December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 14th

Haven’t been drawing a Girl in quite a while, so it was about time again – so my December Daily Artjournal Page for December 14th turned out to be a little Winter Girl – love her with her cute Wool-Hat and her fluffy scarf … and lots of Glitter again – actually the first time […]

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Dina Fettig - This is absolutely wonderful – and again I love the video!17. December 2014 – 09:05

Jean Sandford - great video thanks for the inspiration,will be sure to try this one17. December 2014 – 12:54

Mona Kuhaneck Pendleton - She is gorgeous Andrea! Happy Holidays!17. December 2014 – 15:01

New Sketchbook I’m so in love with: Midori

If you’re taking my Sketch your Life Online Class, you know what my favourite Sketchbooks are … I just LOVE the Moleskine Sketchbooks & Watercolor Sketchbooks and the small Sketchbooks / Travel Sketchbooks by Hahnemühlen … but I just found a new Love … the Midori Travelers Notebook. Many people use it as a Planner […]

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Bili's Welt - Looks great! I love leather Sketchbooks! They have such a special and vintage looking….love it ;)16. December 2014 – 05:57

Sabine Schneider - Oh, das ist ja toll. Kannst du mir verraten, wo du das tolle Sketchbook her hast. Das wäre supernett! Vielen Dank! Viele liebe Grüße, Sabine16. December 2014 – 07:20

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Sabine – sehr gern – ich habe ihn hier bestellt: Ging super fix mit der Lieferung – war am nächsten Tag schon hier :)16. December 2014 – 15:02

Judi Pennington - I have one of these and love it! Which pen holder are you using on the cover? It doesn’t look like the metal midori pen holder that I saw on line. Yours appears to be leather. Thanks.16. December 2014 – 15:07

Dina Fettig - That’s a very nice sketchbook. I also love the Stillmann & Birn sketchbooks. Have you ever tried them? they are not as cool as this one but for example the Zeta is perfekt for watercolor. Its white and has a very smooth surface. I really like it and it is available in different formats (and I’m no retailer or something like that, just a fan :-)).17. December 2014 – 10:19

Judi Pennington - Okay thanks!17. December 2014 – 13:43

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 11th

Is it just me or do the days even pass faster the closer we get to Christmas?!? Only 9 Days left and still so much to do, to organize, to buy, to wrap … but still – taking some time for “me” and my Art every Day helps me to stay relaxed and to keep […]

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Felicity wilson - I love your daily December videos!! Thank you once agin!! ❤️15. December 2014 – 23:15

Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - Loving how you are sketching your Christmas…so inspiring.16. December 2014 – 02:56

Cecile Dougherty - Love your art and thank you so much for sharing it. You are truly an inspiration. Merry Christmas!16. December 2014 – 17:58

Elise Cralli - This piece is so inspiring! I’ve been wanting to watercolor ornaments all month long. I love how you used the masking fluid to get the highlights. I have yet to use mine. This makes want to give it a try.19. December 2014 – 22:52

DIY: quick Flower Pots and cute Lightbulb Banner

You know that Feeling when some things just take on their own life? You don’t actually plan something but then you just do it and it turns out pretty cute? That’s exactly one of those Projects … I didn’t planned that AT ALL … it just kind of fell into place … first I grabbed […]

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Bianca GD - So eine lässige Idee! Manchmal kann man mit ganz einfachen Dingen so etwas tolles zauber! Super gemacht ;)
Bili12. December 2014 – 05:41

Cynthia Rainbowlady Yeomans - Just so cute love it xx12. December 2014 – 20:45

Free Christmas Printables for you

So … it’s time to start wrapping Christmas Presents – isn’t it?!? Yesterday I sat down to doodle some Images to use on Gift Tags and I thought you might like to use them as well – so I put them together into a PDF File for you to download & print if you like them […]

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Bianca GD - Wow that’s so cool! Thank you so much dear Andrea….love it!!
big hug
Bili11. December 2014 – 13:18

