The Documented Life Project 2015 – Artjournal Page: Colour

Another week has gone by … and we’re already in the 4th week of January – can you believe it? So – besides working on some fun stuff for an upcoming Online Class (which you’ll LOVE – I’m sure about that – I’m really exciteted – lots of cuteness) I’ve created my 3rd Page in my […]

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Johanne Lacombe - It’s a very nice page. Love the tutorial. Thanks for sharing,22. January 2015 – 21:01

Jackie Beeman - Love watching you create! Do you have a list of products you are using? Is that gesso you are mixing the gelatos with?22. January 2015 – 22:41

Claudene Moore - Outstanding! I love all the wonderful textures and colors….and quote. Claudene22. January 2015 – 23:52

Karen Nowviskie - Love this! Would like to know the products you used.23. January 2015 – 00:13

Jan Ecclestone - Such a soft spread…love the colours and the raised bits. Beautiful.23. January 2015 – 06:12

Jackie Beeman - Thanks Andrea Gomoll24. January 2015 – 01:08

Kat Rogers - such yummy color!24. January 2015 – 06:41

Mika J Sperring Power - Beautiful! I stumbled upon your blog about 2 weeks ago and all I can say is WOW! I love your work. I promptly ordered your Faceinating girls 1 class & I cannot wait to get my stamps. I did not see where I could have done the combined shipping for classes 1 and 2, oh darn. lol I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen about you and your classes. I think they’re just so unique compared to other offerings, well I guess that’s the point tho, right? Thank you for sharing your art with the world! :)26. January 2015 – 16:22

NEW Clearstamps for Snailmail Fun: The heARTmail Clearstamp Set

I’m super excited to present my new Clearstamp-Set: heARTmail – the world need more Happymail I designed the Clearstamp Set with lots of fun Happymail in mind … isn’t it the best thing ever to open your Mailbox and – besides all this boring mail & bills – you spot that ONE perfect, fun, creative […]

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Kerstin Christoph - Hallo, einfach klasse!18. January 2015 – 11:23

Tora Geirs - These look so amazing that I just had to buy them, I never do anything like this LOL LOL But wow I love these, Hope they will be in my mailbox later today hahahahaha joking I hope I´ll see them there very soon though.18. January 2015 – 11:49

Suzu - ach sind die süß. Da kriegt man Lust seine eigenen Stempel zu designen <318. January 2015 – 12:50

Johanne Lacombe - They’re so cute. Love them.18. January 2015 – 18:29

FACEcinating Girls Volume 1 and Volume 2 COMBI-PACK

Since you keep asking about combined shipping / signing up for both of my FACEcinating Girls Online Classes I thought it’s about time for a lovely Combi-Package-Deal …   You can find the Class Info about FACEcinating Girls Volume 1 here and the Class Info about FACEcinating Girls Volume 2 here (both Classes will be included in the Package). […]

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Nathalie JANVIER - I think I’ll signup soon. I really like everything you do!!
I live in France near Toulouse, will I receive the stamps?16. January 2015 – 12:20

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Nathalie Sure the Stamps which are included also ship to France – worldwide shipping is included.16. January 2015 – 13:49

Nathalie JANVIER - Thank you! I already signed up!16. January 2015 – 14:09

b - i already joined part one and have the stamps …. is there another price for those who already belong to one class?16. January 2015 – 22:51

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @B Working on a Discount-Signup for Students of Volume 1 as well – will be online shortly …17. January 2015 – 00:58

Kathleen - Hi,
How long is this offer valid?
Because I have to wait a few weeks…17. January 2015 – 10:25

Cre8tiveCre8tions - It’s a permanent offer … @Kathleen17. January 2015 – 21:04

The Documented Life Project 2015 – Artjournal Page: Beginning

Last night it was time for some artsy fun in my Studio again … like last week – just a little date with myself – playing with paints & co. and havin’ some fun … again  a Mixed Media Artjournal Page inspired by Challenge No. 2 of the Documented Life Project – the Challenge was using Gesso in […]

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Sabine Probst - Ganz arg schön! Vielen Dank fürs Teilen und auch dafür, dass du uns so oft an deinem Prozess teilhaben lässt.13. January 2015 – 20:38

Paula Decker Haynes - Thanks for sharing. It was amazing to watch you do this and it is beautiful113. January 2015 – 20:41

