing with paints & co. and havin’ some fun … again  a Mixed Media Artjournal Page inspired by Challenge No. 2 of the Documented Life Project – the Challenge was using Gesso in […]

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Sabine Probst - Ganz arg schön! Vielen Dank fürs Teilen und auch dafür, dass du uns so oft an deinem Prozess teilhaben lässt.13. January 2015 – 20:38

Paula Decker Haynes - Thanks for sharing. It was amazing to watch you do this and it is beautiful113. January 2015 – 20:41

Nicole Fortin - My lands, your work is stunning!!!13. January 2015 – 21:10

Claire Harrison - Fantastic to watch how you build up the layers :)13. January 2015 – 22:59

Tora Geirs - That was amazing video and amazing work. Thank you so much for sharing. This is just so beautiful.13. January 2015 – 23:10

Ann Webb Bradford - So incredible!!! Thank you for sharing the process.14. January 2015 – 00:03

Ruth Guthrie - Just gorgeous.14. January 2015 – 01:53

angiesuez - so inspiring! thanx for sharing yourself14. January 2015 – 03:55

Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - I just love how you achieve the end result, all the lovely layers.14. January 2015 – 04:50

Felicityg - I could you build layers all day!! Sensational art journal page! 14. January 2015 – 06:33

Marie - You video is AMAZING….. You are an amazing artist…. I can not find the good Word to describe my emotions when I am listenning your video….

Luv from Montreal Québec Canada14. January 2015 – 23:53

Kat Rogers - Thank you for this!!! watching your process with gesso and ink was EXACTLY what I needed to get started on a project that’s been stumping me! so beautiful, Andrea!15. January 2015 – 15:58

Lisa Ciaravino - Andrea, I could sit and watch your video’s for hours!!! Everything just flows onto your page so beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing.22. January 2015 – 15:57

Christina Condy - May I ask what it is you are using for the stars and the words. It looked almost like paste, but I thought there must be an art material that I don’t have in my collection. Thanks!24. January 2015 – 06:51

Mixed Media Wallpaper: You Are Loved

Sooo … since I still had my Winter-Owl Wallpaper on my Desktop & Phone I decided it’s about time for some Change – time for a new, fresh Wallpaper – right? And I thought with February fast approaching a Love / Valentines Theme would be perfect … so I had some Mixed Media Fun today […]

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Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - Hello Andrea, I just so love the way you sketch, paint and finish off your art. When I am not so overwhelmed by other things, it is my intention to purchase your ‘sketch your life’ class. Thank you for sharing your process.12. January 2015 – 03:33

jean sandford - Thank you so much for the wallpaper Andrea,its already on my computer
jean12. January 2015 – 08:01

Charlotte Brochu - I have just recently found your site here and I wanted to thank you for all the work that you put into doing these videos and tutorials on your blog. Your work is amazing and that you share your talent so freely is inspiring. This gift of the screensaver is so thoughtful. I have it up and it makes me happy too! I am spending time each day going back through your blog and what I see just astounds me. So thank you again! :)13. January 2015 – 15:09

Marian Nieboer - Thank you very much!!14. January 2015 – 21:58

Ruth Guthrie - I love this. I’m putting this on my iphone and laptop.15. January 2015 – 00:48

coco.nut - thank you for that, I put it on my laptop and my telephone! I love the colours and the words make me smile!23. January 2015 – 14:09

Lisa - Thank you for the wallpaper “You are loved ” I have it on my iMac i was wondering if I could use that on my cover photo on my FB ?? Thank you11. February 2015 – 01:05

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Lisa – with Credit given (Source-Link) you sure can :)11. February 2015 – 01:34

Linou Valy - Superbe, merci pour la vidéo…24. February 2015 – 08:07