Cynthia Rainbowlady Yeomans - How kind and generous of you Andrea… thanks sooo much. Really good of you when it is such a busy time. Much love Cynthia x11. December 2014 – 14:12

Kay Zeeh - I love these! Thank you Andrea for being so sweet. :)11. December 2014 – 16:48

jean sandford - Thanks Andrea these will go great in my Christmas planner
jean11. December 2014 – 19:28

Baukje - Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your beautiful images Andrea. x11. December 2014 – 21:13

lawinchen kreativ - Hallo Andrea,
Wow, wunderschön. Vielen lieben Dank dafür.
Liebe Grüße
Andrea11. December 2014 – 22:02

Rita Damiani - You are so generous. Just wonderful. Thank you.11. December 2014 – 22:29

DIY: quick Flower Pots and cute Lightbulb Banner » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] I created my Printables which I shared yesterday and there was this cute Lightbulb Sketch and this made me remember those little green Lightbulbs my […]12. December 2014 – 00:33

Barb Tower - These are wonderful. I am going to use these on my daughters Christmas gifts. Thank you Andrea for your generosity! Happy Holidays to you!12. December 2014 – 00:40

Fiona van Buuren - Thank you Andrea. Love your work. I guess I’d better go practice my painting. Happy Christmas.12. December 2014 – 09:37

Elvan Noyan Lehrach - Deine Printouts sind ja sooo genial, liebe Andrea!! Ich werde sie mir sofort ausdrucken!! Sie sind tolll für meine Weihnachtskarten, Geschenke-Tags, mein December Daily und viele ander tolle Sachen!! Vielen Dank!! Jetzt brauche ich noch diese coole Glühbirnen und dann freue ich mich schon richtig, Dich beim CJS 2015 wiederzusehen, wenn auch nur online!!

Liebe Grüße,

Elvan :-)12. December 2014 – 10:02

Marian Nieboer - Wonderful!! Thank you so much!12. December 2014 – 10:50

Trish Hilbrand - These are wonderful! Thanks!!!12. December 2014 – 16:24

Magda Bouwman - thank you so much. they are beautifull and lovely.12. December 2014 – 22:14

Vicki Dampier McMahan - Thank you so much! These are adorable! Will be using some on my art journal and some for tags!.12. December 2014 – 22:30

Jade Scarlett - Those are so adorable! Thank you so much for sharing with us Andrea ☺️13. December 2014 – 02:48

angiesuez - These are just so great!!! thanx so much once again.13. December 2014 – 03:30

Sanne - Wow, thank you so much! you made my day :)13. December 2014 – 09:49

Suzanne O'Mullan - Thank you very much! I am sure to use these to decorate my filofax for the Christmas Holidays!!!!! You are so very talented!!!!13. December 2014 – 15:09

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 8th

Today it’s all about yummy Christmas Cookies in my December Daily Artjournal. This year we’ve been trying out many different Christmas Cookie recipes already (have to make my new Kitchen Aid work for the Money I spend on it, right?!?) – so a Page about some Cookies was on top of my “want to do” […]

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Cristỉña Gàbriella - Love it! Love it! YUM! I’m having a cup of coffee while watching this video! I would sure love to have some cookies along with the coffee, but I rather stay away of any processed sweeties like these goodies here! (glycemic level going up too fast!)9. December 2014 – 10:42

Dina Fettig - Diiie sehen aber lecker aus. :) Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen und auch für das Video. Ich schaue Deine “Making-Ofs” sehr, sehr gerne an.10. December 2014 – 10:43

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 5th

Let’s go on with the next December Daily Artjournal Page – this time I felt like doing some Mixed Media Stuff – needed to get my fingers all messy with Paint & Ink & Modeling Paste … it was just that kind of a Day     As always when I’m doing Mixed Media, I […]

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Bianca GD - Danke liebe Andrea für die Inspiration! Es ist interessant zuzuschauen, wie das Werk entsteht und du dann auf einmal einen ‘Richtungswechsel’ machst. Frohe Adventszeit!!
Herzlich Bili7. December 2014 – 07:44

felicity - Andrea, Andrea Andrea…. You are AWESOME!!! You know why?? You just showed me lots and lots of different ways to use my silk paints!! I have these for so long and just didn’t know what to do with them. ThaNk You… I am so going to play with my silks in my daily December. THANKYOU. Have a good day XO7. December 2014 – 11:04