Nicole Fortin - My lands, your work is stunning!!!13. January 2015 – 21:10

Claire Harrison - Fantastic to watch how you build up the layers :)13. January 2015 – 22:59

Tora Geirs - That was amazing video and amazing work. Thank you so much for sharing. This is just so beautiful.13. January 2015 – 23:10

Ann Webb Bradford - So incredible!!! Thank you for sharing the process.14. January 2015 – 00:03

Ruth Guthrie - Just gorgeous.14. January 2015 – 01:53

angiesuez - so inspiring! thanx for sharing yourself14. January 2015 – 03:55

Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - I just love how you achieve the end result, all the lovely layers.14. January 2015 – 04:50

Felicityg - I could you build layers all day!! Sensational art journal page! 14. January 2015 – 06:33

Marie - You video is AMAZING….. You are an amazing artist…. I can not find the good Word to describe my emotions when I am listenning your video….

Luv from Montreal Québec Canada14. January 2015 – 23:53

Kat Rogers - Thank you for this!!! watching your process with gesso and ink was EXACTLY what I needed to get started on a project that’s been stumping me! so beautiful, Andrea!15. January 2015 – 15:58

Lisa Ciaravino - Andrea, I could sit and watch your video’s for hours!!! Everything just flows onto your page so beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing.22. January 2015 – 15:57

Christina Condy - May I ask what it is you are using for the stars and the words. It looked almost like paste, but I thought there must be an art material that I don’t have in my collection. Thanks!24. January 2015 – 06:51

Mixed Media Wallpaper: You Are Loved

Sooo … since I still had my Winter-Owl Wallpaper on my Desktop & Phone I decided it’s about time for some Change – time for a new, fresh Wallpaper – right? And I thought with February fast approaching a Love / Valentines Theme would be perfect … so I had some Mixed Media Fun today […]

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Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - Hello Andrea, I just so love the way you sketch, paint and finish off your art. When I am not so overwhelmed by other things, it is my intention to purchase your ‘sketch your life’ class. Thank you for sharing your process.12. January 2015 – 03:33

jean sandford - Thank you so much for the wallpaper Andrea,its already on my computer
jean12. January 2015 – 08:01

Charlotte Brochu - I have just recently found your site here and I wanted to thank you for all the work that you put into doing these videos and tutorials on your blog. Your work is amazing and that you share your talent so freely is inspiring. This gift of the screensaver is so thoughtful. I have it up and it makes me happy too! I am spending time each day going back through your blog and what I see just astounds me. So thank you again! :)13. January 2015 – 15:09

Marian Nieboer - Thank you very much!!14. January 2015 – 21:58

Ruth Guthrie - I love this. I’m putting this on my iphone and laptop.15. January 2015 – 00:48

coco.nut - thank you for that, I put it on my laptop and my telephone! I love the colours and the words make me smile!23. January 2015 – 14:09

One little Word 2015 – The Documented Life Project 2015 – Artjournal Page: Embrace

First of all – since this is my first Blogpost of the new Year 2015 – I’m wishing you all a happy & healthy New Year 2015 – may it hold many positive & fantastic things in store for each and everyone of you! So – new Year – new Goals – new Habits – […]

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LbCrafter - Really beautiful! Love your work! TFS4. January 2015 – 11:18

Cristỉña Gàbriella - Mine is………………………….COURAGE! :) Let’s have a wonderful 2015, dear Andrea!4. January 2015 – 12:48

jade Scarlett - This is an awesome page Andrea, thank you so much for sharing the process. Makes me want to join the Documented Life and go make my own page ☺4. January 2015 – 15:07

Johanne Lacombe - Vey beautiful page. I love it. Great tutorial..4. January 2015 – 15:11

April Lopez - my word is JOY. My dad passed away in October from cancer. I was his caregiver for 4 years. The last 2 weeks of his life the cancer was affecting his brain. It was hard. It was sad. I’m ready for happiness and I’m focusing on joy this year.4. January 2015 – 15:18

Suzy Cayenne - lovely page, Andrea! so much energy. I think you are very good at embracing life…5. January 2015 – 02:33

Nadine Todd Hovde - Nice to see some one else’s take on the DLP Challange. My word of this year is Happiness! I need to take more time for me and do what makes me happy.5. January 2015 – 03:33

Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - I loved watching how you put this page together…it is so lovely.5. January 2015 – 04:06

