South England Road-Trip …

You might have seen it on Instagram & Facebook already if you follow me there … we toured South England with our little car during the last 2 weeks and it really was a wonderful trip filled with lots of relaxing, good food (well – except the english breakfast – sorry british gals – but […]

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Jan - Tolle Bilder (Fotos und Aquarelle), muss ein toller Urlaub gewesen sein…! Nur schade, dass Du alles in Englisch schreibst…

Ganz liebe Grüsse aus Hamburg
Jan19. September 2014 – 14:53

Jolande - Beautiful photo’s and your art is wonderful as always.
I completely understand your feelings about the breakfast lol
Nice to read that you also are a cacher. I love it that it brings you to the most unexpected and beautiful places that you otherwise never would have visited.

Greetings from Jolande19. September 2014 – 15:41

Andrene - Awesome photos and scenery. The one of you with your hand in your hair is a beautiful photo!19. September 2014 – 23:44

Ursula Wollenberg - It would be so fun to have monthly inspiration from all you wonderful artists. I paint in both watercolor and acrylics. Would love to win a spot in this class!! 20. September 2014 – 15:11

2 quick Mixed Media Cards

Just wanted to share with you real quick two Mixed Media Cards I made a couple of Days ago … just very simple – some Mixed Media Background (Gelliplate Printed) – some Collage – some Watercolor – and some fun Embellishments (by Prima Marketing / Finnabair) … that’s it … quick & easy but I […]

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Julie Dabb Pencak - It would be so awesome to win a spot and to learn from you! Joined Life Book in 2014-it has been been my saving grace-can’t think of being with out it! Can’t wait for your classes!22. September 2014 – 11:16

Are you ready for Lifebook 2015?

    I’m so excited & happy to announce that I was asked to be part of Lifebook 2015. You can imagine – I’m doing a big happy dance, since to me Lifebook is definitely one of the best collaborative online classes around. I’ve been signed up myself as a student for the last 3 years, because […]

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Kim Connors McDonald - It is very encouraging to hear that you were a Life Booker too. Looking forward to 2015.8. September 2014 – 23:10

Lynda Norton - Great to see another GREAT teacher on Lifebook:)9. September 2014 – 09:44

Debbie Duran Merhege - I’m very excited about Lifebook 2015. I can’t wait to see what lesson you will be teaching!9. September 2014 – 13:04

Cristỉña Gàbriella - Congrats, Andrea! I’m sure you have great content to share with those who buy LIFE BOOK. I may be one of the students, who knows? ;) 9. September 2014 – 19:06

Susan Salyer - I am happy for you. It must be so exciting to teach with others in this dynamic class Life Book..wishing you joy and happiness in your new journey.
susan s9. September 2014 – 22:47

Mary R Artist - CONGRATULATION I AM HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! :) 14. September 2014 – 17:06

Joy Matthews - it certainly is an exciting line up…congrats on being part of the team15. September 2014 – 18:37

Diane@Peaceful Acres Farm - Sounds like so much fun!!!16. September 2014 – 22:37

Carmen Lucero - So happy to see you will be one of the teachers in this amazing year-long workshop! I would love to win a spot!


Carmen17. September 2014 – 05:36

Linda Tieu - congrats and sounds like such fun – a yearlong creative play group – woohoo!17. September 2014 – 08:07

Carmen - i’m excited about your new opportunity. Sounds like a wonderful journey.18. September 2014 – 03:26

Cindy Tobey - Looks like fun!18. September 2014 – 17:12

Jackie - Yay! I’m thrilled you are a LB2015 teacher! I’d love to take part in it, I need to get back to myself discovery and my own personal identity.19. September 2014 – 17:47

Sue - Hi Andrea! I am so happy that you are one of the teachers over at LifeBook 2015! Congratulations and WooHoo! You are one of my favorite artists and I often stay up late at night watching your videos. I am very inspired by your work. I am hoping to win a spot in LB 2015, but if I don’t, I’ll probably sign up anyway, as it is such a great deal!19. September 2014 – 17:57

Cindy Palmer McPeak - I love learning how to use different methods and materials to create something that makes me happy. I find I’m much more intuitive and free in my work when I’m making art for myself. Please consider me for a spot in the Life Book 2015 class.20. September 2014 – 00:39

Marcie Aspras - Hi!! Can’t wait to see your lesson! I’d love to win a spot on Life Book 2015 because life without Life Book is like having a part of your heart missing. It would really hurt! Thanks for this chance to win!!20. September 2014 – 06:08

Bev Langby - Wow love your watercolour and coloured pencil work hope that’s what you will be teaching in Life Book 2015 and thanks for the giveaway….20. September 2014 – 06:41

Lifebook 2015 – Bloghop and a Giveaway » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] I already mentioned in my Blogpost on September 8th how super-duper-excited I am to be part of the 2015 Lifebook Teacher Team … it still feels […]20. September 2014 – 09:49