Kat Rogers - Fun! it’s so cool how your pages have different styles!8. December 2014 – 02:19

Cristỉña Gàbriella - I love this¡ Loved last year and I even wondered last week: will Andrea make another December journal this year¡ ? Well,….here it is¡ :)8. December 2014 – 13:13

Rita - Super. Also learnt so much. Thx9. December 2014 – 06:27

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 3rd

So here we go with my Artjournal Page for December 3rd … I wanted to paint a red cardinal for so long and somehow never did – so I was super excited to create one for this December Daily Artjournal … love how this beautiful Bird turned out … hope you’ll enjoy the Page and […]

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Dawn Malson Gavlinski - Love, love, love your work! Thank you for graciously sharing with us!4. December 2014 – 22:41

Karen Meyer Robinson - Stunning work!4. December 2014 – 23:17

Kay Frenzer-Zeeh - Beautiful – I love the look of watercolor and ink.5. December 2014 – 00:52

Rita - Just beautiful. I like be your art and how you present it. Thank you so much.5. December 2014 – 03:46

Kat Rogers - This reminds me of something I saw last week, while walking my dog…ten robins (5 pairs) splashing in a puddle of melted snow…we have lots of cardinals here, too, and they show up beautifully against the snow :)13. December 2014 – 04:51

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 2nd

In Germany it’s Tradition to put up the Christmas Tree pretty late in December (I remember from my Childhood putting them up on December 23rd and some Families even put it up on December 24th in the Morning …) – but over the past years we kind of broke with that Tradition because – let’s […]

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Kat Rogers - ooh, can’t wait to go through the video! love this sketch/journal page!4. December 2014 – 00:28

Ruth Guthrie - Beautiful pages. I think most Americans put their trees up fairly early to enjoy them. (I think Halloween is TOO early though) When I lived in Germany as an exchange student my German parents put the tree up on Christmas Eve and lit candles on the tree. It was beautiful, but I’d rather enjoy it for several weeks.4. December 2014 – 00:41

Petra P - So beautiful! A white tree……..must be wonderful!4. December 2014 – 09:53

Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - I have not put up my tree…but watching this is helping me to get the Christmas spirit. Thank you.4. December 2014 – 11:42

Kerstin Christoph - Einmalig!4. December 2014 – 16:17

Karen R - Absolutely beautiful watercoloring! Love your tree!4. December 2014 – 16:41

Rita - Just beautiful. Love it. Thanks for sharing this.5. December 2014 – 04:41

10 December Daily Alternatives | Lisa Moorefield - […] a holiday book to create an art journal or album […]6. December 2014 – 05:13

December Daily Artjournal 2014: December 1st

So – here’s my December Daily Artjournal Page for December 1st – some of you might have seen me sharing it on Instagram or Facebook already … this year I decided to create some Pages in sketch-style to really document OUR Christmas – not every Page – but some of them – whenever I have […]

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jean sandford - Andrea
thanks for sharing your creativity
jean3. December 2014 – 17:26

Felicity wilson - Wow!! They are so so so cute!! I just sat and ate my breakfast and drank my coffee while watching this (morning time here), now I am all inspired to sketch and watercolour today!! Thanks Andrea ❤️ Have a good night xx3. December 2014 – 23:17

Angie Sue Zacharek - Just fab! I think I’m going to give this a try….4. December 2014 – 03:29

Jan Elizabeth Ecclestone - Awesome.4. December 2014 – 06:55

Cre8tiveCre8tions - Thanks so much @Felicity & @Jean4. December 2014 – 11:59

Rita - That was amazing. How long does it take you make a wonderful painting like that? You are such an inspiration to me. I am ill this year and so my Christmas will be very quiet and just watching your daily art makes me feel festive and happy. Thank you for so generously sharing your art with me (with us).6. December 2014 – 02:56