Felicity wilson - Thank you Andrea for sharing your heart on the art journal page ! I love the process so much. I haven’t chosen a word yet, but am thinking on it so I can do an art journal page too! Take care ❤️5. January 2015 – 12:43

Bernie Williams - My word is… Really simple, but I need to do more this year-of everything :). Nice page Andrea!7. January 2015 – 23:25

The Documented Life Project 2015 – Artjournal Page: Beginning » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] night it was time for some artsy fun in my Studio again … like last week – just a little date with myself – playing with paints & co. and havin’ some […]13. January 2015 – 20:50

Websters Pages Planner Designteam 2015

I’m really happy and super excited to be Part of the Websters Pages Planner Designteam 2015. The minute I saw their Color Crush Planners I fell in love and I knew immediately that I need to have one – not to mention the beautiful Inserts & Dividers they offer …! Normally I don’t apply for Designteams […]

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Jacqueline Pexton - Wish I could afford one.29. December 2014 – 00:49

Judi Pennington - Beautiful!29. December 2014 – 14:04

elise - Can’t wait to see all your creations.2. January 2015 – 00:13

Goodbye’s the saddest word …

It was a sad sad Christmas, because on December 25th my dear Dad passed away. There’s so much pain right now that it’s hard to find words … but I know he’ll be watching over us now, he will send us the strength we need to go through this hard time and one Day we’ll […]

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Stephanie Werner - I’m so sorry to hear that. Blessed be.28. December 2014 – 23:19

Susie Morris - I’m so sorry Andrea that you lost your dad. Truly I understand and can only imagine what your going through. Please accept my condolences and know that you are thought of and loved.28. December 2014 – 23:27

Ruth Guthrie - Oh, Andrea. My heart breaks for you. I’m really at a loss for words. I’m praying for you and your family.29. December 2014 – 00:40

Carolyn - I am deeply sorry for the loss of your father. May you find comfort in memories and may you always be surrounded by love and support.29. December 2014 – 01:51

Amulino - Liebe Andrea,
es ist schwer die passenden Worte zu finden, um Dir Trost zu spenden. Vielleicht hilft es Dir, wenn Du weißt, dass viele so wie ich, die regelmäßig Deinen Blog verfolgen, mit Dir fühlen. Auch wenn wir uns persönlich nicht kennen, so möchte man Dich doch am liebsten umarmen, ganz so wie Du es in Deinem Wort für das nächste Jahr beschrieben hast. Ich wünsche Dir ganz viel Kraft für die Tage, die vor Dir liegen. Ich hoffe, Deine kreative Energie kann Dir bei der Bewältigung der Vergangenheit etwas helfen und wird Dir im Neuen Jahr erfreulichere Dinge eröffnen. Ganz liebe Grüße. Ich denke an Dich.
Anke29. December 2014 – 01:58

Kay Zeeh - I am so sorry for your loss Andrea. It’s very painful to lose a parent. You’re in my prayers.29. December 2014 – 03:34

Bianca GD - Ganz herzliches Beileid liebe Andrea und viel Kraft für die schwere Zeit!!! Ganz dolle Umarmung!!
Ich denk an dich!
Bili29. December 2014 – 06:13

Jolande - Oh Andrea I am so sorry that you lost your dad. I hope you will find a little bit comfort in beautiful memories. I keep you and your family in my thoughts and send you a virtual big hug.29. December 2014 – 09:59

Dina - Liebe Andrea,
wir kennen uns nicht persönlich, dennoch möchte ich Dir mein tiefes Mitgefühl aussprechen. Es ist so schwer einen geliebten Menschen zu verlieren und ich wünsche Dir viel Kraft und Zuversicht für die nächste Zeit. Ich hoffe, es gibt viele schöne Erinnerungen an die Du denken kannst.
Herzliche Grüße, Dina29. December 2014 – 23:24

Suzanne O'Mullan - Dear Andrea, When I saw this, it made me cry. I don’t have any wise words or anything that could even possibly help to take any of your pain away. I just had to post to say that I am so sorry – especially on a Holiday such as Christmas.
Please know that I (and my son Danny) will keep you in our nightly prayers to pray for strength. I have already printed this beautiful post of yours so that when we pray tonight – Danny will have his visuals for praying (he needs to understand everything in pictures – he has severe autism and profound mental retardation) – however, I hope he has some sort of impact (more than I) with the man upstairs for you and your family!!!!!!!29. December 2014 – 23:27