Alenka - i am a lifebook since very beginning ;) and this is a really awesome ecourse and community.. i learned so much, now i am hardly waiting for next year because there are so many incredible teachers and their artwork. congratulation for your line up ;)… wondering what you had preper for us.. hardly wait ;) 21. September 2014 – 16:26

Sandra Bilodeau - I am enjoying the blog hop very much, discovering wonderfully creative and inspiring artists and their blogs before LifeBook 2015 even begins. I hope to be joining in.
Cheers!21. September 2014 – 17:00

Claire Harrison - Sounds like an exciting group to be part of :) 23. September 2014 – 08:03

Latest Artjournal Projects: Colored Pencil Girl

The next Project I’d like to share with you is a smaller Artjournal Page where I worked mostly with Colored Pencils (only the Background is some Mixed Media) … I love to work with colored Pencil – it’s a process which takes a little longer (compared to working with Watercolor for example) – but it’s […]

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Peggy Chapin Bainbridge - TY for this…beautiful. What ws the grey onject you used…it seems wider than a pencil. Was it some kind of a Blender tool?19. September 2014 – 12:32

Bev Langby - Wow this is just stunning…20. September 2014 – 04:42

Coleen Franks - This is so beautiful. 20. September 2014 – 07:28

Latest Artjournal Projects: Little Elf (Traveling Artjournal)

  Next Project I’d like to share with you is a little Elf I created in one of the Traveling Artjournals I received (I mentioned that a while ago in another Post – it’s a little 5×7 Artjournal send among a group of Mixed Media Artists and everybody adds one page & passes the Journal […]

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Coleen Franks - Oh, isn’t she cute. Love how you do the eyes.
20. September 2014 – 07:30

Latest Artjournal Projects: Kitty the Cat(lady)

  High Wedding Season = low posting season on my Blog … same procedure as every year … but those of you who follow me on Instagram or YouTube or Facebook know, that I haven’t done nothing creative at all over the past weeks – I was just to busy to get a Blogpost done […]

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Collaborative Art & Traveling Artjournals

I’m Part of a great Group of super-talented Ladies on Facebook who do collaborative Art Projects … over the last Months there where Groups of 3-4 People and we passed along Pieces of Art (all Face / Portrait themed)  in the Mail – one Person started a Page and mailed it out, the next one […]

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Le défouloir d'Adriane - great pages! 26. Juni 2014 – 20:06

Jane Ann Munnerlyn Harper - How much fun! GREAT pages! I am now in a Mail Art group…. 9 of us who met at ART IS YOU-DIXIE retreat in May… We are really enjoying it! I think I would be a bit shy about adding to other’s pages though!!27. Juni 2014 – 20:37

Judy Anderson - I don’t like them, I LOVE them.28. Juni 2014 – 17:07

Jessica Postema-Prinsen - Discovered your page yesterday for the first time, and what a beautiful artwork van i see here. Spending the next days on your blog and try to watch much as possible. Love it. 28. Juni 2014 – 17:19

Judy Anderson - I LOVE all of these faces and pages. Do you ever do travelling classes? Our Clipperstreet Scrapbook Store in Langley B.C. Canada, brings in many Artists for classes, and would love to see you come. We just did weekend classes with Dina Wakely, and had a great time.
In the meantime I am just looking at your online classes which look absolutely fabulous. I was also talking to one of the owners at Clipperstreet, Deanna, about you clear stamps of facial features. Which are absolutely brilliant.
I notice also, you use Pay Pal for your Video payments. Do you also accept just Visa payments?
Looking forward to hearing back from you and excited to start taking your classes.28. Juni 2014 – 18:59

Dawn Malson Gavlinski - Love it!!!!!1. Juli 2014 – 19:27

Alessandra Matthew - You are an amazing artist! Thanks for sharing thus with us!8. Juli 2014 – 17:21

Facebook Page vs. Facebook Group

  For quite a while now I own the Facebook Page … Those of you who have you own Facebook Page know how ridiculous “Pages” got over time – it seems like the only point of Pages lately is for Facebook to make money with them since they want you to pay for reaching your audience. […]

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New Clearstamp Set for Filofaxing & Project Life

Just wanted to share with you a Stamps-Set (only available in german – sorry) I designed for my dear Friends Kerstin’s Scrapbook Shop “Scrap Village” … it’s available in her shop in Berlin Tegel, as well as in her Online Shop – you can find it here …! I already played with it in my […]

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Amante del Papel - amazing stamps!16. Juni 2014 – 23:27

Fabella - Oh wie schön, danke für die Vorstellung, da muss ich direkt mal schauen gehen! ..8. August 2014 – 08:26

CreativeMag - Wonderful stamps, Andrea! Too bad they are only in German. I’m going to check the website to see what other goodies are available! 1. September 2014 – 09:58