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Rita – Thank you! Well – how long it takes me to finish a Page like that – it depends – this one maybe took 30 Minutes I think … usually my Paintings & Pages take between 30 Minutes and 3-4 hours (some with Girls on them) – depends on what Media I use and how detailed I work, how many Layers etc. – but usually not longer, since I’m quite an impatient person and I can’t work days on one Painting like some other Artists (which I admire – it’s just not my thing to create that long on one piece of art) :) Happy you enjoy my Pages and all the Best for you!!!7. December 2014 – 01:13

Cristỉña Gàbriella - way super mega excited! This Christmas trees look amazing!!!! <38. December 2014 – 13:32

December Daily Artjournal 2014: The Journal

Soooo … are you all ready for December? All ready for the “most wonderful time of the Year”? I am … we’ve already set up the tree today (will share soon – still some finishing touches to add) – we hung pretty lights everywhere, the Advent Wreath is ready for the first Candle to be […]

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Nadine Hovde - I’m so going to join you on the daily December journal. Thank you for all the things you do!30. November 2014 – 05:56

jean sandford - im joining in to mines a simple stories 6×8 inch album and mxtd page protectors
jean30. November 2014 – 06:51

Felicity - Oh my I love the cover!! I did last year art journal with you and only had it out this week looking at it again with my boys. So I will be watching your Instagram posts for this years!!! I might even incorporate my sketch your life class with my daily December art journal. 30. November 2014 – 11:18

Kristy Bazzanella - i am a therapist and am hoping to use the skills I am learning from you to help people heal. I loved last years December daily and bought bags yesterday so I can make one. I think I will bind it with rings so I can move the pages around.

Thank you so much for all that you do! It feeds my soul and refreshes my spirit .30. November 2014 – 16:52

Jade Scarlett - Ooooh! I’m so excited to follow your December journal. Thank you for sharing the process of making the cover, it’s super cute and you inspired me to get my sewing machine out and make a journal of my own. Awesome! Mega thanks :-) xo1. December 2014 – 01:03

Kat Rogers - Hurrah! I know I won’t be doing a daily page, but I’m determined to do at least a bit of a Holiday Journal, too! I LOVE seeing your pix and vids, Andrea!2. December 2014 – 01:15

Bianca GD - wow what a wonderful work!! I first decided to do a december daily but now I think I won’t find the time. I still have a whole lot a lot of work to do, bake cookies, creating christmas cards, buying presents… But I’m really looking forward to see your filled pages and mayby I will find some inspiration for my christmas cards ;). Thanks so much for all your inspiration!!3. December 2014 – 15:26

Kelley Fewer - Love this idea- I’m going to plan to do this next year! And I am smitten with that burlap cover!!!20. December 2014 – 16:38

The ART of saying THANK YOU 2.0

The ART of saying THANK YOU 2.0 or: when did saying Thank you get out of style?   To say it right in the beginning – this has turned into the longest Blogpost I’ve ever written – but I there are some things you just can’t express in only 3 sentences. Please take the time […]

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Bianca GD - Liebe Andrea

Schön hast du das geschrieben und ich glaube nicht, dass du deswegen Blogleser verlierst. Und falls doch…dann stellt sich ohnehin die Frage, ob ‘die’ es wert waren. Ich finde du hast vollkommen recht und auch solche Dinge sollen, müssen und dürfen gesagt sein.

Du machst so vieles für uns. Ich für mich kann sagen, dass du ein grosses Vorbild für mich bist. Ich liebe deine Werke, ich liebe deine Blogposts und ich freue mich wie ein kleines Kind, wenn ich etwas ‘for free’ von dir downloaden darf. Also an dieser Stelle nochmals ein GANZ HERZLICHES DANKESCHÖN für deine tolle Arbeit!!