Bibi van Ommeren - Wishing you all the best!30. December 2014 – 08:39

Petra Peters - Liebe Andrea, my condolences, and also for your family! Hugs! X30. December 2014 – 09:06

Susan Weigel - Liebe Andrea, mein herzlichstes Beileid. Ganz viel Kraft und Liebe um durch die schwere Zeit zu kommen.31. December 2014 – 11:45

Maureen - Liebe Andrea, ich denke an dich und deine Familie und wünsche euch ganz viel Kraft und Liebe! Maureen31. December 2014 – 13:03

jean sandford - Sorry to hear your sad news Andria,i hope the new year brings calmer waters
Jean31. December 2014 – 17:11

Kat Rogers - My deepest condolences to you, and am sending warming thoughts your way.5. January 2015 – 01:36

Delmy Lorena Chinchilla - Liebe Andrea. I am very sorry. Sending you love and hugs.7. January 2015 – 03:12

Newsletter-vlog No. 2 – Happy Holidays from me to you

So here it is – Merry Christmas … I just wanted to share one last Blogpost before the festive Days roll around … I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas (if you’re celebrating) – I hope you will spend some wonderful Days with your loved ones and will make some lovely […]

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Barb Tower - Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays to you. Love your new space. So exciting!! See you in 2015!!24. December 2014 – 16:44

Jen - Happy holidays to you and your family25. December 2014 – 09:52

Bianca GD - Thank you so much dear Andrea!! Ich wünsche dir und deinen Liebsten auch noch weiterhin wundervolle Feiertage und alles alles Gute für das neue Jahr, mit viel Liebe, Glück, Gesundheit, Erfolg und Kreativität!! Eine riesen grosse Umarmung
Bili25. December 2014 – 10:45

Dina - Danke für Deinen persönlichen Newsleter-Vlog. Ich glaube ich verstehe sehr gut, was Du meinst. Wir haben in diesem Jahr innerhalb weniger Wochen beide Schwiegereltern verloren und mittendrin kam unsere zweite Tochter zur Welt. Trauer und Freude also direkt beeinander. Deshalb war mein Wort für 2014 auch “Neuanfang”. Für das neue Jahr habe ich mich noch nicht festgelegt, mal schauen, was passt. Ein paar Tage habe ich ja noch. ;-) Alles Gute für Dich!26. December 2014 – 12:18

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 17th

My December Daily Artjournal Page for December 17th … inspired by those two cute little scandinavian Dolls we have hung to our Tree this Year. Really like them – they look so cute – so I just had to sketch them for my DD       VIDEO (if you only see a blank space […]

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jean sandford - love these doll22. December 2014 – 06:43

Karen M. Roth - you are beautiful and so are your sketches! Can’t wait to see them all :-D24. December 2014 – 00:41

Suzy Cayenne - Loved seeing this! Happy New Year to you and yours :)27. December 2014 – 21:22

Video-Update on my Planners & a Look inside my new Midori Travelers Notebook

I hate to x-post … but with some things it’s just hard to decide whether to put them up here or on my The Mintgreen Polkadot Blog (I know the Day would come – handling two Blogs with different yet somehow similar topics) … so … I x-post this time … hope you don’t mind […]

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jean sandford - I thought I was the only one with half a dozen different planners LOL22. December 2014 – 06:50

Ruth Guthrie - Love seeing how you organize. Your English is much better than my Deutsch. You are awesome. People who complain need to get a life. lol23. December 2014 – 04:53

Sheila Boone Elzey - I found you on Lifebook 2014–I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait to take all of your classes! I love your planners! xo27. December 2014 – 13:59

forey - I do not use organizer for several years but seeing the video I want to reuse and above all to personalize it.
Thank you for these ideas and I have no problem with your English that I find very good.29. December 2014 – 17:37

Deborah Nolan - Thank you for taking the time and effort to make your videos. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who complain and those who don’t; the former usually contribute to the world, and the latter are almost always lazy do-nothings. I don’t speak a second language, and I’m always terribly impressed with anyone who has the wits and, more importantly, the COMMITMENT to learn a new language. I’m honored that you’ve chosen to learn English and love that you use it in your videos; I also find your accent charming. Those who complain about your accent or your “imperfect” English or your decision to make a video in English are rude and ungrateful. I mean, really, what have any of them contributed to the Blogosphere lately? ZIP. ZERO. NADA. So you just keep doing your thing and don’t let the jealous haters of the world bring you down – just have pity on their inability to contribute anything positive or to appreciate the good work of others.9. January 2015 – 16:33