Wax Letter Seal Love

I’m really in love with using Wax Seals lately – not only on my Letters but also on my Art – on Tags, Scrapbook Pages, Mixed Media Canvas Art etc. I only recently discovered that there are so many fabulous Seal Stamps out there and that Sealing Wax is available in all the colors of […]

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Julie Davies - oooh so lovely – I might have to try this xxxs (I loved the one you sent with last penpal letter xxx11. Juni 2014 – 21:05

Bili - Wow cool, love it!! I really need to give it a try :)
Thank’s for the Inspiration!
big hug12. Juni 2014 – 07:54

Jamie - Hi,

I was wandering if you could put up a link to the website where i can buy this stuff. I tried to find it on but i couldn’t find out where i can design my own like you did, sooooo
Could you please please please please reply i’m literally in love with these and i wanted to order one with my bands logo on it.
Please please please please please tell me where i can get these21. September 2014 – 23:42

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Jamie – I got them from this Shop:

— Andrea22. September 2014 – 20:38

New Mixed Media Painting – Girl with Owl

  So – it’s been rather quiet here lately – which can only mean one thing: it’s summer – which means for me as a Wedding Photographer = main season. I’m having a lot of work on my plate right now – shooting weddings – editing thousands of photos – creating Photobooks – so sometimes […]

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Amante del Papel - Is super beautiful!!!11. Juni 2014 – 18:50

Laura Beth - Oh, my. Do you sell any of your pieces? I would kill for this. :) 12. Juni 2014 – 07:15

Eva Ramos Marquez - This is just beautiful. Love everything about your girl with Owl.14. Juni 2014 – 03:29

Irene Potter - Beautiful work and i just love it all.16. Juni 2014 – 20:35

Jodie Croft - Just love this, colours are so bright and happy, you are so clever, thanks for sharing your talent. 16. August 2014 – 08:09

Feature in Paper and Cotton Magazine

  I’m super excited about the new Issue of the Paper and Cotton Magazine. Some months ago the editor of the Magazine contacted me about doing a feature of my work & and interview and I happily agreed The e-Version of the Paper & Cotton Magazine is a free Magazine Download in PDF Format and […]

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Pat Zuccarelli - Hi Andrea

I am a parchment craft demonstrator and would like to purchase your face stamps as we are exploring the use of gelatos on parchment paper. Do we have access to your stamps in Australia.

Regards Pat5. Juni 2014 – 04:32

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Pat – unfortunately the Stamps are not sold seperately – the only come with my Online Classes – they are included in the classes and especially designed to go with the classes.8. Juni 2014 – 10:37

Video-Tutorial: Gelliplate Printed Mail-Art Envelopes

  One of the most fun-parts of Snailmail & Penpalling is definitely sending & receiving beautifully decorated, colorful envelopes … you open your Mailbox and inbetween all those plain white Letters with Billds & boring stuff you spot this ONE Letter which just makes you happy & which puts a smile on your face … […]

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Els Oomen - Love the envelopes
6. Mai 2014 – 11:39

Kay Beach - How could anyone not love receiving such a joyful piece in their mailbox!23. Mai 2014 – 09:28

Nikki - I just wanted to add to your list of mail art groups:

They are a wonderful group and you truly get some amazing artwork from around the world :).

Beautiful envelopes and I can’t wait to try it out too.11. Juni 2014 – 18:52

Becky Batchelder Forbes - What a cool idea to dress up Christmas envelops!13. Juni 2014 – 15:31

Creative Creations App – May Challenge

Super-excited to have Stampin’Up Germany on Board as a Sponsor for my Creative Creations App now … they will provide some super-lovely prices for future monthly App Challenges! The App-Challenge for May is up and the Theme for this Month is: Flower Power!  Share your creative Projects (Artjournaling, Mixed Media, Cards, Stamped Projects, Scrapbook Layouts, […]

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Magda viaene - Wil graag de nieuwsbrief ontvangen2. Mai 2014 – 15:01

Old Passion rediscovered … the joy of creative snailmail

Remember having a “Penpal” from your Childhood? Long before eMail, SMS, Skype etc.? This exciting feeling when you’ve been waiting for a letter and finally you found it waiting for you in your Mailbox?   I always loved having Penpals – as a Child – when I grew up – even some years ago I […]

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rachel - Oh wow wie wunderschön :-) Wo kann man siuch denn für solche Swaps anmelden??
Und würdest du mir verraten, wo du die weiße POSTAblage herhast? Die ist ja goldig.