Ich hoffe, dass das Verhalten einzelner (oder vieler??) nichts verändert und diejenigen, die alle deine Arbeiten und Mühen schätzen und lieben, deswegen nicht zurückstecken müssen….dass du auch weiterhin so tolle Sachen machst wie bis anhin. Lass dich nicht unterkriegen, du bist so eine tolle Person! Ich denke viele Leute meinen es auch gar nicht böse, sondern unterschätzen manchmal einfach den Aufwand, den du betreibst und auch den Wert eines ‘Thank you’. Ich für meinen Teil werde dir jedenfalls versprechen, dass ich künftig mehr daran danken werde ;)

Lass dich ganz doll drücken und es soll noch einmal gesagt sein….du bist eine super Person, ein grosses Vorbild und ich möchte dich und deine Werke in meinem Alltag nicht mehr missen!!
big hug!28. November 2014 – 14:58

Jade Scarlett Harlow - I don’t feel that you ruined it at all Andrea . I love that your blog is positive and uplifting and all around awesome and I look forward to reading it. It doesn’t change my opinion the fact that you took the time to share how you feel with us. I still see this wonderful place you created as somwhere I always want to be. Yes, I’m guilty of not commenting much, and “liking” majority of the time. So thank you for staring those feelings with us. Thank you for opening up and and showing us how hurtful it is to go unappreciated. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that we may be more mindful in the future. Thank you for trusting that we would completely understand where you coming from. And most of all, thank you for all the amazing stuff you so generously share with us. And above all, thank you for being YOU !28. November 2014 – 15:43

Eva Glamaris Cruz Pena - Andrea Gomoll: Thanks so much for sharing your heart. I feel the world is moving so fast these days, the things that used to be common courtesies are being forgotten. The saddest thing is that our young ones are growing up without knowing courtesies exist :-( I appreciate you for bringing it up to our attention. And I am so grateful for you. I found you at time in my life where I needed to awaken my creativity and your personality and your art spoke to me. I don’t ever purchase things from overseas and your Facecinating Girls classes were the first purchase. My youngest daughter and I absolutely love the classes and the tutorials on youtube. We just watched the owl one last night and noticed there was a new song (we have our faves from the other tuts). We watch them just for fun. So, thank you, for your time and your effort and for kind heart! I know that when we say yes to something we are saying No to something or someone else. Thank you for saying yes to your readers. Know that you are loved in our family. I hope your heart is uplifted by those who love you and care deeply about you. Merry Christmas! God Bless You!28. November 2014 – 15:45

Sharon Staples - Andrea, thank you for your post-a great reminder! I am retired and just learning and enjoying mixed media art. I learn so much by following tons of wonderful art blogs. I use feedly to organize them in folders and that does not let me leave comments unless I go to the artist’s blog. I am so thankful though, for all your wonderful posts though!28. November 2014 – 15:51

Joy - You are so right. Sometimes I don’t say thank you like I should. I try to but somehow it doesn’t happen all the time. I’m so glad you were thoughtful enough to share your frustration with us. Some people don’t and they just keep getting frustrated and get burned out. That doesn’t give us a chance to correct the problem. And I for one want to know if there is a problem I can correct. See, it’s telling people that is the loving thing to do. It gives everyone a chance to make each other happy. So let me say now how thankful I am for the work you do. It inspires me, it amuses me, and it just makes me happy. Thank you for this post that lovingly reminds me what is important for me to do. Now I am inspired to say thank you from here on to all of those on line I love to see and hear. So that I may just a little return the joy that I receive. Andrea you are a wonderful person, please don’t ever let the bad manners of others take you away from the rest of us, who are blessed by you.28. November 2014 – 17:20

Chris - Andrea, please never take for granted that because I do not say thank you on a blog post or anywhere online that I am not grateful. I am so VERY grateful to you for the time, work and effort that give. You are such an inspiration and I have learned so much from your videos and paid classes. As a shall we say in the more mature age category and a very private person I do take care and precaution as to where I share myself online. Perhaps it would be wise to devise a personal plan to practice self care and take regular time out and balance your personal and private life with your business life. I would sincerely hope you do not get to a point where you become so disillusioned that you stop giving. I do know what that feels like.
Take care of your precious self and thank you, thank you, thank you.28. November 2014 – 23:23