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 14th

Haven’t been drawing a Girl in quite a while, so it was about time again – so my December Daily Artjournal Page for December 14th turned out to be a little Winter Girl – love her with her cute Wool-Hat and her fluffy scarf … and lots of Glitter again – actually the first time […]

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Dina Fettig - This is absolutely wonderful – and again I love the video!17. December 2014 – 09:05

Jean Sandford - great video thanks for the inspiration,will be sure to try this one17. December 2014 – 12:54

Mona Kuhaneck Pendleton - She is gorgeous Andrea! Happy Holidays!17. December 2014 – 15:01

Carole Cometto - C’est absolument magnifique, merci pour la vidéo21. December 2014 – 15:00

Kat Rogers - I’m so behind on your videos!! but I think my sweetie and I are going to do some Christmas art on Christmas Eve…and I am REALLY hoping that you’ll do a flip video for the end of the year! That is SUCH a treat! Merry Christmas!21. December 2014 – 17:36

jean sandford - I love this thanks Andria for taking the time to do this when your just as busy as everybody else22. December 2014 – 06:47

Dina - Hallo Andrea, darf ich Dich fragen, welche Neocolor-Farbe Du für das Gesicht verwendet hast? Frohe restliche Weihnachten, Dina26. December 2014 – 11:47

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Dina – da nutze ich immer die Farbe “Salmon” (Lachs) sehr gern – wie auch in diesem Fall.26. December 2014 – 23:19

Dina - Super, danke für den Tipp. Ich habe mir jetztnoch die Farbe “flesh” bestellt. Mal sehen, wie das raus kommt.27. December 2014 – 19:14

New Sketchbook I’m so in love with: Midori

If you’re taking my Sketch your Life Online Class, you know what my favourite Sketchbooks are … I just LOVE the Moleskine Sketchbooks & Watercolor Sketchbooks and the small Sketchbooks / Travel Sketchbooks by Hahnemühlen … but I just found a new Love … the Midori Travelers Notebook. Many people use it as a Planner […]

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Bili's Welt - Looks great! I love leather Sketchbooks! They have such a special and vintage looking….love it ;)16. December 2014 – 05:57

Sabine Schneider - Oh, das ist ja toll. Kannst du mir verraten, wo du das tolle Sketchbook her hast. Das wäre supernett! Vielen Dank! Viele liebe Grüße, Sabine16. December 2014 – 07:20

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Sabine – sehr gern – ich habe ihn hier bestellt: Ging super fix mit der Lieferung – war am nächsten Tag schon hier :)16. December 2014 – 15:02

Judi Pennington - I have one of these and love it! Which pen holder are you using on the cover? It doesn’t look like the metal midori pen holder that I saw on line. Yours appears to be leather. Thanks.16. December 2014 – 15:07

Dina Fettig - That’s a very nice sketchbook. I also love the Stillmann & Birn sketchbooks. Have you ever tried them? they are not as cool as this one but for example the Zeta is perfekt for watercolor. Its white and has a very smooth surface. I really like it and it is available in different formats (and I’m no retailer or something like that, just a fan :-)).17. December 2014 – 10:19

Judi Pennington - Okay thanks!17. December 2014 – 13:43

jean sandford - I like the midori but I to wondered about the paper22. December 2014 – 06:45

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 11th

Is it just me or do the days even pass faster the closer we get to Christmas?!? Only 9 Days left and still so much to do, to organize, to buy, to wrap … but still – taking some time for “me” and my Art every Day helps me to stay relaxed and to keep […]

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Felicity wilson - I love your daily December videos!! Thank you once agin!! ❤️15. December 2014 – 23:15

Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - Loving how you are sketching your Christmas…so inspiring.16. December 2014 – 02:56

Cecile Dougherty - Love your art and thank you so much for sharing it. You are truly an inspiration. Merry Christmas!16. December 2014 – 17:58

Elise Cralli - This piece is so inspiring! I’ve been wanting to watercolor ornaments all month long. I love how you used the masking fluid to get the highlights. I have yet to use mine. This makes want to give it a try.19. December 2014 – 22:52