Hach ich bin ganu verliebt in deine Fotos :-) 30. April 2014 – 18:43

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Rachel – wie gesagt – entweder über Swapbot (Link ist oben im Beitrag) – da gibt es die verschiedensten Swaps – da ist für jeden was dabei – ansonsten gibt es auch Facebook Gruppen zum Thema MailArt, Snailmail etc. – ich habe die meisten Tauschpartner direkt über Instagram gefunden :) Die Post-Ablagebox gibt es bei Xenos (diese und noch viele andere – die sind wunderschön!)30. April 2014 – 19:21

rachel - Ah danke für die Infos. Bei xenos war ich vor kurzem erst haben diewen tollen laden in der Stadt. Leider habr ich diewe Variante dabnicht gesehen. Aber du wirst sie sicher scuon länger haben oder?! Hachvdie ist so toll und genau so eine also von den fächern her suche ich.2. Mai 2014 – 15:45

Hannah - So wunderschön :) wirklich, gefällt mir sehr gut ^^
Woher sind denn die Stempel? :D 5. Mai 2014 – 13:44

Maria Medeiros - So beautiful! Very creative!15. Mai 2014 – 19:03

Macarons – Artjournal Page and Stationery Set

I LOVE Macarons … not even so much because I love to eat them but most of all because I just love to look at them – don’t you think they just look so cute?!? (same like cupcakes – don’t really like to eat them BUT LOVE to look at them) So – when I […]

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Raphaela Tellenbach - Dass is(s)t ist Seelennahrung pur ohne Kalorien und zaubert mir ein Lächeln nach einem trüberen tag ins Gesicht, lieben Dank dafür28. April 2014 – 20:08

Dara Lynn - I loooove her!!!! The color mediums are perfect and vibrant!!!30. April 2014 – 03:40


  Hope you’re all enjoying some lovely Easter-Days with Friends & Family?!? We definitely do – but I just wanted to quickly share 3 Watercolor Pictures I drew 2 Days ago – already shared them on my Instagram, but wanted to share them here as well – and since it wouldn’t make much sense to […]

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Jeanette Duke - I love your art! It is so much fun and very good!22. April 2014 – 00:44

Shiva Shakti - These are so awesome… thanks for sharing :D 22. April 2014 – 11:47

Instagram Blog Hop

  Welcome to the Instagram Blog Hop! If you’re new around here, the Instagram Blog Hop is a party where you link up your Instagram account, find and follow new Instagram friends, and be continually inspired by what you see in your Instagram feed! NOW ON SATURDAYS! No need to have a blog, just an […]

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Krafts and Kiddos - Love your mixed media, I love scrapbooking! I am stopping by from the Blog-Hop and so glad I did, love your site! Hope you have a great Easter weekend! 19. April 2014 – 15:33

Lisa Overduin - BEAUTIFUL work, Andrea! Wow! I received your swap from SWAP BOT and really love all that you sent! Thank you for the very nice letter as well! You’re an inspiration! :) SWAP-BOT ID: cerealgirl9. Mai 2014 – 06:37

Hoppy Easter – Mixed Media Canvas

  I always have a couple of Canvases up on Display in our Livingroom, I always use the latest Canvases or the ones I like best and rotate them / switch them out, so that there’s always some new art to look at. So now with Spring arriving and Easter just around the Corner it […]

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Amante del Papel - is so beautiful and amazing!!!3. April 2014 – 20:43

Fleur de Paix - Your work is sooo beautiful! Can you please tell me why the colors of your bunnygirl are much more intense after your printed her (like the pink on her cheeks)? Thank you for sharing your work and creations, it is so inspiring!4. April 2014 – 23:08

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Fleur de Paix – when I scan my artwork I sometimes do some color editing to the artwork (like brightness / darkness & saturation) before I print it – depending on the Look I’m going for. In this case the Pan Pastels seemed pretty dull after scanning the image, so I played a little with brightness / contrast & saturation until I liked the look to match it to the brighter, more intense colored Background.5. April 2014 – 01:59

Pao Mendez - I love it!5. April 2014 – 12:23

Vilma - Woo amazing!! I love you stile.5. April 2014 – 14:22

Fleur de Paix - Thank you for the info!

Your work truly is amazing!!!!6. April 2014 – 19:27

Claudia - Hi Andrea
I would like to purchase some paint pastels after I did watch your coloring video.
Could you please recommend some of the colours you seam to use most often?
Thank you8. April 2014 – 21:26

Claudia - Hallo Andrea,
Ich habe letzte woche dein video angeschaut in dem du zeigst wie Engelsfluegel zu deinem Maedchen einzeichnest. Du hast auf dem project auch ein tulpen tissue paper in de necked verwendet,

Ich moechte Mir das video nochmals genau an sehen und kann es aber nicht mehr Bei youtube finden. Kannst du Mir bitte Helfen?

Dank dir
Claudia10. April 2014 – 06:12

Jeanette Duke - I have just found you and I absolutely love your mixed media! It’s beautiful and love your you tube12. April 2014 – 20:24

F O L L O W   &   S U B S C R I B E