Kay Zeeh - Andrea, you are right. I’m one of those people who downloaded the owl, and I planned to get back to you to thank you, but hadn’t done so yet. It is adorable. You give so much of yourself. I purchased the Facecinating Girls class but have also watched a lot of your other videos, learned so much and felt so inspired! You’re like a good friend I’ve never met. I agree with Chris’ comment above – make sure you spend time with your hubby and relaxing or you will get burned out, and none of us want that to happen. You are a treasure!29. November 2014 – 01:16

jean sandford - Thanks Andrea,for the reminder,i never comment on blogs,you have made me think perhappes I should ,the thing is I never know what to say,so thanks Andrea for spurring me on to try art journaling and sketching,i loved your wallpaper and have it sitting on my desktop,and will put it on my phone when I have the time,im also taking your sketching class which I really enjoy
Jean s29. November 2014 – 06:40

Emilia - Andrea, I read your blog post and I really agree with what you have shared. I admire you for sharing good quality posts, videos and great online classes. I have taken one of your classes and I have two more classes in my wishlist. Thanks for sharing great mixed media resources, your artwork is inspiring!29. November 2014 – 11:41

Ruth Guthrie - Andrea, you hit this spot on. I was thinking the EXCACT same thing. How I know that you spend hours on these beautiful lessons and freebies and give from your heart. I too was shocked to see three comments. So many have become insensitive to feelings because of computers etc
I’ve been cursed at and called names on Facebook because I asked a question on Food Network. Really? Complete strangers insult others with no thought for hurting others. Now I’m careful to keep my options to my own FB page where I can delete comments lol.
Don’t lose heart. You touch many people with your soul and kindness. You will be blessed regardless.29. November 2014 – 14:25

December Daily Artjournal 2014: The Journal » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to those of you who left so lovely Comments on my last Blogpost (here) and to all of you who send eMails or Messages … it really makes me happy to see that so many […]30. November 2014 – 00:55

Gabriele Burgess - Yes, we all needed this. A little extra awareness of the gifts we receive is a good thing. Thank you.30. November 2014 – 02:22

Debbie Smetherham - Thank you for being so honest and open about this issue – I too am guilty of rarely commenting on blogs and videos that I enjoy. I have been following your blog for a while and always enjoy your work. I follow blogs in Feedly so unless I click to visit the blog, I can’t comment. I just don’t bother most of the time, and your article made me realise that I should. If you lose any followers because of your honesty then good riddance! All the best to you and your family in the upcoming holiday season.
Love Debbie from Perth, Australia x30. November 2014 – 05:18

Nadine Todd Hovde - I know I don’t comment often and I know I should do it more often. I am sorry that I don’t but I do appreciate everything you do and I’m very grateful. You are one of the major reasons I got into mixed media art and I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me to get back into the art community that I have left so long ago in my younger days. So I will say this now thank you for your hard work and dedication, thank you for your honesty, thank you for the beauty that you show us each and everyday, thank you for the kindness and the kindness in your heart to share your wonderful world. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.30. November 2014 – 05:18

Jessica Kaschig - Liebe Andrea,

absolut richtig! Ich fühl mich wie eine Oma bei dem Gedanken, dass in Zeiten von Social und Mobile Web der gute Anstand und der gesunde Menschenverstand viel zu oft auf der Strecke bleiben … aber so ist es ja leider.

Aber leider ertappe ich mich selbst auch dabei, dass das schnelle “Vorbeihuschen” zwischendurch im Feedreader so herrlich einfach ist, aber das Kommentieren dabei auf der Strecke bleibt.

Wobei ich auch noch einen kleinen Unterschied sehe zw. dem einfachen Lesen eines Blog-Beitrags (der mich unterhält und/oder inspirirert) und dem wirklichen “Mitnehmen” von Content – wenn ich was downloade oder eine Anleitung/Rezept nutze. Dann ist ein “Danke” schlicht das einzig richtige! Alles andere ist schlechtes Benehmen.

Vielen Dank für deine ehrlichen Worte an dieseer Stelle und für all das, was du generell teilst!