DIY: quick Flower Pots and cute Lightbulb Banner

You know that Feeling when some things just take on their own life? You don’t actually plan something but then you just do it and it turns out pretty cute? That’s exactly one of those Projects … I didn’t planned that AT ALL … it just kind of fell into place … first I grabbed […]

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Bianca GD - So eine lässige Idee! Manchmal kann man mit ganz einfachen Dingen so etwas tolles zauber! Super gemacht ;)
Bili12. December 2014 – 05:41

Cynthia Rainbowlady Yeomans - Just so cute love it xx12. December 2014 – 20:45

maria f. - Guten Tag Andrea!
Nice to meet you. Came here from your wonderful cardinal Birdie Art at “a little birdie told me”. Happy holidays. Love what you did with your little poinsettias.27. December 2014 – 19:25

Free Christmas Printables for you

So … it’s time to start wrapping Christmas Presents – isn’t it?!? Yesterday I sat down to doodle some Images to use on Gift Tags and I thought you might like to use them as well – so I put them together into a PDF File for you to download & print if you like them […]

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Bianca GD - Wow that’s so cool! Thank you so much dear Andrea….love it!!
big hug
Bili11. December 2014 – 13:18

Cynthia Rainbowlady Yeomans - How kind and generous of you Andrea… thanks sooo much. Really good of you when it is such a busy time. Much love Cynthia x11. December 2014 – 14:12

Kay Zeeh - I love these! Thank you Andrea for being so sweet. :)11. December 2014 – 16:48

jean sandford - Thanks Andrea these will go great in my Christmas planner
jean11. December 2014 – 19:28

Baukje - Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your beautiful images Andrea. x11. December 2014 – 21:13

lawinchen kreativ - Hallo Andrea,
Wow, wunderschön. Vielen lieben Dank dafür.
Liebe Grüße
Andrea11. December 2014 – 22:02

Rita Damiani - You are so generous. Just wonderful. Thank you.11. December 2014 – 22:29

DIY: quick Flower Pots and cute Lightbulb Banner » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] I created my Printables which I shared yesterday and there was this cute Lightbulb Sketch and this made me remember those little green Lightbulbs my […]12. December 2014 – 00:33

Barb Tower - These are wonderful. I am going to use these on my daughters Christmas gifts. Thank you Andrea for your generosity! Happy Holidays to you!12. December 2014 – 00:40

Fiona van Buuren - Thank you Andrea. Love your work. I guess I’d better go practice my painting. Happy Christmas.12. December 2014 – 09:37

Elvan Noyan Lehrach - Deine Printouts sind ja sooo genial, liebe Andrea!! Ich werde sie mir sofort ausdrucken!! Sie sind tolll für meine Weihnachtskarten, Geschenke-Tags, mein December Daily und viele ander tolle Sachen!! Vielen Dank!! Jetzt brauche ich noch diese coole Glühbirnen und dann freue ich mich schon richtig, Dich beim CJS 2015 wiederzusehen, wenn auch nur online!!

Liebe Grüße,

Elvan :-)12. December 2014 – 10:02

Marian Nieboer - Wonderful!! Thank you so much!12. December 2014 – 10:50

Trish Hilbrand - These are wonderful! Thanks!!!12. December 2014 – 16:24

Magda Bouwman - thank you so much. they are beautifull and lovely.12. December 2014 – 22:14

Vicki Dampier McMahan - Thank you so much! These are adorable! Will be using some on my art journal and some for tags!.12. December 2014 – 22:30

Jade Scarlett - Those are so adorable! Thank you so much for sharing with us Andrea ☺️13. December 2014 – 02:48

angiesuez - These are just so great!!! thanx so much once again.13. December 2014 – 03:30

Sanne - Wow, thank you so much! you made my day :)13. December 2014 – 09:49

Suzanne O'Mullan - Thank you very much! I am sure to use these to decorate my filofax for the Christmas Holidays!!!!! You are so very talented!!!!13. December 2014 – 15:09

Karen M Roth - Thanks for sharing this with us. I wish I could take your classes, but unfortunately, all my money is being eaten by my multiple illnesses. I truly admire and appreciate your talent for drawing.24. December 2014 – 01:45