LG, Jessica30. November 2014 – 09:16

Felicity - Andrea, I can’t say thank you enough for what you wrote. Amen. You are very courageous in sharing your heart with the world and I thank you so much. I read your blog all the time, taken quiet a few of your classes and loved it all. I keep coming back. I generally sit her in bed when kids have gone to bed or read/watch something in drips and draps while I prepare dinner. I am a ‘shy’ person on the Internet and in real life and never know what to say, but now I know. It’s a simply thank you just as I am teaching my young children.
Ps I was catching up on your blog,posts and saw this reference to this post in your daily December, now I will go back and finish catching up on your wonderful inspiring art and look at the wall paper posts!! 30. November 2014 – 11:15

Minerva - Andrea, I have to applaud you for writing this! I’ve felt exactly the same and i thought it was just me not being used to “online” etiquette .. i’ve discovered you recently and i love your videos and now, from this post i can confidently say i love who you are as a person too..! thank you for all that you …i cant wait to learn more from you on youtube & lifebook..! happy holidays..! :))1. December 2014 – 12:27

Julia Sears Osterc - Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have never been to your blog before nor downloaded anything. Thankfully, someone shared this post on facebook and I followed it here. :) You expressed so well what so many of us online bloggers and artists probably feel, at least I know I do. I’m a beginner with very few followers and likes so I really tend to wonder sometimes if the time I invest is well spent. The few comments and bits of feedback I have gotten have made a HUGE difference to me and encourage and inspire me to continue. I make art for my soul, but the time it takes to scan and share and blog is way more than I initially realized. I enjoy it as well, but it is helpful to know if/when others actually see it. Thanks again for voicing this. :)1. December 2014 – 18:43

Lynn - I didn’t download your free wall paper, but I am a student in one of your classes and I an a recipient of you blog, which I enjoy reading. Thank you Andrea for writing this post. It has been thought provoking for me. I very rarely comment on any blog posts. Firstly my main reason is that I think I don’t have anything valuable to add or say. Secondly I feel am too busy. In actuality neither are true! Saying thank you is about honouring generosity and is a respectful thing to.

I am very much enjoying the class that I am enrolled in, it is very obvious to me that you have a passion for what you do, you share your knowledge in a generous, caring manner. Thank you!1. December 2014 – 19:08

Kat Rogers - I think I often don’t comment on things partly because:
1. A lot of times I’m so slow to find things, they were posts from three years ago, LOL
2. More seriously, subconsciously I may be thinking “why would this talented, successful artist care what I think, anyway? I’m, like, nobody…

But I now know that it does make a difference, and I intend to be more expressive in the future!

And I’ll just throw in a pet peeve on a similar subject: the correct response to ‘thank you” is not “no problem” as a default, it’s “you’re welcome”!2. December 2014 – 02:15

Free Desktop & Mobile Wallpaper Download for December

Hey Friends!   I already mentioned it in my “Welcome to my Studio …#1″ Video Newsletter – I thought it would be fun to share a new Wallpaper / Background Image for your Desktop / PC / MAC and Mobile Devices (Tablet / Phone) with you every Month now. I myself LOVE to have beautiful, […]

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Ruth Guthrie - Vielen Dank!28. November 2014 – 02:03

Bianca GD - Thank you so much!! big hug!!28. November 2014 – 06:25

Valérie Saint-cast - Thank you so much :)28. November 2014 – 10:43

kelli green - Thank you so very much!!!28. November 2014 – 14:29

lawinchen kreativ - Hallo Andrea,
vielen Dank für die tollen Wallpaper. Sie sind beide klasse aber die Eule ist der Hammer. Die darf gleich auf meinem Laptop einziehen. Ich hol mir jetzt nen Cafe und schau mir das Video an.
Liebe Grüße
Andrea28. November 2014 – 16:44

Sarah - Thank you so much Andrea! You are such an inspiration to me and I’m so glad I can have a piece of your art on my phone now :)29. November 2014 – 07:04