Elise Cralli - These are so cute! I’m going to use them as inspiration for water coloring – especially the ornaments. Thanks so much for creating these and sharing them.24. December 2014 – 18:56

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 8th

Today it’s all about yummy Christmas Cookies in my December Daily Artjournal. This year we’ve been trying out many different Christmas Cookie recipes already (have to make my new Kitchen Aid work for the Money I spend on it, right?!?) – so a Page about some Cookies was on top of my “want to do” […]

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Cristỉña Gàbriella - Love it! Love it! YUM! I’m having a cup of coffee while watching this video! I would sure love to have some cookies along with the coffee, but I rather stay away of any processed sweeties like these goodies here! (glycemic level going up too fast!)9. December 2014 – 10:42

Dina Fettig - Diiie sehen aber lecker aus. :) Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen und auch für das Video. Ich schaue Deine “Making-Ofs” sehr, sehr gerne an.10. December 2014 – 10:43

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 5th

Let’s go on with the next December Daily Artjournal Page – this time I felt like doing some Mixed Media Stuff – needed to get my fingers all messy with Paint & Ink & Modeling Paste … it was just that kind of a Day     As always when I’m doing Mixed Media, I […]

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Bianca GD - Danke liebe Andrea für die Inspiration! Es ist interessant zuzuschauen, wie das Werk entsteht und du dann auf einmal einen ‘Richtungswechsel’ machst. Frohe Adventszeit!!
Herzlich Bili7. December 2014 – 07:44

felicity - Andrea, Andrea Andrea…. You are AWESOME!!! You know why?? You just showed me lots and lots of different ways to use my silk paints!! I have these for so long and just didn’t know what to do with them. ThaNk You… I am so going to play with my silks in my daily December. THANKYOU. Have a good day XO7. December 2014 – 11:04

Kat Rogers - Fun! it’s so cool how your pages have different styles!8. December 2014 – 02:19

Cristỉña Gàbriella - I love this¡ Loved last year and I even wondered last week: will Andrea make another December journal this year¡ ? Well,….here it is¡ :)8. December 2014 – 13:13

Rita - Super. Also learnt so much. Thx9. December 2014 – 06:27

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 3rd

So here we go with my Artjournal Page for December 3rd … I wanted to paint a red cardinal for so long and somehow never did – so I was super excited to create one for this December Daily Artjournal … love how this beautiful Bird turned out … hope you’ll enjoy the Page and […]

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Dawn Malson Gavlinski - Love, love, love your work! Thank you for graciously sharing with us!4. December 2014 – 22:41

Karen Meyer Robinson - Stunning work!4. December 2014 – 23:17

Kay Frenzer-Zeeh - Beautiful – I love the look of watercolor and ink.5. December 2014 – 00:52

Rita - Just beautiful. I like be your art and how you present it. Thank you so much.5. December 2014 – 03:46

Kat Rogers - This reminds me of something I saw last week, while walking my dog…ten robins (5 pairs) splashing in a puddle of melted snow…we have lots of cardinals here, too, and they show up beautifully against the snow :)13. December 2014 – 04:51

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 2nd

In Germany it’s Tradition to put up the Christmas Tree pretty late in December (I remember from my Childhood putting them up on December 23rd and some Families even put it up on December 24th in the Morning …) – but over the past years we kind of broke with that Tradition because – let’s […]

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Kat Rogers - ooh, can’t wait to go through the video! love this sketch/journal page!4. December 2014 – 00:28

Ruth Guthrie - Beautiful pages. I think most Americans put their trees up fairly early to enjoy them. (I think Halloween is TOO early though) When I lived in Germany as an exchange student my German parents put the tree up on Christmas Eve and lit candles on the tree. It was beautiful, but I’d rather enjoy it for several weeks.4. December 2014 – 00:41

Petra P - So beautiful! A white tree……..must be wonderful!4. December 2014 – 09:53

Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - I have not put up my tree…but watching this is helping me to get the Christmas spirit. Thank you.4. December 2014 – 11:42

Kerstin Christoph - Einmalig!4. December 2014 – 16:17

Karen R - Absolutely beautiful watercoloring! Love your tree!4. December 2014 – 16:41

Rita - Just beautiful. Love it. Thanks for sharing this.5. December 2014 – 04:41

10 December Daily Alternatives | Lisa Moorefield - […] a holiday book to create an art journal or album […]6. December 2014 – 05:13