Marian Nieboer - Thank you !!29. November 2014 – 09:49

Nadine Todd Hovde - Thank you! I love them both.30. November 2014 – 05:19

coco.nut - just found your desktop owl – I love it! thank you for sharing!30. November 2014 – 09:48

Gabriele - These papers are delightful. Danke Schöne.30. November 2014 – 13:12

Dineke Scholtens - Dankjewel!2. December 2014 – 08:35

Kavya Prahlad - Unable to download andrea. It says page not found :(3. December 2014 – 05:34

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Kavya – it works fine – just tried it … please try again – thank you!3. December 2014 – 08:49

Amulino - Sehr schön! Awesome!
Thanks a lot.Always an inspiration.I don´t know when you have always the time to do such lovely things;-). I´m happy that you share it and I love your work! Please go on and I hope it will be appreciated more in future.
Kind regards
Anke4. December 2014 – 11:55

Welcome to my Studio: Video-Newsletter 1

I SUCK when it comes to writing & sending Newsletters … yes I do – I admit it … that’s why I came up with this fun idea – a Video Newsletter (sort of … or vlog or whatever you wanna call it). I think it’s so much more fun & way more personal and […]

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Sandy - Andrea,
Thanks for the video newsletter. It was so nice to see you. I’m used it seeing your hands, but it’s nice to see your face too! By the way… Maybe burlap is the word you are looking for? :)24. November 2014 – 21:50

Julie Davies - HI Andrea – Loved the video its so nice so see who I send and receive such lovely penpal swaps and goodies from. Cant wait for your next videos xxx24. November 2014 – 22:53

Cre8tiveCre8tions - @Sandy – thanks – happy you enjoy the Video and seing my face and not only my hands all the time *lol* :) And yes – exactly – Burlap was the word I was looking for … argh *lol* … the word was just gone that minute … :)24. November 2014 – 23:30

Ruth Guthrie - Love this. I’m ordering the Baken Mit Love from Amazon soon!!25. November 2014 – 01:43

Steph - love this idea, thank you so much for all the work you put into this. looking forward to the next one.25. November 2014 – 13:17

Monica Blitger - Great idea with a video newsletter. Allthough I think a bit shorter would be preferable. Sorry.. It’s not because I did’nt enjoy your video. But it can be diffocult to sprnd almost one hour being on-line without doing other things…lol…… Multitasking…hm hm25. November 2014 – 16:41

Emilia Gennaio - I love video newsletter, I prefer them to the written ones. However, I think a 15 min video will be the perfect length.29. November 2014 – 10:46

December Daily Artjournal 2014: The Journal » Creative Creations by Andrea Gomoll - […] – I already mentioned that in my Video Newsletter – I will not (like last year) be able to share a Video of my Pages each & every Day […]30. November 2014 – 01:12

angiesuez - I really enjoyed this format. It was great to see what is inspiring you. I am glad I’m not the only one who buys things because they are cute! Updates on things you are working on and things that inspire you on a monthly basis would be great.30. November 2014 – 23:46

Kat Rogers - I listened/watched as I was working on my art…it made me feel cozy, like I was at a cafe with you or something….also, when I watch your art vids, I always think what lovely hands you have! Those manicures, the polish, the rings….now I know I can never be an art maven, my nails are terrible, ha ha!2. December 2014 – 02:23

Oh Deer! – Mini Christmas Online Class

  Perfect (not only) for some super-cute, handmade Christmas Gifts for your loved ones!   This Class started out as a simple try to create some fun, selfmade yet elegant & high value looking Christmas Gifts for Friends & Family. Most of my Friends & Family Members LOVE to receive handmade Gifts from me – more […]

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FACEcinating Girls Winter on SALE now

      Sign up now – on SALE till December 14th Class Fee: Euro 17,- (approx US$ 21,-)  save 35 % of the original Class Fee – SALE HAS ENDED – regular Price is 25 Euro again now –     The Facial Feature Stamps of the FACEcinating Girls Basic Class can be used […]

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Susan Wright Strickland - Where is this class is it on sale again15. December 2014 – 22:55